Joseph and Mary can’t make it to Bethlehem, on Banksy’s Christmas card

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Banksy Christmas card

Yesterday an image that is purportedly British street artist Banksy’s Christmas card this year started making the rounds on Twitter. The artwork in question is, in many ways, a conventional Biblical landscape painting, which shows what are presumably the figures of Joseph and Mary — she astride a donkey — making their way toward Bethlehem, only to find their route blocked by the graffiti-covered Irsaeli West Bank barrier.

To the left, a shepherd tends his sheep, while in the distant sky a cross-shaped star lights up the heavens over the imposing concrete wall.

Card is available at If Americans Knew.

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Multiply your donation to Mondoweiss today by supporting our year end challenge.
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Banksy forgets that Miriam and Yosef were Jews so they would not have a problem going through.
They might have a hard time buying property in Beit Lehem.
You know all that ,selling real estate to Jews punishable by death in the PA

Does not look like Banksy’s work at all.

This notwithstanding, the image is evocative, at least to Christian.

I always thought that this was a pretty good Christmas Card. Merry Christmas From Palestine December 23, 2005 Maybe off topic but I read a pretty good article today …. The Middle East, America, and the Emerging World Order Remarks to the National Research University Higher School of Economics Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS, Ret.) November 29, 2012 And Freeman has an interview on RT Killing Palestinians popular in Israel around election time… Read more »

If only they could have taken one of the “Romans Only” bypass roads…..


You think jesus would be allowed into ‘modern’ israel? Welcomed into the zionist fold?

Just curious what you think.