Former Israeli diplomat: Netanyahu doesn’t want a two-state solution (and it’s about time Washington figured this out)

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Interesting exchange on Twitter between Tony Karon and Alon Pinkus. Pinkus is the former Consul General of Israel in New York and has been an advisor to Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres.

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The Bantustan option is the only one that’s ever been on Israel’s table. Every so often the leader’s describe it openly, but Washington, full (certainly on this issue) of Israel Firsters, shuts down any adverse comment or complaint and ensures things carry on as if nobody heard the words or saw them in print.

Why would anyone with half a brain believe he is serious about making peace.

Read the Likud Charter.

It is Niet-an-yahu,s bible.

He is a used hasbara salesman.

Carter said years ago that it is clear Netanyahu and many other Israel leaders and people do not want a two state solution. They have never stopped expanding illegal settlements in the West Bank. Separate buses and all for the illegal and despicable Israeli settlers

The comment was true as far as it goes, but let’s stop pretending this is about Netanyahu, or about Likud. This is about Zionism. Israel has NEVER wanted a two-state solution, and it never will. It deosn’t matter who’s in power – the so-called ‘left’ has been just as enthusiastic about building ‘settlements’ as the right, maybe more so. And obviously, since Israel is a democracy (for its Jewish citizens) we can take it as… Read more »

No one wants to listen to Finklestein.

Pick a date.

Anyone east of the Green Line after that date gets a Palestinian passport.

The thing that amazes me is that people still talk about BDS and one state as though Israel can possibly accommodate any equality.