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February 2013

Denied entry by Israel, American teacher prepares to say goodbye to Palestinian students

Philip Weiss on

Here is an important story from Palestine: Nour Joudah, 25, a Palestinian-American masters graduate of Georgetown who teaches at the Friends School in Ramallah was denied entry into Israel on Monday. This is the second time in two months Israel has stopped Joudah from going back to her classes in Palestine. In a heartbreaking goodbye to her students Joudah writes, “I’ll always be your teacher. The Israelis can’t take that from me or from you . . Remember – just because I lost this small fight now, doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth fighting – and it doesn’t mean the larger fight is over. Never let anyone keep you from living in your country.”

A pogrom in Qusra

Annie Robbins on

Yesh Din, human rights organization, can document “ten separate and serious incidents in which Israeli civilians have attacked Palestinians” in occupied West Bank over last week

In photos: Every Monday, families of Palestinian detainees gather in Gaza’s Red Cross

Joe Catron on

Every Monday morning families of Palestinians detained by Israel gather in the courtyard of the International Committee of the Red Cross’s Gaza Strip headquarters. In 2011, an organizer said that the event, which began after the redeployment of Israeli forces following the Oslo accords in 1994, “could enter the Guinness book of records for the longest running weekly sit-ins in the world.”

The chutzpah of hasbara

Yakov Hirsch on

Israel returns 1000 Sudanese nationals to certain punishment. Wait, didn’t the west get eternal obloquy and scorn for just such measures against Jews?

Video: Israeli settler lecturing Palestinian farmers — ‘You’ll all be our slaves, if you’re worthy, if you behave well’

Annie Robbins on

Above is a video recorded December 27, 2012 by a B’Tselem volunteer in Yasuf, a Palestinian village located in the heart of the West Bank. It documents a Jewish settler attempting to convince Palestinian farmers he is the rightful owner of their land. Yasuf is almost completely surrounded by settlements and villagers have been denied access to thousands of dunams of their land since 2001. In addition, Yasuf has suffered violent settler attacks for years.

Who’s in the ‘Times’ — and who’s out?

Philip Weiss on

The ‘New York Times’ puts an admiring profile of neoconservative provocateur Michael Goldfarb on the front page — and meantime exercises a bar on publishing op-eds by Israel lobby critic John Mearsheimer, who used to be in its pages all the time

AIPAC takes on the latest threat to Israel — sequestration

Adam Horowitz on

Palestinians aren’t mentioned once in AIPAC’s legislative agenda for its annual policy conference but there is a palpable fear that the aid spigot to Israel is about to turn off, or at least slow down, given the budget face off taking place in Washington.

Dozens injured in West Bank protests, including two boys shot with live ammunition

Kate on

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Disrespect for non-Jewish religions / Restriction of movement Jerusalem Old City master plan derailed by rightists on city council Haaretz 25 Feb by Nir Hasson — Right-wing members of the Jerusalem City Council succeeded in blocking a master plan for Palestinian building in the Old City, […]

Chuck Hagel confirmed as Secretary of Defense by 58-41 vote (Updated)

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz on

Chuck Hagel has finally been confirmed as Secretary of State by a Senate vote of 58-41. Although they were able to prolong the process over the Defense Secretary nomination, today’s vote serves as a stinging defeat to the neocon campaign against Hagel.

Israel is Dodge Country

Adam Horowitz on

Here’s how U.S. aid to Israel works. The Israeli military is switching from Ford to Dodge trucks.

Tomorrow: UC San Diego students to vote on endorsing divestment from ‘companies that profit off the military occupation of and violence inflicted upon the Palestinian people’

Adam Horowitz on

The UC-San Diego chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine has announced that tomorrow the UC San Diego Associated Students will vote on a resolution calling on the University of California system to divest from “companies that profit off the military occupation of and violence inflicted upon the Palestinian people.”