Video: Paterson, NJ raises the Palestinian flag over city hall for Palestinian-American Day

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Exciting news. One day after the Palestinian flag reached the top of the world, a flag raising ceremony was held in Paterson, New Jersey (video 3:12) accompanied by the Palestinian national anthem and cheers of “Long Live Palestine”. It’s probable Paterson has become the very first municipality in the United States to raise the Palestinian flag in front of their city hall. Last Sunday dignitaries were in attendance and the day, May 19th, was being honored as Palestinian-American Day in Paterson. JTA reports: New Jersey city honors Palestinian-Americans:

Mayor Jeffery Jones read a proclamation on Sunday marking May 19 as Palestinian-American Day in Paterson to cheers of “Long Live Palestine,” …… Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian Authority ambassador to the United Nations, was among some 150 people who attended the ceremony.

South Paterson is known as “Little Ramallah,” due to the numbers of Palestinian-Americans that live and work there.


Local and national Arab-American leaders said they were not aware of any other U.S. municipality raising a Palestinian flag.

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Palestinian-Americans raise the Palestinian flag at Paterson, NJ City Hall on May 19, 2013. (photo credit: image capture from YouTube video uploaded by westbank04)
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But now cometh the gush of “hostile environment” “anti-semitism” claims.

I’ll bet this event could happen in Dearborn, Michigan also. By the way, a century ago, in 1913, workers in the silk industry in Patterson went on a strike that lasted six months, ending in defeat. US workers have often had a record of militant struggle. But few people know… Read more »

Also quite a few Turks in downtown Paterson. I once had delicious pide (pita) in a pide salonu on Main Street.

Stupendous news!

Hopefully, this is the first of many.