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July 2013

Israeli settlers torch Hebron family’s property for eighth time

Kate on

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing Video — Israeli settlers torch Hebron family’s property for eighth time Hebron, Occupied Palestine (ISM) 29 July by Khalil Team — On Sunday, July 28, Israeli settlers severely burned land belonging to Hani Abu Haikel and his family in Hebron. Occupation soldiers, though at first trying to […]

Video: Israeli soldier suffering ‘flashbacks’ brutally attacked Palestinian workers near settlement

Annie Robbins on

An Israeli man has received a two-month sentence for an unprovoked assault on several Palestinian laborers, using an M16 rifle. Documented by security camera video, the assault took place in spring 2009 outside the settlement of Petzael in occupied West Bank. It shows the man, then 19 and a soldier, wantonly “wounding and inflicting grievous bodily harm” on Palestinian workers at an intersection. The soldier’s defense blamed “flashbacks” from the extreme violence he had witnessed during his service in the Territories.

Is the peace process a dangerous addiction?

Marc H. Ellis on

In the Manning trial, the Times correctly chides the Obama administration for its “addiction” to secretive operations and surveillance. The Times is also correct when it speaks of Egypt’s “dangerous slide” into martial law and extremism. What happens, though, when the negotiating table becomes an addiction and a dangerous slide into final decisions that silence the questions of history, justice and equality? Shall we sit on the sidelines and hope for the best?

Bradley Manning faces 136 years in jail for exposing American war crimes

Alex Kane on

Bradley Manning, the military analyst who exposed U.S. foreign policy to the world, was found guilty on 19 counts. He was convicted of violating the Espionage Act and laws against theft and computer fraud. Manning’s disclosures to WikiLeaks led to front-page stories in major media outlets and an unprecedented look into U.S. foreign policy.

When racism isn’t a cause for shame

David Sheen on

Public comments made by Israeli parliamentarians in the last 24 hours alone perfectly encapsulate the frightening lows that the country’s leaders have sunk to.

Negotiating away memories

Marc H. Ellis on

Marc Ellis: In America, the Jewish community hunts Holocaust deniers. Would it support laws criminalizing remembrance of the Nakba?

Dispatch from the Negev: Bedouins brace for doom, under Prawer Plan

Allison Deger on

In the Negev there is a village called Hiran where Jewish-Israelis live in caravans in a wooded forest planted by the Jewish National Fund. It’s a familiar scene in the West Bank, but not so much here, inside Israel. Like settlers these villagers are not planning to stay in trailers for long. Willingly they took on a lifestyle more arduous than life in a house or an apartment because they are preparing to benefit from an expulsion. Nearby Bedouins residing in the village of Umm el-Hieran will be evicted soon under the Prawer Plan, a Knesset bill that is likely to evict more than 30,000 Bedouins from their villages. And the villagers of Hiran are hovering until that happens.

The American delusion with peace talks

Benjamin Lawrence on

Nathan Goldwag and Benjamin Lawrence of JVP: Some may accuse us of cynicism for this view, but the truth is, even if Netanyahu was sincere about wanting peace, there is no chance that it can emerge from these talks.

‘England out of Ireland’ — Ed Koch’s hypocrisy

Max Blumenthal on

At McSorley’s Old Ale House, the oldest Irish tavern in New York City, hangs an autographed portrait of the late New York Mayor Ed Koch. Koch inscribed a pro-IRA slogan: “England out of Ireland.”

Jewish success– is it ever a story?

Philip Weiss on

Lawrence Summers and Janet Yellen are rivals to be the next Fed chairperson, succeeding Ben Bernanke. All three of these economists are Jewish, a sign of our presence in the US establishment.

The peace process meets Einstein’s definition of insanity, says Josh Ruebner

Alex Kane on

The United States keeps doing the exact same thing over and over again, and somehow expects that it’s going to lead to a different result, and it’s not, says author and analyst Josh Ruebner. Speaking on WBAI radio, Ruebner says the resumption of peace talks for the first time since 2010 will only do what the talks have always done, allow more Israeli colonization of the West Bank.

Conference: Self-Critique two decades after Oslo

SOAS Palestine Society Conference Organizing Collective on

On October 5-6 2013, the Palestine Society at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London will hold its ninth annual conference, Self-Critique Two Decades After Oslo.

Waiting for water in Qalandia refugee camp

Jovita Sandaite on

Jovita Sandaite writes from Qalandia refugee camp: “First thing I do once I wake up in the morning – check the water tap. I do it before going to sleep too, but not even a drop falls. I close the tap and still unconvinced return to my room, where the plastic bottles with water supplies are aligned along the wall. I pick the closest one for my morning tea and a quick tooth brushing. And so my regular morning begins in the Qalandia refugee camp. Our water has been cut for more than two weeks now.”