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July 2013

Maureen Dowd joins Joyce Carol Oates as expert on gender relations of Arabs

Philip Weiss on

First Joyce Carol Oates offered herself as an expert on gender relations in the Arab world. Where 99.3% of women report having been sexually harassed & rape is epidemic–Egypt–natural to inquire: what’s the predominant religion? People took her to task for that. Now Maureen Dowd gets in on the act, in a column on the […]

Skeptical of peace talks, AP’s Matt Lee scoffs that ‘dreamers are realists’ and corrects Kerry on Coleridge

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday’s State Department briefing saw yet another incredible performance by Matt Lee of the Associated Press, expressing doubt, mistrust and mockery re the State Department’s assertion that peace talks had renewed in earnest. I can’t recall any other American journalist challenging authority in such an obstreperous and persistent manner. It seems obvious that Lee sees […]

Israeli settlers torch Hebron family’s property for eighth time

Kate on

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing Video — Israeli settlers torch Hebron family’s property for eighth time Hebron, Occupied Palestine (ISM) 29 July by Khalil Team — On Sunday, July 28, Israeli settlers severely burned land belonging to Hani Abu Haikel and his family in Hebron. Occupation soldiers, though at first trying to […]

Is the peace process a dangerous addiction?

Marc H. Ellis on

This post is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. New York Times editorials aren’t often worth reading.  I rarely even look at them.  Today’s editorials on Private Bradley Manning and Egypt’s precarious situation are different.  The Manning acquittal on aiding the enemy […]

Bill Clinton is Weiner’s role model, not his boss

Philip Weiss on

People are stunned that Anthony Weiner has not dropped out of the NY mayor’s race over revelations that he continued sexting after losing his congressional seat two years ago over similar behavior. The royal family of the Democratic Party, the Clintons, are said to be urging Weiner to drop out–and Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin was […]

Bradley Manning faces 136 years in jail for exposing American war crimes

Alex Kane on

Bradley Manning faces 136 years in jail for his leaks. (Photo: Associated Press) The military analyst who exposed U.S. foreign policy to the world was found guilty today on 19 counts–and faces up to 136 years in prison for his actions. Bradley Manning was convicted today of violating the Espionage Act and laws against theft […]

When racism isn’t a cause for shame

David Sheen on

When Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected as Israeli Prime Minister in January 2013, many political pundits predicted that we could now expect to see a kinder, gentler Knesset. Other analysts, myself included, feared that the new crop of legislators would be even crueler and more racist than their predecessors. An overview of the past six months […]

Negotiating away memories

Marc H. Ellis on

This post is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. It isn’t normal that the beginning of another round of talks by Israel and the Palestinians is a slow news day.  But, then, since everyone whose opinion is solicited thinks the […]

If ending the conflict is so important, why did Kerry choose Indyk with a record of ‘failure’? asks AP’s Matt Lee

Philip Weiss on

Matt Lee, the Associated Press reporter, continues to make political performance art of the State Department’s briefings. Yesterday during questions about the peace process, he took on spokesperson Jen Psaki over Martin Indyk’s record of failure, about the whole team’s record of failure. He used these questions to undermine Secretary Kerry’s claim that the situation […]

Dispatch from the Negev: Bedouins brace for doom, under Prawer Plan

Allison Deger on

Bedouin children play in the unrecognized village of Assir in the Negev. The village was established by the Israeli military in the 1950s and now is under threat of eviction by the Prawer Plan. (Photo: Allison Deger) In the Negev there is a village called Hiran where Jewish-Israelis live in caravans in a wooded forest […]

The American delusion with peace talks

Benjamin Lawrence on

American delusion John Kerry came to Israel and announced to the world that a peace deal is possible, and that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wants peace. Time and time again American “peace” organizations and American media outlet sources are finding ways to make Americans believe that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu believes in this idea of […]

‘England out of Ireland’ — Ed Koch’s hypocrisy

Max Blumenthal on

  Ed Koch wanted the English out of Ireland On a dusty wall of McSorley’s Old Ale House, the oldest Irish tavern in New York City, hangs an autographed portrait of the late New York Mayor Ed Koch. Koch inscribed a pro-IRA slogan below his portrait and above his signature, an apparent appeal to the […]

Talks will keep Palestinians from seeking redress against occupation, news reports say– and Chris Matthews puts himself in Israel’s shoes

Philip Weiss on

Mainstream news coverage of the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian talks is highly skeptical that the talks will achieve anything. The news stories characterize the talks as a stop-gap measure, intended to forestall European sanctions against the occupation and keep the Palestinians from going to international bodies to seek action against the occupation. Even the New […]

Jewish success– is it ever a story?

Philip Weiss on

This morning National Public Radio aired a story on the rivalry between Lawrence Summers and Janet Yellen to be the next Fed chairperson, succeeding Ben Bernanke. All three of these economists are Jewish. It is plain evidence of the fact that Jews make up a large segment of the new Establishment, if not the leading […]

The peace process meets Einstein’s definition of insanity, says Josh Ruebner

Alex Kane on

Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority began Monday night. Above, Secretary of State John Kerry announcing that Martin Indyk would be America’s representative at the talks.(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) The peace process has begun again. On Monday night, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators met in Washington, D.C. for a Ramadan iftar dinner, and on Tuesday […]

After string of victories at York University, anti-apartheid group sees its student club status revoked

Annie Robbins on

Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University The administration of  Canada’s third-largest university, Toronto’s York University (YU) has taken an extraordinary step by revoking the status of an official student club, Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA). The administration has also barred popular activist/alumnus Hammam Farah from York’s campus. Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University […]

Conference: Self-Critique two decades after Oslo

SOAS Palestine Society Conference Organizing Collective on

On October 5-6, 2013, the Palestine Society at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London will hold its ninth annual conference, Self-Critique Two Decades After Oslo. Twenty years after the signing of the Oslo Accords, much continues to be written about the structural and subsequent failings of the Accords to achieve justice for […]

Waiting for water in Qalandia refugee camp

Jovita Sandaite on

First thing I do once I wake up in the morning – check the water tap. I do it before going to sleep too, but not even a drop falls. I close the tap and still unconvinced return to my room, where the plastic bottles with water supplies are aligned along the wall. I pick […]

Was it ‘jihad’ when Henry Crown smuggled plane parts to Israel?

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday, the New York Times published a story about western jihadists flocking to Syria to fight Assad. The story was frightening. Reporter Eric Schmitt painted a picture of radical youths returning to the U.S. with “jihadist zeal,” modern weapons, and orders from Al Qaeda.  And though Schmitt presumed to get into these people’s hearts and minds– […]