Israel’s dancing soldiers

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Here’s some image buffing we don’t see every day.  “Israeli soldiers are still finding time to party” with Palestinians is sweeping the press today. Allegedly the video was recorded on Monday at a Palestinian wedding in Hebron, the same day three Palestinians were gunned down in Qalandia refugee camp.

The “Gangnam Style” video aired on Israel’s Channel 2 News last night. The soldiers, members of the Givati Brigade, were later disciplined.

Washington Post, Hebron ‘Gangnam Style’ video the latest social media misstep for young Israeli troops:

While it was a seemingly innocent, even friendly gesture, a statement released by the Israeli army Thursday stated: “The IDF views this as a serious incident. The soldiers exposed themselves to unnecessary danger and were disciplined accordingly.”

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…disciplined accordingly.

Best to stick to shooting people dead then. Keep that record clean, eh young IDFers?

Am I to understand Israeli soldiers were dancing with Palestinians?

And for doing that they were punished by their superiors?

Something about that makes me want to cry. A tiny chance for putative enemies learning to understand each other……….lost.

This is sad….but somehow it is sadder than sad.

“The soldiers, members of the Givati Brigade, were later disciplined.”

Of course. When you treat the people who your state’s official ideology considers to be the “others” (or sub-human, die Untermenschen, etc.) then the biggest offense is treating them like actual human beings. It will make it harder when Tel Aviv orders the Givati Brigade to murder them.

The greatest danger is losing their weapons and the next greatest danger is a kidnapping.

Both these jokers need to cool their heels in the brig.

Dancing together will have more chance at making peace than the peace process farce.