In tour for 16 college leaders, ADL says occupied East Jerusalem is Israel

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ADL campus leaders
ADL campus leaders

Earlier this month, the Anti-Defamation League brought 16 college leaders from a diverse set of campuses to Israel for “the experience of a lifetime” — to learn about Israel’s “vibrant society” and about “the strategic and social challenges facing Israel today.” The students are shown above in New York, before leaving.

It turns out the ADL has an expansive view of Israel. The students were repeatedly told that East Jerusalem is in Israel:

On Wednesday, our group arrived in Israel after a long but exciting flight to Israel…. Immediately after arriving, we drove to a scenic spot on the Mount of Olives and listened to an overview about the city of Jerusalem.

There Max Hommeyer from Bucknell University reflected that “the fundamental idea of returning to their territorial homeland has undoubtedly led to a Jewish society with bonds stronger than blood or kin.”

They also met up with Yossi Klein Halevi, who lives in a colony in occupied East Jerusalem.

One student had his “home visit” in Ramot, in occupied Jerusalem:

Shawn Matson from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee described his home visit… “Being in Israel doesn’t get any better than spending time with Israelis, in their homes.”

It does not appear that the students were told anything about Palestine. They were exposed to rightwing views of an Ethiopian Israeli…

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The ADL is basically a hate group (unless, of course, Jews are victims and not perpetrators of the hate.) Why would anyone be surprised?

They might as well wind up the anti defamation league. I don’t imagine Stonewall or any feminust orgs willfollow it and end up as an advocate of human rights abuses.

And in other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

That’s horrible News, even worse then the News coming in from Syria , that shhhh….. not a word here.

When will the good guys use the same self-labeling device the Zionists do when they label their organizations? Either make them universal-sounding, e.g., ADL, or seemingly an all-American organization, e.g., AIPAC? There’s a myriad of such organizations with seemingly universal agenda and/or American agenda–all of them masks for Zionist agenda.
Dick and Jane have no clue.