US aid to Egypt is not for Egypt but Israel, JJ Goldberg explains

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At the Forward, JJ Goldberg gets to the bottom of US policy: he says US aid to Egypt cannot be withheld because it’s “bad for the Jews.”

the course of action that seems self-evidently proper to right-minded Americans — punishing the Egyptian military, ending military cooperation, suspending aid — will almost certainly have a catastrophic impact on Israel’s peace with Egypt….

America’s billion-dollar-plus annual aid package to Egypt does not exist for Egypt’s benefit, but for Israel’s. It’s the carrot, or bribe, that keeps Egypt faithful to its peace treaty with Israel, despite its enormous unpopularity on the Egyptian street. That treaty is critical to Israel.

I think Goldberg is right; and this is the reason that the US will not suspend aid. I have often stated here that the US supported a dictatorship in Egypt for decades because of US support for Israel– that the self-determination of 80 million Arabs counted for nothing when it came to the US determination to maintain a Jewish garrison state that was established by war and preserved by force.
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There we have it. Apparently when a jew say these things its ok, if a non jew would say this, it would be called antisemitism.

On topic – Nasty that US support this new dictatorship in Egypt just because of israeli interests.
How many massacres do we have to witness before any western state say enough is enough?!

This is news? Certainly no one in his or her right mind didn’t think it was anything other than a bribe for the Apartheid state’s benefit.

How come there is an Israeli Lobby-pushed War Against Syria and an Israeli Lobby pushed-Egyptian Coup taking place right now? Could it have anything to do with the Israeli Lobby’s desperate efforts to ignite some sort of conflagration in the Middle East going, in order to prop up the Apartheid Israeli state, at this crucial juncture? Once Netanyahu and his Lobby in the US couldn’t get Iran – they went for Plan B. Until Israeli… Read more »

“US supported a dictatorship in Egypt for decades because of US support for Israel” Perfectly correct. The US is at war with Egypt. On the one side are the Egyptian people, and on the other side are the US supported military dictatorship, the USA, and Israel. This has all happened to Egypt before. The British position in the 1880s was the same as the American position today. British and European investors financed the Suez canal… Read more »

How many billions (trillions?) of dollars have American taxpayers spent since the 1950s to the present to make the world safe for Israel and Jewish nationalism? The multi-trillion dollar failed war against Iraq was instigated primarily by neoconservatives (most of them Jewish nationalists) who were convinced that invading and crushing Iraq would be good for Israel (and “good for the Jews”). The entire Global War on Terror, and its associated wars and expensive “homeland security”… Read more »