AIPAC gears up for war with Obama

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Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani have spoken. And they are on the same page. By that I mean not they agree about the issues dividing the two countries but that they are both ready to move forward, to test each other and see if an agreement is possible.

As tentative as all this is, it is a major breakthrough – as anyone who has paid even a little attention over the past 34 years knows.

However, I do not see this process leading anywhere because the Netanyahu government and its lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), are determined to end the process and they have the ability to do it.

They intend to use the United States Congress to cause Rouhani toabandon  negotiations by making clear that Congress will accept nothing short of an Iranian surrender on nuclear issues. Unlike President Obama who wants to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program is not used to produce weapons, the lobby, which writes the laws imposing sanctions on Iran, insists that Iran give up its nuclear program entirely.

AIPAC listed its demands in a statement last week.

Its bottom line is this: Congress must not consider lifting economic sanctions until the Iranians stop uranium enrichment, stop work on installing new centrifuges, allow international inspection of nuclear sites, and move out of the country its stockpile of highly enriched uranium.  In contrast to the administration which, recognizing that Iran (like every other country) has the right to nuclear power for peaceful purposes, AIPAC says that Iran has no such right. (Israel, of course, has a large stockpile of nuclear weapons but, hey, that’s different.)

Not only that, if Iran does not agree to total nuclear surrender, “The United States must support Israel’s right to act against Iran if it feels compelled—in its own legitimate self-defense—to act.”

In other words: the only way for Iran to avoid a military attack is by totally dismantling all its nuclear facilities and potential. (Actually Israel itself addresses the “potential” by repeatedly assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists on Iranian soil). This contrasts with the U.S. view that each step toward compliance by Iran would result in the lifting of some sanctions.

AIPAC is already preparing legislation that will send a clear message to Rouhani: don’t bother reaching out to the West because you will achieve nothing.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who with Robert Menendez (D-NJ), are two of AIPAC’s top lieutenants in the Senate, says that “if nothing changes in Iran, come September or October,“ he will introduce a bill “to authorize the use of military force to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.” He says that the “only way to convince Iran to halt their nuclear program is to make it clear that we will take it out.”

Senators Menendez, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), John McCain (R-AZ) and Graham also sent letters to President Obama urging “full compliance” by Iran before the United States offers anything. In short, led by AIPAC, the senators want “unconditional surrender” by Iran to avoid attack. This is diplomacy? It sounds more like the way the Germans and later the Russians addressed Czechoslovakia.

But why would anyone think the Senate will pass AIPAC’s war bills. The answer is simply that the midterm elections are coming up and that means Members of Congress need campaign cash. And AIPAC provides it.

Remember what AIPAC’s former #2 guy, Steve Rosen (later indicted under the Espionage Act) told New Yorker writer Jeff Goldberg in 2005. Goldberg asked Rosen just how powerful AIPAC is. Goldberg described Rosen’s response.

A half smile appeared on his face, and he pushed a napkin across the table. “You see this napkin?” he said. “In twenty-four hours, we could have the signatures of seventy senators on this napkin.”

Obama better be prepared. AIPAC has been pushing war with Iran for a decade. Its bills to achieve it won’t be written on napkins.

**Following Obama’s speech yesterday AIPAC posted a war video, on its website. The martial music is reminiscent of Radio Damascus prior to the ’67 war and succeeds in about a minute at threatening every single one of AIPAC’s, I mean Israel’s, enemies. It is utterly demented.

This post first appeared on MJ Rosenberg’s site.

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“Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani have spoken. And they are on the same page.”

Huh? What have obama changed? He threatened Iran, lied about its programe during his speech.
Mondoweiss needs to stop apologizing for obama.

who’s responsible for the musical score? is it original? i’m curious if they thru together an orchestra for this soundtrack.

They should have done their propaganda in German.

Strong economic sanctions of Iran requires coordination and cooperation from other countries. With increasingly cooperative Iran, I doubt that no matter what Congress stipulates, other countries like Russia, China, India, and even parts of Europe will be “kow-towing” to the AIPAC-driven US Congressional agenda. US no longer has that kind of clout. Furthermore, as the popular sentiment regarding military actions against Syria clearly exemplified, the US populace is less and less tolerant of using military… Read more »

The ground has shifted tectonically and these AIPAC driven agendas are nothing other than propping up houses after a major earthquake. Agreed. Bradley Burston’s latest article describes Netanyahu as a bitter old man that history has passed by. That’s an apt description for McCain, Graham, and the AIPAC leadership too. See “Reviling peace. Hating Iran. Heating Hebron. Bibi as a bitter old man: At this very moment, Netanyahu is letting history pass him by. He… Read more »