Since 1967 Israel has razed over 800,000 Palestinian olive trees, the equivalent to destroying Central Park 33 times over

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This week marked the start of the annual Palestinian olive harvest, an ancient tradition on which 80,000 families still rely for their livelihoods. Yet these families face growing economic hardship due to Israeli land confiscations, access restrictions, settler attacks, and not least the widespread uprooting, destruction and theft of the trees themselves.

The infographic ‘Uprooted’ focuses on the staggering fact that Israeli authorities have uprooted over 800,000 Palestinian olive trees since 1967, the equivalent to razing all of the 24,000 trees in New York’s central park 33 times.

This graphic is being released as part of Visualizing Palestine’s 2013 crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We would love if you could share the campaign URL with the graphic and through social media.

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This poster is a great way to visualize this crime against humanity.

>> Since 1967 Israel has razed over 800,000 Palestinian olive trees

Just one small way the supremacist “Jewish State” makes the desert bloom.

Anyway, it’s not possible that supremacist Jews razed over 800,000 olive trees because, according to Zio-supremacist “history”, Palestine was a land without a people or trees for a people without a land or trees.


I often think about this vicious and criminal apartheid strategy of the Israeli government, illegal settlers…wiping out an agricultural revenue source for Palestinians. An ancient means of making a living. Like the U.S. pigs who wiped out the buffalo so that the source of food, clothing and a way of life for native Americans was wiped out. Crimes against humanity…both. My dear friend Christian Peace Maker Team Member Peggy Gish has been with the Palestinians… Read more »

One would like to see this story on the front page of The New York Times. But I am not counting on it.