Buckeyes take their stand for Palestine

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Committee for Justice in Palestine at Ohio State University calls to us.  Here are a few lines of their poem:

“Palestine is one of the most reported places in the world….
But there still is a bunch of misinformation….
​What much of the media fails to explain​….
Since 1948 nearly 75 percent of the indigenous population….
have been forcibly driven off their land….
Denied the Right of Return
All under brutal Occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
The remaining 25 percent of Palestinians live as second-class citizens in Israel
While our government provides 8.5 million dollars in military aid to Israel each day
While our tax dollars are used to purchase weapons and sustain an illegal Occupation
Our government stands by a country that has and continues to violate International Law,
“[Altogether] “We, we, we, we, The Ohio State Buckeyes, stand with the Palesinian people and support their struggle for freedom and equal rights.
If I boycott Israeli goods…,
It’s because it’s because I oppose racism, it’s because I oppose brutality toward the indigenous people.
There’s only one line of division:
It’s not a line of division between Muslims and Jews,
It’s not a line of division between Palestinians and Israelis….
It is a line of division…. between those who stand for the equality of all
And those who stand for the supremacy of some,
It’s a line of division between what is right and what is wrong
Boycott Apartheid, boycott Israel….”

Grace in caring, gentleness in choice, fortitude in action: What principle.

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Wish I’d written that. A beautiful statement of the case.

Beautiful indeed.

Fantastic- thanks for sharing Susie, and congratulations to the Ohio State Buckeyes on a wonderful video!

Text of Wayne State University’s Student Council Divestment Resolution: Approved on April 17, 2003, Detroit, Michigan. This Resolution is on the Web at: “WHEREAS, the Student Council of Wayne State University has grave misgivings about financing violent ethnic cleansing, racially directed against millions of occupied Palestinian civilians, who are both innocent and helpless, “WHEREAS, those millions of Palestinians suffer long-term malnutrition, are surrounded by Israeli army bulldozers, tanks, soldiers, and by jet bombers, all… Read more »

Poignant. Effective.