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March 2014

My heart bleeds cold borscht over the downfall of liberal hero Olmert

Ira Glunts on

Ehud Olmert has been convicted of corruption charges and may be in prison for the next J Street conference. So the liberal American Zionists have lost their champion, the rightwinger who saw the light on apartheid. Don’t worry, they’ll find another one

Discrimination in the Israeli labor force mirrors inequality across Israel/Palestine

Chiara Cruciati on

From a welfare system to a liberal economy. Since the 1980s, the route taken by Israeli governments has resulted in decades of a politically weak labour force and an economic structure based on significant differences between rich and poor, men and women and ethnic communities. The Israeli form of socialism, acclaimed by Europe in the ‘60s and ‘70s, no longer exists and in its place a free market system has developed. This has contributed to Israel’s ranking among industrial nations as having one of the highest poverty rates at 21% compared to an average of 11%; and a ranking of fifth as one of the countries with the most pronounced social and economic differences between sections of the population.

Wait, did a ‘Washington Post’ columnist just call Netanyahu a bad guy?

Philip Weiss on

The Washington Post continues to carry water for Israelis by characterizing the Israeli demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state –thereby trashing the rights of 20 percent of the Israeli population and legitimizing the Nakba as a just episode– as an impediment to peace equivalent to building settlements

Mahmoud Abbas vs Mohammed Dahlan: The showdown begins

Ramzy Baroud on

Mahmoud Abbas, 79, is an aging president of an authority that has access to funds but no real sovereignty or political leverage (aside from what Israel finds acceptable); and Mohammed Dahlan, 52, is in exile in the UAE after his supporters were chased out of Gaza by Hamas in 2007, and then the West Bank by his own party in June 2011. But Dahlan, aided by some strong friends around the region – and of course, his old intelligence contacts in Israel and the US – is unmistakably plotting a comeback.

Christie steps in deep doo-doo, promptly apologizes to Adelson. Whew!

Annie Robbins on

All heck broke loose at the Sheldon Adelson 2016 Primary in Las Vegas yesterday when Chris Christie, still immersed in the bridgegate scandal, uttered the words “occupied territory” during an otherwise enrapturing speech in front of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Inadvertently, he says. No worries, Morton Klein took him aside and Christie apologized for his error to Adelson

Liberal Zionists are the new front line against BDS

Philip Weiss on

Liberal Zionists like MJ Rosenberg and Prof. Yael Aronoff are the new front line against the Palestinian-led BDS movement. Aronoff exemplified this trend during the University of Michigan divestment debate, above, when she argued the Israel boycott rejects an idealistic project — the self-determination of the Jewish people.

UN Human Rights Council resolution warning companies to ‘terminate business interests in the settlements’ or face possible criminal liability gets watered down

Annie Robbins on

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva passed an unprecedented resolution today that calls for States and private enterprises to terminate business transaction beyond the 1949 armistice lines and warns of the probability of criminal liability for corporate complicity in breach of international law.

Removal of Barnard Palestine solidarity banner was discriminatory act of censorship

Center for Constitutional Rights on

A banner showing a map of historic Palestine with the words “Stand for justice, stand for Palestine” on it was removed by the president of Barnard college. In response, the Center for Constitutional Rights sent a letter to the president, saying that the removal of the banner was an unjustified act of censorship.

Shira Robinson speaks on ‘Citizen strangers’ at Palestine Center

Bill Simonds on

In a talk at the Palestine Center on Wednesday, Shira Robinson explained that the definition of Palestinian citizenship in Israel is rooted in imperial definitions that privileged settler populations, of which Israeli Jews must be considered a living example