Randi Zuckerberg to headline event for new AIPAC ‘technology division’

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Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, will be helping AIPAC promote its new “Technology Division” at a March 31st New York City event hosted with the New York Observer. While the invite above promotes it as an “exclusive gathering,” the AIPAC website promises a more homey “fireside chat.”

Zuckerberg, a self-defined “Super Jew” is not new to the Jewish philanthropy circuit having done fundraising events for the Jewish Federation. She led a delegation of “Jewish Silicon Valley tech leaders” to Israel, which will be a focus of the AIPAC event, but garnered her biggest Israel-related headlines after serenading Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this past January. There isn’t a recording of the event, but perhaps it went something like this:

Don’t Stop Believin’ from Imagine Photo + Video on Vimeo.

Zuckerberg will be sitting fireside with Ken Kurson, editor of The New York Observer (incidentally the former home of Mondoweiss). Ex-Rudy Giuliani staffer Kurson has not been shy in the past about sharing his views on Israel (h/t John Cook):


Somewhat related, he more recently had this to say on his Facebook page:


The event’s invite says, “the AIPAC Technology Division is the premier avenue for New York’s community of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship.” Over 150 people have evidently already registered for the event, including reps from AOL, Bloomberg, Foursquare, Google, IBM, Microsoft, SoundCloud and Yahoo! (oddly enough, no Facebook).

Tickets cost $75, which includes a free copy of Zuckerberg’s book Dot Complicated.

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At what point does the nexus of Zionism and Jewish Tribalism meet? If doing business through AIPAC is predicated on your affinity and affiliation to Zionism when does it become discriminatory? One could assume that the intent is not to just foster business with Israel but also among fellow AIPAC members. Certainly nonJews join can AIPAC to cash in on business connections. It would seem as logical as a Black person joining the KKK for… Read more »

she gets around. she’s debuting on broadway right now: Randi Zuckerberg is finding herself between a rock and a hard place, so to speak — the former Facebook exec debuts March 14 in a two-week stint singing in the musical “Rock of Ages,” unfamiliar territory for someone who has never before performed on Broadway. from facebook band to broadway. was it the talent? you tell me: Zuckerberg explained that her path to Broadway was unconventional.… Read more »

don’t be a hater, annie, just because she didn’t take the “normal, traditional path” to Broadway . . . or to the office of CEO of a multi-billion dollar something-or-other. I’m sure she’s a great performer, like Mackenzie Bezos is a great novelist. (I do worry for their historical legacies though. Who will be Homer to Jeff’s Odysseus? Who could do literary justice to Jeff’s heroic navigation of the rocky shores of internet disposable diaper… Read more »

Marc, you’re funny and I always like your comments(including this one!), but in defence of Mackenzie Bezos, she did win an award for her first book!
(Was it politeness from the scared book establishment? Feed the alligator so it will not eat you at all, a vain attempt to appease Bezos? You tell me).

It’s embarrassing that AIPAC thinks Randi Zuckerberg has credibility, she’s a notorious laughingstock of the tech world. Since leaving her senior marketing position at Facebook, for which her qualifications were obvious, she’s failed up with a reality show that was a fave of hate-watchers and just about no one else, her new “Broadway singing career,” and her redonkulous book. (She even managed to offend veterans while promoting it.) Her complaints about violations of her privacy… Read more »