‘Survival and well-being of the Jewish state’ is a national security interest of U.S., Indyk says

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Former Middle East mediator Martin Indyk spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival a couple of days ago, interviewed by Jeffrey Goldberg. This interchange begins at about 2:50 in the video above.

Indyk: What’s true about John Kerry– God bless him– is that he has this conviction, if we don’t do something to reverse the trends we’ve talked about, that the window will close on the two state solution. And that will be very bad for Israel.

Goldberg: OK. Very bad for Israel. But is that a primary national security concern of the United States?

Indyk: Yes. Because we have a deep and abiding commitment to the survival and well being of the Jewish state….

Goldberg: Apart from that, Is it a national security concern of the United States? That is an emotional, spiritual, historical attachment–

Indyk: It’s a national interest of the United States. It’s a vital interest of the United States, that successive presidents have declared, including President Obama.

(Also in the Goldberg interview, at 2:00 or so, Indyk says that Israel will cease to be a Jewish state if it annexes the West Bank and gains millions of Palestinian citizens. So that’s a US national security interest, to stop Israel from changing its character?)

Notwithstanding his commendable question, Jeffrey Goldberg is a longtime supporter of Israel, and once moved there and served in its army. Martin Indyk has long served U.S. presidents, pressed on Clinton by the Israel lobby group AIPAC. At Aspen, Tom Friedman interviewed Salam Fayyad, introduced by Walter Isaacson. The presence of Jews in the U.S. establishment, many of whom are sympathetic to Zionism, is obviously a factor in the structural premise that Indyk states so baldly above. And therefore my question: How important is it when Jews, recognizing the welcome we have gotten as a religious minority in the U.S., walk away from Zionism as an answer to our situation in the west?

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I think it’s vital that Jews everywhere run away from Zionism.

As for our relationship with Israel: It is a dangerous one that threatens US national security.

(‘Jewish state’ is what Israel wants to be according to the Zionists; apartheid state is what it is)

The jewish state is very unwell. It’s not America’s job to fix it. Not that it could anyway. Sovereignty means responsibility.

So Indyk couldn’t actually answer the question, but just repeat it as a statement with no rationale whatsoever. This is a mantra, part of the cult worship, which is why it has no logic or reason, and according to these people is not open to debate. Funny that no other… Read more »

Gaahhh. “national interest” … “historic ties” … “attachment” … “emotional, spiritual” … This nonsense rhetoric has been going on for 40 years almost to the day. No one will call it out for what it is: co-opting Cold War rhetoric at its most propagandist and tying it to a specific… Read more »

It was never in the US interests to support the establishment of a Colonial Zionist State. Nor was it ever in the interest of Judaism to mix itself with the ideas of a state. So why is it now vital to US interests? This is not explained. BTW, is it… Read more »