How many Israeli civilians have been attacked from the Gaza tunnels? Any?

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Rudoren in tunnel, from her facebook page
New York Times reporter in tunnel, from her facebook page

Here is the latest front in the war of information over Gaza. Israel and its apologists assert that the Gazan tunnels were designed to attack Israel civilians.

–This pro-Israel site says that Hamas fighters were planning massive attacks on Israeli homes and schools in September;

–The Israeli government cited “kindergartens” as targets, and this New York Times article echoed the fear: “We can’t do anything if the terrorists will come to our kindergarten.”

–Yesterday Tom Friedman reported that the tunnels are aimed at… kibbutzniks:

This tunnel had one purpose, and it was not fruit exports. It was to shuttle fighters into the kibbutz. And there were many of these.

Hold on a second. Fighting has raged for over a month. Where is the evidence? I have seen unclear accounts of fighting at tunnel mouths, certainly altered by Israeli censorship and confused by the fog of war, but I have not seen any reports that Hamas fighters emerged from the tunnels and attacked Israeli civilians.

This video shows Hamas fighters coming out of a tunnel to target an Israeli military base, killing Israeli soldiers:

And while Israeli forces have killed over 1000 civilians, including more than 400 children, reliable reports say Gazan forces have killed three Israeli civilians. All were reportedly hit by rocket fire.

We have a wide range of visitors at the site. I welcome further clarification. How many Israeli civilians have been attacked by Hamas fighters emerging from tunnels?

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Please correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t want to spread false information. But aren’t two of the people counted as Israeli civilian casualties a Thai National and an Arab Bedouin?

Do they become “promoted” to Israelis in death?

. if Hamas was actually attacking rather than making an effort to defend it seems like it would be happening more often seems like those tunnels were freedom tunnels for outside contact and basic supplies it is sad that the Israel people are able to show concern for the safety… Read more »

If Hamas wanted to use the tunnels to attack civilians, wouldn’t the best moment to do this be near the beginning, when the Israelis weren’t aware of how extensive the tunnel network was ? Why wait until they found out?

The Israeli spokesmen have snuck this point in at every opportunity. The other day I heard Regev trill about how Israel had to stop ‘Khamas death squads’ coming out of ‘terror tunnels’ to attack Israeli kindergarten kids. The language is so manufactured and manipulated; death squads, terror tunnels, kindergarten, you… Read more »

All were reportedly hit by rocket fire. The report after the first of those Israeli civilians was killed was that he was struck by mortar fire. Which would make sense, since he was on the border with Gaza, delivering food to IDF soldiers. Hamas didn’t need the additional range provided… Read more »