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Maybe you noticed our new look? We launched it this morning. It’s the product of months of work by Crowd Favorite and puts the site on a bold new platform, giving us a newsier and more professional appearance. The site has a greater emphasis on photos than before. And more emphasis on fresh news too. Plus we think it’s a lot easier to read.

As Adam said the other day, we think the site will not only look better and be more user friendly, but the redesign will allow us to more easily develop the site, incorporate new functionality and improve the overall performance. We’re ambitious to change the conversation about Israel and Palestine; and the new look will help us do so. 

The launch won’t be without bugs. A couple of features still aren’t figured out. But those will be smoothed out in days to come, and in the meantime, for regular users and new ones, we hope you agree that this is a great improvement. Though yes, a bit of a shock. Change is good!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks!

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It’s beautiful, as if Anna Baltzer and your web server had a baby together…

I think you should have a sixth button to do with the crisis in Judaism. Maybe colour it black.

I found one small bug so far: I cannot tweet the story: the story information does not carry onto tweeter, the new post window does not even open. On the other hand, putting the story on Facebook works correctly. I am using ipad

PHIL- “And more emphasis on fresh news too.”

I noticed that the “100 most recent comments” does not appear on the new format. Does your new “emphasis on fresh news” indicate a de-emphasis on comments?

I also found it impossible to cut and paste text from the article to use in a comment.