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Our Readers Respond: What Mondoweiss Means To Us


Less than three weeks ago, we began “What Mondoweiss Means To Me,” a campaign to make visible and increase the phenomenal support Mondoweiss has received from its readers for years. We asked our audience to share the site’s impact on thought, understanding and action for justice. And we gratefully accepted the help of movement leaders in sharing their experience of Mondoweiss and its influence.

An amazing outpouring of generosity has resulted. This month so far, we have received 413 gifts from Mondoweiss supporters for a total of more than $50,000—which more than doubles the number of gifts and their total over the same period last year. We are on course to meet our goal of $60,000 by year-end, if our wonderful community continues its phenomenal response.

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This year our audience grew by leaps and bounds—18 million views in the first nine months of the year! and so did our influence on mainstream journalism. The time has never been more urgent to step up Mondoweiss’s delivery of accurate, insightful information and analysis. But we can only do it if each one of you who has learned from a post on the site repays the favor and invests in future learning.

We appreciate the community that has come together around Mondoweiss, and we are excited at the energy and eloquence of that community in paying tribute to the site’s efforts.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who have given financially to this campaign, and to those who have shared their thoughts and feelings. If you have not yet decided on a contribution, please review the comments of some Mondoweiss readers below, and take action now:

Terry Weber:

I grew up going to the Westchester Reform Temple in the 1950s and donated coins to Jewish National Fund cans they were collecting to plant trees in Israel. Little did I know they were used to plant trees over villages of my future Palestinian friends’ homes.

For any issue, I have always thought one should take leadership from and support those involved in the day to day struggle. Therefore, I have always given to Palestinian-based organizations, both political and to support civil society.

However, as the struggle to end the occupation intensifies it is clear that Mondoweiss has played a key role in not only educating US Americans in general but also specifically Jewish US Americans. This is very important work and I believe it has already helped to change, particularly younger US Americans’ understanding and outlook.

I believe this critical informational news reporting, which US Americans cannot get anywhere else, is one of the reasons “we are winning.” Therefore, for the past few years I have been donating $100 a month. For an important organization like Mondoweiss I think it is important for people to make a monthly contribution so the organization can plan fiscally in an organized fashion.

Let us move forward together.


What a breath of fresh air Mondoweiss has provided over the last 8 years for readers when it comes to providing fact based coverage of what has and continues to go on in the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

I truly believe that Palestinians and Israelis will ultimately benefit when a true and just outcome becomes a reality. Mondoweiss is helping create that hopefully peaceful and just reality! Thank you Mondoweiss team for all of your efforts!


Mondoweiss opens minds hearts & eyes

David Doppler:

Mondoweiss has been the antidote to an Orwellian thought control movement, where those voices who would speak truth to power have been heard, and power’s responses have been parsed.


I appreciate Mondoweiss because it gives me the opportunity to learn and to document my own frustrations about Israel/Palestine and help to present the truth in a dysfunctional USA where Zionists in the media work diligently and irrationally to obfuscate the facts, block discussion and protect a greater Israel from criticism.

The positive change in the past year has been extraordinary. Only this week Max Blumenthal was invited to publish his opinions by the NY Times. The rapid improvement in disseminating the truth about Israel has improved in part because of the prominent and respected forum that Mondoweiss has offered to those who want a change for the better in Israel reporting. The media prominence of Mondoweiss and its solid reputation has given our forum a huge significance that has accelerated change beyond our wildest dreams. This achievement reflects the diligence and good judgment of our founders. I take my hat off to you and a contribution will follow.


Mondoweiss has helped me understand that what we combat is not a nationality, religion or race. It is an Ideology that has been around a long time and is currently still in the ascendant, despite some small gains made for Palestine. We are, in a sense, all Palestinians in that our democracies and cultures are being attacked by this chauvinistic ideology.

Thank you Phil and crew for both the blog and this opportunity to express some of the philosophy behind any contributions I might make to debate.

lonely rico:

An indispensable voice in the search for justice and peace in the Middle East.


I rapidly came to appreciate how much hard information as well as well-argued opinion about the Middle East problem is available here. Above all I find Mondoweiss a representative of genuine anti-racism.

chinese box:

An oasis in the desert of the American MSM.

Louis Proyect:

Friends and comrades should donate to the Mondoweiss fund drive. Their coverage of the Palestinian struggle and their exposures of the Israel lobby is second to none. I just chipped in $25. Surely that should come easy for most of us.

If you agree that Mondoweiss plays a unique and necessary role, please invest in our work. Give today to sustain journalism that makes a difference.

Fuel the Momentum

Adam Horowitz Scott Roth and Phiip Weiss
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14 Responses

  1. Daniel Rich
    Daniel Rich
    December 29, 2014, 4:09 pm

    Mondoweiss is run by Adam Horowitz, Scott Roth and Philip Weiss.

    3 [white] males.

    As long as there’s no true balance of diversity [at the top], I’ll only comment and donate zilch.

    • Cliff
      December 29, 2014, 5:37 pm


      • annie
        December 29, 2014, 8:19 pm

        kinda mindblowing huh. i think i’ll do zilch for daniel for awhile and see how that works out for him.

    • RoHa
      December 29, 2014, 7:04 pm

      Adam, better become a black, lesbian, single mother at once. Scott, try being a disabled Hispanic. Philip, become a Jew. That’ll produce a bit of PC diversity.

    • Eva Smagacz
      Eva Smagacz
      December 29, 2014, 7:33 pm

      That’s unfortunate, but they cannot help being male and white. Their regular co-workers: Annie, Kate, Allison are female and (I presume,) white.

      You are being unduly harsh.

      These guys are of generation that talked gender equality, but never, exactly, practiced gender equality – just ask Phil’s wife about housework!

      They are pioneers in a field of equality – and their ideas and perceptions are evolving in front of our eyes. Where equality of rights becomes norm, equality of opportunity is not far behind.

    • Qualtrough
      December 30, 2014, 1:50 am

      Daniel — I’m guessing you don’t donate to the NAACP for similar reasons, right?

      P.S. THANKS for the return of the edit function!!

    • CigarGod
      December 30, 2014, 8:35 am

      I certainly have never detected gender bias in the reportage by the owners. I doubt you’d be able to tell the gender of the reporters who deliver the mondo-gold…without their byline.
      …or the gender of the boot delivered to your butt for such a silly comment.

    • michelle
      December 30, 2014, 12:06 pm

      “though ye believe not me, believe the works”
      G-d Bless

  2. seafoid
    December 29, 2014, 5:32 pm

    Mondoweiss is a great space to analyse the Zionist condition in all its dysfunction and to reaffirm that it is not going to last because Judaism can do way better.

    It’s a good source of info and the comments are even better.

    Plus the musical links.

  3. Marnie
    December 30, 2014, 6:11 am

    So happy you are here MW! You provide much needed light on subjects that have been kept hidden and in the dark for too long. Thank you for the stories, the history, the sadness and even humor that is glaringly absent from the MSM. There are a lot of great people here too.

  4. lonely rico
    lonely rico
    December 30, 2014, 12:15 pm

    What do you figure they should’a done Daniel ?
    “Hey guys, let’s drop the whole thing, ‘cause we’re, uh,
    3 [white] males”.
    They stood up and started the conversation, soon joined by many strong female voices – Annie, Kate, Allison, a blah chick . . . many voices, different colors, creeds and nationalities; a conversation absolutely essential to finding a way to justice and peace in Palestine.
    Puzzling why you choose to spit in the soup Daniel.
    ‘Ressentiment’ perhaps, that you didn’t have the courage (durst I say it? the balls) to step up to the plate the way Adam and Scott and Phil did ?

  5. John Salisbury
    John Salisbury
    December 30, 2014, 3:38 pm

    I made a small donation.Love Mondoweiss.
    Down here in Melbourne I read it with my first cup of offer in the morning.Never miss.
    Mondoweiss is really ‘a sky full of stars ‘ but I give a special nod to Phil,Adam and Annie.

  6. philadelphialawyer
    December 30, 2014, 8:32 pm

    I just registered, but I have been checking out Mondoweiss for some time. I agree with the consensus view…that MW is a breath of fresh air, and a great anecdote to the poisonous propaganda that dominates the discussion of the issue of the I/P controversy and the
    ME generally.

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