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March 2015

Pitzer SJP to display mock Apartheid Wall despite administration attempts to censor free speech

Mondoweiss Editors on

On Tuesday, March 31st, Pitzer Students for Justice in Palestine will display a mock Israeli apartheid wall on campus to raise awareness about Palestinian suffering and the realities of the Israeli occupation, as well as to stimulate conversation around necessary changes in global and domestic human rights policy. SJP is continuing with this demonstration despite attempts by the administration to censor free speech.

Approaching Easter and Passover

Marc H. Ellis on

How many more Passover and Easter seasons will Jews and Christians of Conscience observe until our dissent rings hollow even to ourselves? Marc Ellis asks

Palestinians mark the 39th anniversary of Land Day

Allison Deger on

Today, March 30th Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, marched for Land Day, Yom al-Arda in Arabic, which commemorates protest in the Galilee in 1976 where six Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed.

Day before deadline, Iran negotiations coming ‘down to the wire’ and Netanyahu still hopes to play spoiler

Eamon Murphy on

With one day left before the deadline for an agreement on the contours of an Iranian nuclear deal, negotiations look set to go “down to the wire”, in the White House’s phrase – or possibly past it. The possible deal’s most prominent critic is staying on the offensive. “The emerging agreement in Lausanne sends a message that there is no price to pay for aggression – on the contrary, Iran gets a prize for its aggression,” Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Monday.

Clinton and Cruz both betrayed Obama’s foreign policy yesterday

James North and Philip Weiss on

Hillary Clinton throws Obama’s foreign policy under the bus, making a call to a leading rightwing Israel supporter Sunday to say that she wants to put the relations between the countries back on a constructive track. Not a word in the Times about her fundraising concerns.

Netanyahu says US is part of new ‘axis’!

Philip Weiss on

Today in his effort to counter the Iran deal, Netanyahu called the US part of the “Axis,” a naked reference to Nazi Germany and its allies in World War 2. “The Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis is very dangerous to humanity and it must be stopped.”

12 pretty good signs you’re vacationing in an apartheid country

Philip Weiss on

Three soldiers come up to the minibus holding rifles out before them, and a boy of 10 sitting next to you who you’ve never met before jams himself into your side and clutches your arm, saying “I scared.” The soldiers examine all the papers and wave you on. You wonder what this boy has seen that he was so terrified.

Dear Senator Blumenthal, Thank you for your dreadful letter

John Fearey on

As conservative Israelis push for a Greater Israel that pushes Palestinians off their land, now is the time for Americans to get vocal with their Democratic representatives. John Fearey shares his (frustrating) correspondence with Sen. Richard Blumenthal of CT

Tipping point?

Philip Weiss on

Are we approaching a tipping point in US public opinion on Israel? The VA bar association cancels a trip to the country because of objections to its “discriminatory” practices, while support for Israel is likely to be a major issue in a race between MD congresspeople Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards for Senate.

No time to mourn

Alice Rothchild on

I first saw the spanking new administrative buildings for the Gaza Community Mental Health Program in 2005; ten years later there is a rusty shabbiness to the exterior but the people working inside are energetic and spectacular. The property fronts a road and then a glorious sandy beach and the crashing grey blue waves of […]

Open Hillel’s big month: Swarthmore ‘Kehilah’ is born and a student resigns over Hillel restrictions

Alex Kane on

Open Hillel has made waves in the Jewish community over the past month. Hillel International’s threat to sue the Swarthmore chapter for hosting speakers that buck their guidelines lead to a backlash from segments of the Jewish community. The student president of a Hillel chapter resigned over the parent organization’s refusal to host civil rights veterans. And after Hillel head Eric Fingerhut pulled out of the J Street conference, Open Hillel members who attended the J Street confab marched on Hillel’s Washington, D.C. offices, and received a promise from Fingerhut to meet with them.

Scripted Hate: What to expect when Campus Watch writes about you

Elliott Colla on

The insults Arabic scholar Elliott Colla has received from Campus Watch pale in comparison to the kind of hate and contempt it reserves for the Arab and Muslim figures it defames. But it is hate speech all the same, designed to hurt and intimidate.

Thousands in Ramallah mourn Ali Mahmoud Safi, 20, killed by Israeli soldiers while protesting

Kate on

Ma’an reports: (Ma‘an) 26 Mar — Thousands of Palestinians on Thursday marched in the funeral of a young man who succumbed to his wounds the day before after being shot by Israeli forces during a protest near Ramallah last week. 20-year-old Ali Mahmoud Safi was buried in the al-Shuhada (Martyrs’) Cemetery in the al-Jalazun refugee camp north of Ramallah Thursday, as thousands mourned the first Palestinian youth to be killed in the camp so far this year.

American Voices: What lies ahead for the rocky US/Israel relationship?

Adam Horowitz and Katie Miranda on

The relationship between the United States and longtime ally Israel are at a historic low point following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s contentious speech to Congress and the revelation that Israel has spied on the US in an effort to undermine nuclear negotiations with Iran. What do you think?

White House will go after AIPAC next — Newsweek

Philip Weiss on

As the Iran talks go to the wire, we can only marvel at the political fireworks we are seeing. Newsweek follows up on the the Wall Street Journal report that Israel was spying on the US talks and leaking details to friendly members of congress. “I’m betting there are going to be some willing leakers now about stories such as AIPAC’s operations against Congress,” a former US intelligence operative predicts.

CUFI Leader John Hagee confirms Christian Zionism is anti-Semitic

Ben Norton on

Evangelical pastor John Hagee, the leader of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the US’ largest pro-Israel organization and the most powerful group in the Christian Zionist movement, has adamantly insisted that Christian Zionism is anti-Semitic.

‘New anti-Semitism’ on college campuses is largely blowback against orchestrated Israel advocacy

Jeff Warner and Dick Platkin on

In the past month much has been written about two incidents of anti-Semitism at University of California campuses. According to the NY Times and the Los Angeles Times, they represent a national trend of revived campus anti-Semitism. Jeff Warner and Dick Platkin think an even cursory look at these two incidents reveals a different story, with some surprising revelations about them and the new role of Israel itself as the cause of a new anti-Semitism.