An American translation of Netanyahu’s racist get out the vote speech

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In the video below Katie Halper “translated” Netanyahu’s racist emergency election appeal to get out the vote. Titled “An American Translation of Benjamin Netanyahu’s own words”, she noted in the video all the words are Netanyahu’s with a few changes:

The only changes were replacing:
“Arab” with “Black”
“right wing” with “Republican”
“Likud” with “Republican”
“Labor” with “Democrats”
“Israel” with “United States”

The alarmingly racist appeal has been cited as being responsible for a surge in the polls for Likud. Let’s watch the video:

The Republican leadership is in danger.
Black voters are coming out in droves to the polls
Left wing organizations are busing them out.

Get out to vote, bring your friends and family, vote Republican in order to close the gap between us and the Democrats.

With your help and the help of God,
We will build a nationalist government that will protect the United States of America.

We’re grateful to Halper for making Netanyahu’s screed more accessible to the American public. There’s something very eery about hearing the tone of his voice while reading those words.

At the end Halper asks “Can you imagine if an American politician said that?” There’s been an excess of commentary about the racist nature of the speech on social media with many wondering how it would fly in this country. Of course all hell would break out in the press if during a U.S. presidential campaign one of the leading candidates warned blacks, or Jews, were flooding to the polls funded by foreign interests and we should all go out and vote to counter them. It would be condemned (even if there is a history of doing just this). But the issue here is that Netanyahu did exactly this in 2015, and in a place like Israel it works. Why is that? And what does it say about the supposed shared values between Israel and the United States?

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Thanks to you and Katie Halper, Annie. I think this is as good a place as any to quote this: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not sufficiently clarify his position on a Palestinian state during his phone call with U.S. President Barack Obama, the White House said on Friday. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said at a daily briefing that the administration “has doubts” whether Netanyahu’s remarks to U.S. media in the past several… Read more »

The lead story over at Huffington Post right now is ‘Apartheid Is The Path Israeli Voters Have Chosen’… More and more, the A-word is not taboo.

I recommend reading the whole (disturbing) article about Ben Carson, but this is pertinent to MW. (h/t Max B.) “……..Carson called up Bloomberg’s Dave Weigel today as part of the mop-up effort. “I’m in the process of acquiring a lot of information,” he said. “It’s like being in medical school–you acquire a lot of information, you learn very quickly, you learn to process that information.” Hear that? Learning the basics of foreign policy a couple… Read more »

A pyrrhic victory. Zionism is fucked when anti BDS campaigners say Israel is unbackable. Phil’s mom may keep the faith but young American Jews will not. Lose the universities and it is over. Khalaas. God and her dopey people AGAIN. Dersh must be sickened. It is almost like Bibi is an antisemitic conspiracy rather than a jewish bogeyman. A fitting end to a sick hate filled career.

The Hebrew trap. What is logical in hebrew sounds vile in English. And it does matter what the goys think , Israel.