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Netanyahu’s victory marks the end of the two-state solution

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Dramatic as they were for returning Netanyahu to power, the Israeli elections did not witness a major shift in political forces; in fact, the center-left (albeit Labor now pandering to the right by rebranding itself the “Zionist Camp”) did better than in the 2013 elections, while the right polled considerably less than half the votes. Indeed, with Labor becoming Likud Lite and many of its supporters defecting to Lapid’s neo-liberal Yesh Atid party, right-left differences are hard to specify. Even Shas, whose ultra-orthodox politics have always been extremely hawkish, became the darling of many leftist Mizrahi intellectuals who believe that Aryeh Deri is a closet “bridge” between Israeli Jews and the Palestinians.

Taking a party’s position on the occupation and achieving a just peace with the Palestinians as our measure of “right-left,” the breakdown is roughly as follows:


2013: 54 seats in the Knesset (of 120)

2015: 51 seats

  • Likud/Israel Beitenu (Netanyahu/Lieberman) – 31 Likud – 30
  • Israel Beiteinu – 5
  • Habayit Hayehudi (Bennett) – 12Habayit Hayehudi – 8
  • Shas (Yishai) – 11 Shas (Deri) – 7


2013: 25 seats

2015: 21 seats

  • Yesh Atid (Lapid) – 19 Yesh Atid – 11
  • Hatnua (Livni) – 6 Kulanu (Kahlon) – 10


2013: 32 seats

2015: 42 seats

  • Labor – 15 Zionist Camp – 24
  • Meretz (Galon) – 6 Meretz – 4
  • Hadash (Barakeh) – 4 United Arab List – 14
  • Ta’al (Tibi) – 4
  • Balad (Zakhalka) – 3

“Others” (agendas unrelated to “right-left”)

2013: 7 seats

2015: 7 seats

United Torah Judaism – 7 United Torah Judaism – 7

Netanyahu managed to pull out a surprise victory – bucking considerable public fatigue with him in general – by effectively exploiting scare-and-fear tactics. He vowed never to allow a Palestinian state (as if that was ever in doubt), warned Israelis that an international conspiracy was plotting against him and accused the “Zionist Camp” of waging an “illegitimate” campaign. On Election Day he texted virtually all the Jews in Israel that “The Arabs are being bussed in to polling booths by Hamas and leftist money. They are voting in droves. You must vote in droves as well – for the Likud. Save Israel!”

No one can be happy when racism and oppression win the day. In a wider perspective, however, the election may represent a positive game-changer. Not that anything has really changed, but finally the fig-leaf that allowed even liberal Israeli apologists to argue that the two-state solution is still possible has been removed. It had fallen off long ago, of course, but Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan speech of 2009 in which he weakly endorsed a two-state solution (Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state; no Right of Return; Jerusalem would remain Israeli; no stop to settlement construction – but “negotiations”) was nevertheless held up as proof that such a solution was still possible. Netanyahu’s repudiation of even that minimalist formulation and his vow that if reelected there will never be a Palestinian state has at least cleared the air. Now that there is no longer a “peace process,” no longer “two sides” to conduct pseudo-negotiations, no longer the illusion of a two-state solution. We are finally free to move on to a genuine and just solution.

Yet another fig-leaf dropped in this election as well, the notion that Israel is genuinely a democratic state – the only democracy in the Middle East – and that, in fact, a “Jewish democracy” is even possible. Netanyahu and the others (including Herzog) have clearly excluded “the Arabs” from the Israeli body-politik. This will soon be followed by formal legislation, begun in the last Knesset, declaring Israel to be a Jewish state. When passed, it means that the Supreme Court will be instructed (possible in a country with no constitution) to privilege “Jewish values” and interests over those of equal rights, human rights and international law when they come into conflict. In fact, as the Supreme Court itself ruled last year, there is no “Israeli” people. There is merely a state ruled by Jews extending from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. In that state, some Palestinians (or “Arabs” as they are called, denying their very status as a people with national rights) may possess formal Israeli citizenship, but are excluded from national life. Other Arabs in that state are denied any fundamental human or civil rights; they are locked up in West Bank cells sealed by a Separation Barrier or inhabit the uninhabitable cage of Gaza.

There is a name for such a state: apartheid, but more precisely, prison. For in “greater” Israel the natives are not even dignified by the pretense of a Bantustan.

The realization that successive Israeli governments have created one state in all of the Land of Israel has finally become as irrefutable as it is irreversible. This is the game-changer of this election. Since Israel itself eliminated the two-state solution deliberately, consciously and systematically over the course of a half-century, and since it created with its own hands the single de facto state we have today, the way forward is clear. We must accept the ultimate “fact on the ground,” the single state imposed by Israel over the entire country, but not in its apartheid/prison form. Israel has left us with only one way out: to transform that state into a democratic state of equal rights for all of its citizens. In addition to ensuring its population’s individual civil rights, it must also ensure the collective rights of each of the country’s national groups: Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews.

Netanyahu’s victory paves the way a one-state solution by making the status quo so untenable. But it is only half of the necessary game-changer. The fall, removal or resignation of the Palestinian Authority is the other half. The PA was established to outsource Israeli control to a sub-contractor, a policeman who would do its dirty work. With the end of the two-state solution the PA becomes nothing more than a collaborationist regime. It must vacate the political space so that the mechanism of change – the inevitable Israeli re-occupation that must follow – may usher in the one-state option. May. Unless progressive Palestinian and Israeli forces come together with a fleshed-out plan for an inclusive bi-national, democratic state, the opportunity may be missed and other, darker, more powerful forces may give rise to something even worse than what we have now.

The Israeli elections brought us one step closer to the collapse of apartheid. Who knows when the PA will collapse? Perhaps sooner than later. We need to formulate our own vision of a just peace – and urgently.

Jeff Halper
About Jeff Halper

Jeff Halper is the Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). He can be reached at [email protected]

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106 Responses

  1. a blah chick
    a blah chick
    March 19, 2015, 12:42 pm

    “We need to formulate our own vision of a just peace – and urgently. ”

    Done, it’s called one man, one woman, one vote, with the civil liberties and human rights of ALL the people protected.

    The forces against this are not going down without a fight. Already the excuses are being offered that Jewish Israel did not vote against peace, freedom or equality but FOR security.

    Yeah, right.

  2. ThorsteinVeblen2012
    March 19, 2015, 1:01 pm

    Without the fig leaf of a promise of Palestinian autonomy, Israel has exposed itself as a nation that holds a significant portion of the population it controls as non citizens.

    If Israel will not extend the right to vote to the Palestinians in the “occupied territories” it is not a democracy.

    Since Netanyahu and his coalition have precluded a Palestinian autonomy, or rather exposed that it was a ruse from the outset, a one state solution is the only solution that remains.

  3. Bandolero
    March 19, 2015, 1:05 pm

    Well, while I agree that a two state solution is virtually impossible, I think one doesn’t have to abandon the concept as a means of bringing pressure on the Zionist regime.

    I find it a totally legitimate strategy to pile up sanctions and UN resolutions on Israel for not fulfilling the two state solution promise, and when the sanctions finally bite and push comes to shove to offer the Zionist regime the alternative: one state with equal rights for all in all spheres, from voting to immigration and the “right of return.” Unable to go back to a two state solution, the zionist regime may have to agree to the latter than, effectively ending the zionist project “Israel.”

    • ritzl
      March 19, 2015, 2:06 pm

      Agree. Well laid out.

    • echinococcus
      March 19, 2015, 2:54 pm

      The two-state thing is by definition nothing but a make-believe solution for Zionism when it feels weak, and for Palestinians when they are unable to obtain their rights. If and when Zionists can be pressured enough as you describe it, it would only mean that they are too weak to do anything. These guys do not negotiate before losing it all. In such a situation, it’s not equal rights or two states that should be negotiated, but the Algerian ultimatum: one Palestinian state or a plane ticket.

      • Bandolero
        March 19, 2015, 11:40 pm


        “… If and when Zionists can be pressured enough …”

        The essence of my argument is not what to do when pressure is up, but how the pressure on the zionist regime, which is needed for whatever solution, can be built. Building pressure on the zionist regime is a pretty tough task, because the zionist regime controls powerful puppet forces in the western world. Currently pressing on with the demand for a two state solution seems to be more promosing for a builtup of pressure than abandoning the demand of a two state solution.

        I myself think a two state solution is neither possible nor desirable. It’s not desirable because it doesn’t solve the problem – which is the suppression of, institutionalized Zionist land robbery from and colonial racism against (a part of) the native population of Palestine.

        But abandoning the demand of a two state solution would let the zionist regime off the hook. If we’ld only demand a one state solution the zionist regime could find thousands of excuses for complaining why Israel would be pressured and others not so much, eg Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Myanmar, Hamas, Sudan, Belarus, whatever. Israel would surely claim singling out Israel for unequal and undemocratic treatment of citizens is anti-semitic leading to decades of fruitless discussions. However, with regard to Israels duty of agreeing to a two state solution the Zionist regime is in a corner now. We shall use Israel being cornered for piling up pressure, sanctions, UN resolutions, BDS, whatever, on israel, instead of letting the Zionist regime walk out of the corner without giving anything substantional.

        An offer for one state with equal rights for all can be made anytime later anyway, and I’ld argue it would be a sensible offer, but when the current pressure for a two state solution is taken away now, there is no serious pressure at all to get anything. Similar is Jeff’s idea of dissolving the PA: it would just give Zionists (minus Netanyahu) a good argument, that Israel has no partner for a two state solution, so the Palstenians are to be blamed that there is no solution to the conflict. Israel would benefit from the chaos. Much better would be limited resistance tactics like PA police/security forces going on strike/staying home for three days each time Israel announces new settlement units or does something else hampering peace efforts. Crucial is here that there is serious backing for Palestianians from western countries, too. When the security temporarily, but seriously detoriates after Israel announces new settlement units EU countries would be likely quick to blame Israel for it, even if a PA strike in response to settlement construction was the reason for the break down.

      • can of worms
        can of worms
        March 21, 2015, 9:24 am

        @echino “If and when Zionists can be pressured enough [to accept a 2ss], it would only mean that they are too weak to do anything.” There you are wrong. Most Zios want a 2ss of poverty-ridden bantustans dependent on Israel, meaning that the PA is the most dangerous side of this equation simply because they might agree to 2ss.

        A rightful and equal share in a one state solution, with reparations, is in the best interests of Palestinians and of any decent person. People living in systems of total segregation that give them privileges cannot be expected to understand human rights and decency. Democracy does not spring from people bred from birth in ideologies of apartness and cultural superiority.

        The people on the outside can enact resistance. At the very least, people must wage a global electronic intifada. That means the breaking down of the trust between US citizens and their own governments that support the “Jewish State”. That is where the arena of battle lies. You learn how the government really works, how Senate committees really work, how neo-colonialism really works.

  4. JLewisDickerson
    March 19, 2015, 1:29 pm

    RE: “This will soon be followed by formal legislation, begun in the last Knesset, declaring Israel to be a Jewish state. When passed, it means that the Supreme Court will be instructed (possible in a country with no constitution) to privilege “Jewish values” and interests over those of equal rights, human rights and international law when they come into conflict.” ~ Halper

    MY COMMENT: Israel is a garrison state (or “pale”) surrounded by Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s “Iron Wall”, and topped by the US-funded “Iron Dome”, but all of this is built upon a very shaky foundation. Israel’s true Achilles’ heel is the lack of an ‘iron foundation’ in the form of a formal constitution that cannot be easily overridden.

    Israel failed to take advantage of its best opportunity to “guarantee” basic rights to its citizens when it pretty much blew off the commitment made in its declaration of independence to formulate and adopt a formal constitution no later than 1 October 1948.

    Although some constitutional provisions are contained in Basic Laws passed by Israel’s Knesset, there is no clear rule determining the precedence of Basic Rules over regular legislation, and in many cases this issue is left to the interpretation of the judicial system.

    Consequently, at this point, it would be a stretch to say that rights of any of Israelis [Arabs, Jews or anyone else] are assured in the sense that Americans’ rights are “guaranteed” by its constitution (especially the Bill of Rights). Considerably to the contrary, Netanyahu is committed to having the Knesset pass a Basic Law subverting Israel’s democratic identity to its identity as the state of the Jewish people. When that is done, rest unassured that all “Jews” will be treated equally, because inevitably some Jews will ultimately become more equal than others.

    Without a formal constitution, the government of a garrison state that is permanently at war (where national security is always a priority) will enevitably become more and more authoritarian.

    • echinococcus
      March 20, 2015, 1:37 am

      Bandolero (no reply button…)

      You’re right that it’s a great stick to beat the Zionists with, a good tool to keep building pressure. On the other hand, when so used it also becomes a tool to beat Palestinians into “recognizing” the green line or “1967 borders”, when in fact there is no need to recognize even any 1948 borders, 1947 line, or even any partition. Things change: if the time comes when some real negotiating will be possible, the best position to negotiate from is the total illegitimacy of Israel.

  5. Krauss
    March 19, 2015, 1:33 pm

    Your political list is very strange.

    First, UTJ is not “Other”, it’s hard-right on every issue, including the occupation. Officially and nominally they are sanguine about it, but in reality every government they have been in have been pro-settlements. They have a large share of their voter base in the settlements as well. The notion that they would support a settlement evacuation of a significant part of their own base is laughable. They are not only right, but hard-right. Certainly not “other”.

    Secondly, Labor is not a “leftish” party if your definition of left(or even leftish) is their stance on the occupation. Herzog criticized Bibi for not being brutal enough in Gaza. And that’s just the beginning. He would essentially be no different than Barak in his policies – pay lip service while increase settlements.

    Meretz and the Arab parties are the only real left in Israel.
    And they got 20 out of 120 seats.

  6. a blah chick
    a blah chick
    March 19, 2015, 1:54 pm

    Simply put there are no Zionist solutions for the problems caused by Zionism.

    • truth2power
      March 20, 2015, 3:34 pm

      You are correct! For all the deaths – there is no solution ultimately, for Zionists but to have to live with the nightmare they have created for themselves. UNLESS, at this very late hour – they accept they cannot have it all but must learn to live with their neighbours in peace and harmony

  7. Kay24
    March 19, 2015, 2:05 pm

    The ball is in Obama’s court right now, so let us see how he will respond to the ugly, ugly actions of Netanyahu, the disrespect he has been shown by this war monger, and his interference in our foreign policies regarding Iran. If there is a deal with Iran, it is not going to make this lunatic from Tel Aviv happy, and he is going to increase his war mongering, now that he has the support of his people. Talking of Israelis, it is unbelievable that they would want to vote for Netanyahu and his policies of eternal wars, and unending occupation, ignoring the candidates who ran on domestic issues. Israelis thrive on wars, and would be lost if there is peace.

    • Blownaway
      March 19, 2015, 10:31 pm

      It’s easy based on past history to guess what Obama is going to do…nothing. And for sure don’t count on any symbolic vote at the UN. israeli press is already discounting any pressure. However this is a golden opportunity for the Palestinians, however the feckless Abbas will not play his hand well because doing so will cause him to lose his prison guard job, that pays so well. It’s up to the Europeans and The Palestinians like Mustafa Barghouti to bypass Abbas and rally the world ex US Canada and Australia. That leaves a lot to work with for someone who knows how. But Obama will not suddenly grow a spine

      • Kay24
        March 19, 2015, 11:18 pm

        I think Obama has clearly shown he is not pleased with Netanyahu displaying to the world that he has more control of Congress than Obama, however Obama’s hands are tied by AIPAC and zionist minions who pretend they are Americans, and the Democratic party has no chance of winning elections if the lobbies are rejected. Every President in our lifetime will toe the line.
        Israel controls us and we know it.

    • truth2power
      March 20, 2015, 3:41 pm

      Your last sentence, Kay: What a tombstone for a nation! Sadly, you are correct!

  8. HarryLaw
    March 19, 2015, 2:05 pm

    Interesting article, one wonders what ideas the Israeli leadership have to solve this question? ‘Prisons’, like Jeff say’s would be the preferred option, then periodic attacks, like on Gaza, to put down any resistance, possibly followed by expulsion. Maybe they think they can get away with it, past experience could suggest they would. Even Jabotinsky envisaged a different scenario, when talking about the Palestinian people he said “And the leadership will pass to the moderate groups, who will approach us with a proposal that we should both agree to mutual concessions. Then we may expect them to discuss honestly practical questions, such as a guarantee against Arab displacement, or equal rights for Arab citizen, or Arab national integrity.
    And when that happens, I am convinced that we Jews will be found ready to give them satisfactory guarantees, so that both peoples can live together in peace, like good neighbors.
    But the only way to obtain such an agreement, is the iron wall, which is to say a strong power in Palestine that is not amenable to any Arab pressure. In other words, the only way to reach an agreement in the future is to abandon all idea of seeking an agreement at present”.
    Get that, even Jabotinsky thought equal rights for Arab citizens could be possible. I am not optimistic,and think the prison scenario will play out, followed by a great war. Many problems in the world are not resolvable, and war is the great decider, at present the military balance favors Israel, it will not in the near future, that’s the choice the Israelis seemed to have made.

    • Citizen
      March 19, 2015, 8:48 pm

      RE: “…the only way to reach an agreement in the future is to abandon all idea of seeking an agreement at present”

      Dore was on CNN tonight, explaining Bibi meant he doesn’t support a Palestine state NOW, but he was for a two state solution in the future.

  9. Kay24
    March 19, 2015, 2:12 pm

    Wait a minute, we got BB all wrong. HE DID NOT MEAN WHAT HE SAID A FEW DAYS AGO.
    Aw, the poor guys was misunderstood by all of us. Boo hoo.

    “”I haven’t changed my policy,” Netanyahu said Thursday in an interview with NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell.

    “I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution,” he added.”

    First he lied to the world about a 2 state solution, then he lied to the suckers who voted for him under the illusion that he would give them their apartheid state. Netanyahu is unhinged.

    • ckg
      March 19, 2015, 3:26 pm

      Psaki: “We can’t, you know, forget about those comments.”

    • Shingo
      March 19, 2015, 3:48 pm

      Now watch all those liberal Zionists like Friedman insist that there is nothing to worry about and shift the blame back to the Palestinians.

      Next, Bibbi will run back to the right wingers and show that h had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said he supports a 2ss. He’ll also point out that he did say “not on my watch”.

      So he’ll return to the right and say he supports a 2ss but that it won’t happen while he’s in off office – and they will all chuckle.

      • Donald
        March 20, 2015, 8:10 am

        The NYT is trying to do this–their job is complicated by the fact that the Obama Administration is deeply disgusted by Netanyahu and isn’t buying it, at least at the moment, so Rudoren and company try to make it seem like the Israelis all know Netanyahu was just appealing to his base, while the Obama people think he really doesn’t want a 2SS. Which is BS–I don’t doubt that some Israelis are spinning it that way, but I doubt anyone in Israel really believes Netanyahu wants a 2SS. Here’s the story–

        NYT piece

        Here are two paragraphs where the NYT contrasts what Washington thinks with what Israelis supposedly think–

        “In Israel, Mr. Netanyahu’s apparent reversal regarding a Palestinian state on the eve of an election was largely seen as a blatant, somewhat desperate appeal to take votes from parties on his right flank — which appears to be exactly what happened.”

        “Many analysts expected Mr. Netanyahu to backtrack after the ballots were tallied; after all, back in 2009, he refused to explicitly endorse an independent Palestinian state right up until the Bar-Ilan speech in which he did so.

        But in Washington, many officials have long suspected that Mr. Netanyahu was never serious about making peace with the Palestinians or about the American-brokered negotiations toward such an outcome that collapsed last spring. So when a right-leaning Israeli news site asked him directly on Monday, “If you are prime minister, a Palestinian state will not be established,” and he answered, “Correct,” they pounced.”

        So the NYT propaganda line is pretty clear–Netanyahu didn’t really mean it, and Israelis supposedly know this, but those silly Obama people think his stated opposition to a 2SS was heartfelt.

    • ritzl
      March 19, 2015, 4:31 pm

      You’re such a Bibi apologist, Kay24. ;)

      • Kay24
        March 20, 2015, 12:03 am

        Yep, and doesn’t it show? Heh.

    • Dagon
      March 19, 2015, 5:55 pm

      Ok,so ,axelrod , bibi and really most pundits,say the the beebs didn’t mean it,its election drama blah blah blah.Lets assume that bibivorkian is not a racist.Lets give him a break here folks; but what are we to make of the israeli jews who responded to him?That I have not heard discussed any where.I left Israel 40 years ago.It has gotten much much worse.What a not job of a people.The Idea that a sitting PM can play the race card is … really normal though shockingly honest.

  10. HarryLaw
    March 19, 2015, 2:37 pm

    The White House said Wednesday the US may not use its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to shield Israel from unfavorable resolutions, a dramatic shift in a decades-old US policy.
    The US would reevaluate its approach based on Netanyahu’s “change in his position,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.
    “The United States and this administration are deeply concerned by divisive rhetoric that seeks to marginalize Arab-Israeli citizens,” Earnest said. Well we can dream can’t we?

    • Sycamores
      March 19, 2015, 4:44 pm

      Hi Harrylaw,

      Netanyahu devisive rhetoric leads to White House to reevaluate its approach based on Netanyahu’s change in his position. Netanyahu steps back his rhetoric: “I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution.” White House saves face and backs off. Rivlin makes Netanyahu PM, Obama rings to wish him luck. all is forgiven and all will be forgotten. Status quo is preserved


      Netanyahu devisive rhetoric leads to White House to reevaluate its approach based on Netanyahu’s change in his position. Netanyahu steps back his rhetoric: “I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution.” White House has enough with this megalomaniac liar and decides to no longer to shield Israel from unfavorable resolutions at the UNSC. unprecedented move in US foregin policy towards Israel.

      honestly whats more likely?

      • chet
        March 19, 2015, 8:17 pm

        …more likely?

        An all-hands-on-deck mega-emergency propaganda campaign to rehabilitate the 2SS and the meme that Netanyahoo was only indulging in electioneering rhetoric and ought not to be taken seriously.

      • Kay24
        March 20, 2015, 12:08 am

        Whatever happens, the end game will be the zionist media downplaying what I consider the only honest statement out of the scoundrels mouth, and the WH slowly retracting all the bluster against him. Then we shall see the both sides joining hands singing “kumbaya”, and the next time the butcher wants to massacre helpless civilians in Gaza, the US will show unwavering support, and hand the US made weapons, to make sure he is able to do it. Finally any resolution in the UN condemning the slaughter will be deftly shot down by Obama and his state department. Anyone thinks otherwise?

      • oldgeezer
        March 20, 2015, 12:21 am


        It’s not his only honest statement. He has said this before to his Israeli audience.

        I don’t have a link at hand but he has openly admitted this before. It just didn’t get attention at the time.

        I think he is someone who will best serve the state of Israel. He is going to put all the dirty laundry on display now that the world has woken up.

        Who knows, maybe at the end of the day Israel will actually be a democracy and at least able to stand shoulder to shoulder with decent nations instead of whining that hey… we’re no worse than the worst (although in some cases they are wrong about that as well).

        Right now they have more in common with ISIL and the KKK than anything else.

  11. eGuard
    March 19, 2015, 2:42 pm

    So now the two state solution has died. Gone. Impossible. Out of the window. Well, that is news for me. I take that for a thruth, and so it is time to promise, Mondoweiss, no one ever may declare this again on this site.

    My own news message would be: nothing has changed. Water under the bridge.

  12. Kay24
    March 19, 2015, 2:45 pm

    The question is should Obama call to congratulate the scoundrel who has disrespected him, used the useless congresspeople and ordered them to invited him to speak in congress, so that he can criticize Obama’s efforts to avoid war with Iran, which also resulted in some of these Israel firsters in writing to Iranian leaders warning them Obama will not be signing a binding resolution with them. Arrogant foreign leaders should be treated like pariahs.

    Obama should NEVER call netanyahu, he should give him the cold shoulder treatment, and stop ALL support of netanyahu and his country.

  13. TwoRedDogs
    March 19, 2015, 2:55 pm

    Does anyone know where I can find the video mentioned in this piece? Thanks in advance.

    ““What Netanyahu said publicly – ‘No two-state solution on my watch’ – which is something this administration believes in strongly,” said Ilan Goldenberg, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security. “You have video of Netanyahu sitting there diagramming how settlements are to keep Palestinians from having two states.”

    Goldenberg was referring to the NRG interview, conducted during Netanyahu’s visit to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Homa on the eve of Election Day, during which he said he had authorized construction of the neighborhood in 1997 to prevent contiguity between Bethlehem and Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem.”

  14. concernedhuman
    March 19, 2015, 3:21 pm

    “Certainly, the prime minister’s comments from a few days ago called into question his commitment to that,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Thursday.

    “We believe he changed his position,” she continued. “We can’t forget about those comments.”

    The White House said that US President Barack Obama and his administration would be carefully watching the actions of Netanyahu, his party and his coalition moving forward.

    Obama does not want to buy any thing Netnyahoo has to sell. Hope they come up with some UN resolutions to maintain pressure.

  15. just
    March 19, 2015, 3:22 pm

    “Republicans slam Obama for not congratulating Netanyahu

    Obama ‘is more willing to speak to the Iranians and show more respect for Iran than he is willing to show respect for our strong ally in Israel,’ says Marco Rubio.

    “Shame on him for not having made that call,” said Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL.)

    “What this is about is that Netanyahu has been in the president’s face about this weak and dangerous Iranian deal that is going to undermine U.S. Security interests and the president wants it his way or no way. He doesn’t want any dissenting opinions.”
    “While I have great admiration for … Prime Minister Netanyahu, our commitment is to the state of Israel,” Rubio said.

    “This president has threatened that through his personal animus towards the prime minister.””

    People need to get rid of these fifth columnists.

    They’ve clearly and vehemently chosen a racist and warmongering thief over peace, justice, national security, and stability.

    • seafoid
      March 19, 2015, 4:03 pm

      Rubio is Latino, right? Soon there will be no Latino votes for Zionism.
      Jewish chingada is not very sexy.

      • just
        March 19, 2015, 4:10 pm

        So is Ros-Lehtinen.

        Both of Cuban heritage.

        “Jewish chingada is not very sexy.”

        No, it isn’t.

      • lysias
        March 19, 2015, 4:50 pm

        Ros-Lehtinen is of half-Jewish heritage, through her mother.

  16. seafoid
    March 19, 2015, 3:58 pm

    Beinart is unusually aggressive in todays Haaretz

    “Our principle should be this: Support any pressure that is nonviolent and consistent with Israel’s right to exist. That means backing Palestinian bids at the United Nations. It means labeling and boycotting settlement goods. It means joining and amplifying nonviolent Palestinian protest in the West Bank. It means denying visas to, and freezing the assets of, Naftali Bennett and other pro-settler leaders. It means pushing the Obama administration to present out its own peace plan, and to punish — yes, punish — the Israeli government for rejecting it. It means making sure that every time Benjamin Netanyahu and the members of his cabinet walk into a Jewish event outside Israel, they see Diaspora Jews protesting outside. It means loving Israel more than ever, and opposing its government more than ever. It means accepting that, for now at least, the peace process is over and the pressure process must begin.
    For many Diaspora Jews, this transition will feel painful and unnatural. It certainly does for me. But there is now no other way. We know in our bones, even without Meir Dagan telling us, that Israel is headed toward moral disaster. We know that a non-democratic Israel is a dead Israel. We know that if Israel makes permanent an occupation that reeks of colonialism and segregation, an America that is becoming ever more black and brown will eventually turn against it. We know the BDS one-staters are winning. We know that if Israel continues on its current path, our children will one day live in a world without a Jewish state. We know that our grandparents’ generation of Diaspora Jews will be remembered for having helped birth the first Jewish country in 2,000 years, and that ours will be remembered for having helped destroy it.
    Yes, our influence is limited. But it is not irrelevant. Israelis have made their choice. Now it’s time to make ours. ”

    • just
      March 19, 2015, 4:07 pm


      rotflmao! I’m crying with laughter.

      (I read Beinart’s piece yesterday…he’s got a long way to go yet, but he’s definitely on a proverbial roll)

    • Maximus Decimus Meridius
      Maximus Decimus Meridius
      March 19, 2015, 4:36 pm

      Aggressive? Yes, maybe in the way a kitten is aggressive.

      No to BDS – except in the most watered down form – no to armed resistance, no to travel bans…. in short, no to anything that might actually make a difference. Back to the same old shyte about Israel’s ‘right to exist’ , ‘peaceful protest’ – but not BDS mind – and the farce of the ‘peace process’.

      The likes of Beinart and Freedland remind me of that Japanese soldier in the jungle, who still thought WWII was being fought 1O years after the ceasefire. Out of touch is putting it mildly. Don’t these people realise that their ship has long since sailed?

      • piotr
        March 19, 2015, 9:11 pm

        Advise from experience: while kitten are typically not aggressive, their defensive behavior can shred your skin to narrow stripes. As a student, I had a friend who tried to console a kitten that was scared by other students on a party; when he took bandages off after several weeks, I could see what the kitten did with its claws out.

        Freezing assets of Naftali Bennet is quite meaningful, as he does have assets to freeze. Criminalizing all charities that support illegal settlements would be more logical and better, but at least Beinart moves in the right direction.

  17. seafoid
    March 19, 2015, 4:05 pm

    Jeff Halper’s stats don’t say what happened Zippy’s party- she merged with Labor to form Zionist Camp – but her party came out of Likud so was hardly left .

  18. just
    March 19, 2015, 4:27 pm

    “U.S. to review Israel-Palestinian policy despite Netanyahu’s backtracking

    White House and State Department reject PM’s clarifications of campaign remarks. ‘He was prime minister three days ago as well,’ says spokeswoman.

    The results of the Knesset election this week have done nothing to diminish the crisis between Jerusalem and Washington.

    On Thursday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s clarification regarding comments he had made about a Palestinian state and Israel’s Arab community during the campaign.

    President Obama will relate to the prime minister’s clarifications, made in an interview with NBC television channel earlier on Thursday, during the next conversation between the two, Earnest said. Obama and Netanyahu could talk as early as Thursday night.

    “The statements about Israel’s Arab citizens corrode relations between Israel and the United States,” Earnest said. “They were cynical election day tactics.”

    Earlier on Thursday in an interview with NBC Netanyahu reiterated his belief in a two-state solution with the Palestinians. “I don’t want a one-state solution,” Netanyahu said. “I want a sustainable and peaceful two-state solution, but circumstances have to change for that to happen.” He added that he had “never retracted my speech in Bar Ilan [University] six years ago. What has changed is the reality.”

    Despite Netanyahu’s clarifications, the U.S. still intends to review its approach to the Israel-Palestinian peace process following the prime minister’s rejection of a Palestinian state a few days before the election.

    “Netanyahu backed out of a years-long policy supporting a Palestinian state,” Earnest said. He added that the U.S. will follow Netanyahu’s actions and statements closely in the coming days.

    State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki also rejected Netanyahu’s clarifications to NBC. “Netanyahu was prime minister when he made the statements three days ago as well,” Psaki said. “We can’t forget about those comments… and we believe he changed his position.””


    Never forget~ Netanyahu lies, and Palestinians die.

  19. Bornajoo
    March 19, 2015, 4:32 pm

    “Netanyahu’s victory paves the way a one-state solution by making the status quo so untenable. But it is only half of the necessary game-changer. The fall, removal or resignation of the Palestinian Authority is the other half. The PA was established to outsource Israeli control to a sub-contractor, a policeman who would do its dirty work. With the end of the two-state solution the PA becomes nothing more than a collaborationist regime. It must vacate the political space so that the mechanism of change – the inevitable Israeli re-occupation that must follow – may usher in the one-state option. May. Unless progressive Palestinian and Israeli forces come together with a fleshed-out plan for an inclusive bi-national, democratic state, the opportunity may be missed and other, darker, more powerful forces may give rise to something even worse than what we have now.

    The Israeli elections brought us one step closer to the collapse of apartheid. Who knows when the PA will collapse? Perhaps sooner than later. We need to formulate our own vision of a just peace – and urgently.”

    Thanks very much for this well stated article Jeff Halper. Although it’s likely to be another Netanyahu government it’s still not a done deal. However I very much hope he succeeds in forming a right wing coalition as like you I believe it will be a game changer. I also agree that the PA needs to be disbanded which is needed to push the whole debacle down the road of the inevitable one state scenario

    If Herzog was to become pm nothing would change except the fake image that herzog and Co would project onto the international community which would reduce the criticism and pressure israel is facing now. It would be a backwards step

    As I write this I’m hearing right now that Netanyahu is now claiming he’s still committed to “a peaceful two state solution”. This was predictable. He lies so much and will do and say anything to remain in power, regardless of the consequences. I don’t think he’s aware of just how desperate, stupid and ridiculous he sounds to everyone outside his loony support base. And that’s why we need this desperate foolish idiot in charge and not Herzog who would never allow this kind of international damage to happen in the first place. As much as Netanyahu tries to lie his way out of this it’s too late, the damage is done. He’s revealed his true colours and there’s no lying his way back again.

    If the PA had any sense they would stop the collaboration and hand back the keys. If they did this now it would force a solution sooner rather than later. But will they? I don’t think so

  20. just
    March 19, 2015, 4:52 pm

    “British deputy PM: If Netanyahu rejects two-state solution, U.K. will recognize Palestine

    If Netanyahu rules out a Palestinian state and expands West Bank settlements, ‘the world, including the British parliament, would have no option, but to recognize a Palestinian state,’ says Nick Clegg.

    British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for reneging support for a two-state solution, saying that if the Israeli leader does not backtrack from those remarks, Britain would have no choice but to recognize a Palestinian state.

    Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, called Netanyahu’s vow not to create a Palestinian state “alarming,” the Guardian reported Thursday.
    Clegg said he shared Obama’s view, during his weekly radio show. “It is extremely worrying – it cannot be more alarming – to have seen [Benjamin] Netanyahu do something which no leading Israeli politician has ever done; to rule out the prospect of a two-state solution.”

    Clegg said a formal move to recognize Palestine would result from “extreme provocation from Netanyahu.”

    British Prime Minister David Cameron, meanwhile, congratulated Netanyahu on his reelection, tweeting “PM: Congratulations to @netanyahu on election result. As one of #Israel’s firmest friends, UK looks forward to working with new government.”

    Last October, the British parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of a nonbinding resolution to recognize the state of Palestine alongside Israel.”

    Oh, pooh and bollocks! Just do the right thing for a change! Tell Cameron that the jig is up. Is it so painful to be on the side of justice~ finally?

    • seafoid
      March 19, 2015, 5:05 pm

      This Israeli election is great news. Yossi never wanted peace. Bring on BDS.
      And fuck Zionism

      • just
        March 19, 2015, 5:18 pm


        That’s new music to me, seafoid. Thanks.

    • Bornajoo
      March 19, 2015, 5:52 pm

      Thanks Just

      Notice the get out clause:

      “……if the Israeli leader does not backtrack from those remarks, Britain would have no choice but to recognize a Palestinian state.”

      He will of course lie his way back away from those remarks. He’s already started the backtracking and lies. The USA, UK and all other disgraceful supporters only want to hear the lies so we can bury the embarrassment and get back to the status quo. But his die hard right wing supporters who came out to vote him back into power will not accept anything less than what he promised them. And he has no choice but to stick to that promise. That’s what keeps him in power and that’s what he wants more than anything else.

      • just
        March 19, 2015, 6:13 pm

        “But his die hard right wing supporters who came out to vote him back into power will not accept anything less than what he promised them.”

        I believe that. I hope that leaders all ’round the world can see it, too.

        The Palestinians can’t wait; nor should they have to.

        “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

        William E. Gladstone

      • amigo
        March 20, 2015, 7:38 am

        Hello Bornajoo, I think Netanyahu will not so easily back away rom this .Obama and co will be insisting that he take concrete steps to prove his sincerity .Such as , !!!.Halt all illegal settlement expansion.I think the USA will also publish their plan for a solution and hold Netnayahu to that plan which will likely include timelines.

        Al Jazeera is reporting in depth the US gov absolute displeasure with netanyahu.They are openly threatening to withhold un protection for Israel.

        This is not going to be binned under the guise of netanyahu (fake) attrition .Netanyahu may well have opened a pandoras box that will not be closed too easily.Imo , he has shot himself in both feet this time , while they were both firmly placed in his big mouth.

      • Bornajoo
        March 20, 2015, 9:10 am

        Amigo, I hope you are right. That’s what I’m hoping for. But if they decide to give him yet another free pass I still believe that will be just as damaging in the long run.

        I hope this is a tipping point because the Palestinians finally need something to go their way.

  21. just
    March 19, 2015, 6:25 pm

    This is why sanctions, etc. must be imposed on Israel by the west:

    “First-time voters in Israel explain why they chose Netanyahu

    Young voters, who went on Instagram to share their election selfies, explain why they voted for Netanyahu: Security, security, security – and distrust of Arabs, the left and media.”

    Here’s the first one (the article is behind the wall)

    “Linoy Aharon

    Age: 19; residence: Rosh Ha’ayin; occupation: currently doing National Service.

    Why did you vote Likud?

    “I voted for the first time, choosing Likud since he [Netanyahu] is the most worthy person to lead the country at present. Herzog is unworthy of leading – he would create a leftist government together with the [Arab] Joint List; in addition, he wouldn’t hold up to international pressure by Obama and others with regard to an agreement with the Palestinians. He might divide the country and we’ve seen what happened every time Israel conceded territory in exchange for “peace” – the area becomes a Hamas terror center.

    “Netanyahu is a judicious and experienced person who knows his job. He doesn’t buckle under international pressure and knows how to stand up for this country’s principles when the world creates difficulties for us. I saw the opinion polls which indicated that there would be a tight race between Netanyahu and Herzog so I voted Likud, since a right-wing government needs people’s support in order to overcome any leftist government, which would have brought about a disaster. I’m glad the right won and hope for a better future for this country.””

    • Bornajoo
      March 19, 2015, 6:43 pm

      “Young voters, who went on Instagram to share their election selfies, explain why they voted for Netanyahu: Security, security, security – and distrust of Arabs, the left and media.”

      They don’t like Arabs, lefties, most gentiles (because they’re all anti semitic anyway)… They don’t really like anyone and then they wonder why nobody likes them! And this is the majority of the next generation.

      I agree, international pressure and sanctions is the only way.
      But the PA must also be disbanded

    • a blah chick
      a blah chick
      March 19, 2015, 7:21 pm

      “He (Herzog) might divide the country and we’ve seen what happened every time Israel conceded territory in exchange for “peace” – the area becomes a Hamas terror center.”

      I think that whole country needs deprogramming.

  22. just
    March 19, 2015, 7:42 pm

    “For these settlers, legalizing marijuana trumps Greater Land of Israel

    Ballot breakdown shows Green Leaf party did especially well among voters in the West Bank and young soldiers.

    ………Why is the pro-cannabis party so popular in the Israeli military? Here’s how one young combat soldier tried to explain the phenomenon: “When we’re at our bases, we’re very cut off from what’s happening in the rest of the country. We don’t have TVs, and we don’t get newspapers. All we really think about is completing our service and getting high.”

    Hey, that a great idea. Let the illegal settlers get high, and then move them back to Israel while they are in a torpor and giggling. As for the IOF, perhaps getting stoned this way will make them a giggling gaggle, hungry for falafel and not Palestinian lives. Perhaps their aim would be totally off, too.

    Win- win. I bet that THC could take the edge off some of the ziocaine frenzy.

    • W.Jones
      March 19, 2015, 8:20 pm

      Drug use has in some cases like early industrial China ruined societies and made them very weak.

  23. just
    March 19, 2015, 9:15 pm

    “Speaker of the United States House of Representatives John Boehner is expected to visit Israel in about a week. Boehner, a member of the Republican Party, is U.S. President Barack Obama’s arch rival and the man who invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make his controversial speech in Congress.

    Senior Israeli officials who asked to remain anonymous said Boehner will begin his visit, which has not yet been announced publicly, on March 31, heading a delegation of Republican Congress members. The officials said the final agreement for the visit was given during Netanyahu’s trip to the United States some two weeks ago.”

    Will someone please vote these Netanyahu lovers out? They are fifth columnists.

  24. CloakAndDagger
    March 19, 2015, 9:22 pm

    Tipping point.

    Obama’s telephone call to Netanyahu followed a television interview in which the Israeli leader backed away from his pre-election declaration that there would be no Palestinian state on his watch
    The White House, unmoved by Netanyahu’s effort to backtrack, delivered a fresh rebuke against him on Thursday and signaled that Washington may reconsider its decades-old policy of shielding close ally Israel from international pressure at the United Nations.
    “The president told the prime minister that we will need to reassess our options following the prime minister’s new positions and comments regarding the two-state solution,” the White House official said

    I wish they would stop calling Israel an “ally”. Show me the treaty that says they are an ally!

  25. Citizen
    March 19, 2015, 9:32 pm

    Kelly interviewed Bibi on Fox channel tonight. She implied it was smarmy of Obama to opt to take Nibi at his “no Pal state on my watch” word, rather than his post=election “I still support a two state solution” word. Kelly did all but blow kisses at Bibi, and then Krauthammer came on and attacked Obama for not believing Bibi’s latest word, saying that was to detract from Obama’s crappy Iran deal pending.

  26. Walid
    March 19, 2015, 9:52 pm

    Everybody is making a big thing out of Netanyahu’s “no Palestinian state” statement. He’s almost patched up that one already with all kinds of explanations, so it’s a waste of effort to keep harping on it.

    What is most nauseating about this whole episode is how the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and a dozen or so other countries keep repeating time after time how their relationship is so close to the shitty little state. Among the worst is the UK PM that’s now threatening to recognize Palestine unless Netanyahu backtracks on his statement. It’s always about Israel and never really about the Palestinians, just like at MW.

    • CloakAndDagger
      March 19, 2015, 10:49 pm

      @ Walid

      He’s almost patched up that one already with all kinds of explanations, so it’s a waste of effort to keep harping on it.

      I disagree. The WH is jumping on this, if only to provide justification for its next move and to also divert the focus from the Iran negotiations (which I expect to conclude before the end of the month). In either case, it is a great educational opportunity for the American masses. Judging by the comments on Huffpo, Americans are universally condemning Israel and a lot more people are unsympathetic to Israel than they might have been a week ago.

      Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But I understand your frustration. The Israel problem has to be solved before the Palestine one can be.

    • Kay24
      March 19, 2015, 11:39 pm

      Good point Walid, it IS all about Israel and never a thought for the real victims in all this, their desperate situation, and their years of suffering. No, it is all about pandering to Israel, making sure their sensitive feelings are not hurt, or that their comforts are not taken from them.
      This is so unfair. It is disgusting.

  27. lonely rico
    lonely rico
    March 19, 2015, 10:40 pm


    their relationship is so close to the shitty little state. Among the worst is the UK PM.

    Whoa ! How about Prime Minister Stephen Harper (who) tweeted Wednesday:

    “I congratulate PM Netanyahu on his election results. We look fwd to working w/ the gov’t once formed.
    Israel has no greater friend than Cda.

    And the winner for butt-kissing Israel goes to –

    Canada’s PM !

  28. Kay24
    March 19, 2015, 11:23 pm

    Well, well, it seems America’s no. 1 traitor, is digging the knife even deeper into Obama’s back by VISITING HIS TRUE MASTER in Israel:

    “Speaker of the United States House of Representatives John Boehner is expected to visit Israel in about a week. Boehner, a member of the Republican Party, is U.S. President Barack Obama’s arch rival and the man who invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make his controversial speech in Congress.

    Senior Israeli officials who asked to remain anonymous said Boehner will begin his visit, which has not yet been announced publicly, on March 31, heading a delegation of Republican Congress members. The officials said the final agreement for the visit was given during Netanyahu’s trip to the United States some two weeks ago.”

    What a disgusting man. I wonder how much he gets in return for this disgusting show of loyalty, and betrayal of his own President.

  29. piotr
    March 20, 2015, 2:36 am

    I will be contrarian here. Two state solution was not “alive enough” to die, but the more frank government in Israel may well revive it. For starters, the support of Israel is much less popular in Europe than in Israel, and there were political demands and promises to sanctions Israel for this or that (e.g. destruction of buildings, wells etc. build with the financial support of EU countries, occasional massive slaughter, siege of Gaza, specific insults to European diplomats, the list of particulars is long), while political establishment in almost all cases tried its best to do nothing of the kind. But instead of arguing that how one could even think to side with Muslim barbarians against our beloved only democracy over there, the pablum was that one should give time and space for diplomacy and negotiations.

    It is one thing to claim that emperor has beautiful cloths, and another to keep insisting on that while the emperor is shouting: look at my magnificent body, every inch is for you to see! “I really recall that there was a fig leaf somewhere!”. So there is a chatter to create some pressure on Israel, starting with a probably toothless UN resolution (or even UNSC resolution), but potentially escalating, in the name of the two state solution. Then perhaps Israel will be required to stop stealing money from PA, and return what it have stolen, again, in the name of the two state solution. Additionally, a principal reason for favoring Israel in Europe was the conviction that mature politicians have to support USA, so lack of intense support for Israel in USA can release a break for action.

    In the meantime, Likud demolished the more extremist BY and YB parties by promising to do what those parties promise, but with the actual ability to deliver. And now the extremist, both inside and outside Likud want to extract the conditions that expansion of settlements, rejection of Palestinian statehood etc. will be the conditions of the ruling coalitions. So the emperor will proudly insists that his body is free of all that fig leaf nonsense. That may affect the internal politics in Israel: to Israeli Jewish public, the liberals are idiots who for decades were crying “wolf”, we can’t do this and that because “we will become isolated”, and the right wing perceives things clearly. Given that, it is a marvel that the right wing did not corner 90% if the Jewish vote. The explanation is that Likud government did not deliver on some points of social policy.

    My prediction (or a bet) is that for all his impressive victory, Likud will again rule for two years or so; one source of conflict will be what to do with Haredim: they want subsidized apartments, stipends for Torah studies and recognition that those studies are a valuable part of the national defense, while Modern Orthodox Jews can grudgingly subsidize apartments, wince at stipends for Torah studies and are positively in rage on the issue of avoiding the sacred service in IDF.

    The second source of conflict is that something should be done to slow down the growth of apartment rents, which is easier said than done. In part, necessary actions are to some extend against Zionist principles. Government controls big majority of the land, so it could conceivably quickly increase the supply of apartments in greater Tel Aviv, West Jerusalem etc. But the Zionist principles dictate that Jews should spread evenly across the country and territories, bonding with the Land, so all the new apartments should be planned in the nooks of the Land where there are not enough Jews (and given only to Jews), rather than in places that actually have jobs. Non-ideologically, all folks who invested in the apartments would loose hugely. So I expect that discontent in major urban area may be growing.

    So if you satisfy Haredim, BY and YB will be unhappy, and vice versa, while Kulanu has slim chances to deliver its promises. Thus there may be a new election in two years.

    • seafoid
      March 20, 2015, 3:57 am

      Israel’s economy is slowing down and inequality is a huge issue. I think the next 2 years will be fairly rocky economically so an election could come even sooner than this time 2017. Israel is running out of options on several fronts.

    • bryan
      March 20, 2015, 4:04 am

      “Thus there may be a new election in two years.” Piotr – for the sake of the people of Gaza, I sincerely hope not. The Israeli election of 10th February 2009 was closely preceded by Operation Cast Lead (December 2008-2009). The Israeli election of 22nd January 2013 was closely preceded by Operation Pillar of Defence (November 2012). The Israeli election of 17th March 2015 following considerable instability in the ruling coalition was preceded by Operation Protective Edge (July-August 2014). It seems that an onslaught on Gaza has become a necessary preparation for the Israeli electoral process in order to heighten tensions, and create the appropriate level of fear in the population so that economic and social concerns can be trumped by security issues, to the benefit of right-wing politicians.

      • Citizen
        March 22, 2015, 9:31 am

        This is true. Here’s a list & thumb nail sketch of Israel First organizations that support this Israeli pattern:

      • just
        March 22, 2015, 10:58 am

        BINGO, bryan… you make a really important, life or death, point!

        (that list is nauseating & dizzying, Citizen)

      • bintbiba
        March 22, 2015, 11:43 am

        “Just’ … ” ( that list is nauseating & dizzying, Citizen )”.

        Please allow me to add my personal ….. ‘(crushing)’ .

      • piotr
        March 22, 2015, 7:34 pm

        My prediction/speculation is not based on what would be better or worse, but on two contradictions that will make the current coalition rather brittle. One is that opposition of National Orthodox (read: settlers and military/militaristic rabbinate) and secular chauvinists to the main demand of Haredim, second is that “decreasing inequality” would require steps that trample over Zionist ideology and powerful interests, not a small bunch of phone companies.

        Of course, security threats are an elixir of power for Likud, but it is not always that simple. For example, it backfired on Olmert and Barak, because they killed significantly fewer “bad guys” than the public wanted. And to kill thousands, you must have some tacit (or even better, explicit) agreement from USA, and from EU. If there will be a new President in USA from Adelson approved list, then indeed Likud may go for exceeding the last round of carnage, but if not then not.

        My conclusion is that there are two years for hard work to remove kashrut certificate from the current brand of “necessary steps of defending Israel”. Details of BDS movement do not matter, one-state, two-states, invite Israeli academics to conferences or not, settlement goods or all goods, the true goal is the political climate where “unconditional support of unbreakable bonds” is as ridiculous as opposition to racially mixed marriages or some other ancient conservative wedge issue. “Save human lives and money by buying generic humus”. Clearly, not the best slogan, but this is basically the case.

  30. eGuard
    March 20, 2015, 3:40 am

    Jeff, please bang your head against a wall, just once for every Labor supported war. This is plain Zionist speak: center-left (albeit Labor now pandering to the right by rebranding itself the “Zionist Camp”. Did labor ever support a Palestinian state? Repeating that is abusing other people’s energy trying to understand that.

    Labor has been Zionist longer than Israel exists. No Zionist can be “left”, full stop. If you are not free to see & say that, change community. Move town and turn in your political religion.

  31. Walid
    March 20, 2015, 3:51 am

    Piotr, Israel’s popularity in Europe is actually of of no importance as far as the Mideast conflicts are concerned since it is subservient to the US on anything to do with it. There is no such thing as an independent European foreign policy on Israel/Palestine and it follows orders imposed on it by the US. Don’t think for a minute that last year’s Fabius outburst hindering the talks with Iran were done without US approval or instigation. And remember how Victoria Nuland reacted with her “Fuck the EU” remark last year.The EU doesn’t dare pee before getting prior US clearance.

    • piotr
      March 20, 2015, 5:46 am

      “The EU doesn’t dare pee before getting prior US clearance.”

      This is true if US has a united position on an issue. Administration seems to give green light to BDS (if someone else would do it).

  32. piotr
    March 20, 2015, 3:59 am

    Emperor forms a committee to find an acceptable fig leaf, so while proud of his body, he will continue to share values of modesty with his allies.

    In the news breaking interview (with MSNBC? NBC?), prime minister to be said that his goal remains to have Palestinian state, but this state would be a terrorist state, so the circumstances have to change. The interviewing women was very charming and did not ask hard follow up questions: what circumstances, when does he thing that they may change, because his Foreign Minister was tossing numbers like “50 years”, and is it not racist to assume that a Palestinian State would be a terrorist state? And he reiterated that USA and Israel share unbreakable bond. That can be interpreted as a confession of love, or as a get refusal (time to hire some resourceful rabbis from New Jersey).

    According to (organ of the top enemy of Netanyahu, Noni Moses, but free online and not as annoying as, say, Times of Israel), Naftali Bennet tries to drive a hard bargain before joining the government, and while he cannot demand many ministerial position, he does demand formal declaration that there will be no Palestinian state (but plenty of new settlements). In my view, Netanyahu is consistent, but I read a title “Netanyahu’s flip flop flip”.

    • Kay24
      March 20, 2015, 6:37 am

      Only someone with arrogance like Beebs, can say one damaging thing, run with it, and later pretend he did not really say it. Despite witnesses and records, he tries to re-write history as he keeps treading on toes and elbowing his way out of it. Only a fool will now believe he is sincere in what he says now, and that he did not really mean he will not give the Palestinians a state to call their own. Only the US Congress and other leaders stand in the way of freedom for the Palestinians. Netanyahu has clearly shown he is simply stringing the world along with false hopes, and it is time he was confronted for the lies. It is time the US works towards helping the Palestinians unlock zionist shackles, we have aided and supported a brutal occupation, and been responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians by handing over the weapons to Israel to kill them.

      • Shingo
        March 20, 2015, 6:43 am

        Only someone with arrogance like Beebs, can say one damaging thing, run with it, and later pretend he did not really say it. Despite witnesses and records, he tries to re-write history as he keeps treading on toes and elbowing his way out of it

        The last person who did that was Dick Cheney, which goes to show that this comes naturally to psychopaths.

      • seafoid
        March 20, 2015, 8:30 am

        Cheney is a grade A son of a bitch as well as a failure

        ” Dick Cheney insists ‘rectal feeding’ was for medical reasons”

        Prisoners were subjected to “rectal feeding” without medical necessity. Recta
        l exams were conducted with “excessive force”. The report highlights one prisoner later diagnosed with anal fissures, chronic hemorrhoids and “symptomatic rectal prolapse”.

        The report mentions mock executions, Russian roulette. US agents threatened to slit the throat of a detainee’s mother, sexually abuse another and threatened prisoners’ children. One prisoner died of hypothermia brought on in part by being forced to sit on a bare concrete floor without pants
        Prisoners were walked around naked or were shackled with their hands above their heads for extended periods of time. About five CIA officers would engage in what is described as a “rough takedown”. A detainee would be shouted at, have his clothes cut off, be secured with tape, hooded and dragged up and down a long corridor while being slapped and punched.

        One CIA cable released in the report reveals that detainee Majid Khan was administered by enema his “‘lunch tray’ consisting of hummus, pasta with sauce, nuts and raisins was ‘pureed and rectally infused’”. One CIA officer’s email was in the report quoted as saying “we used the largest Ewal [sic] tube we had”.
        Rectal feeding is of limited application in actually keeping a person alive or administering nutrients, since the colon and rectum cannot absorb much besides salt, glucose and a few minerals and vitamins. The CIA administered rectal rehydration to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed “without a determination of medical need” and justified “rectal fluid resuscitation” of Abu Zubaydah because he “partially refus[ed] liquids”. Al-Nashiri was given an enema after a brief hunger strike.

        Risks of rectal feeding and rehydration include damage to the rectum and colon, triggering bowels to empty, food rotting inside the recipient’s digestive tract, and an inflamed or prolapsed rectum from carless insertion of the feeding tube. The report found that CIA leadership was notified that rectal exams may have been conducted with “Excessive force”,

        The report suggests Abu Zubaydah was a broken man after his extensive interrogations. In CIA documents he is described as having become so compliant that “when the interrogator raised his eyebrows” he would walk to the “water table” and sit down. The interrogator only had to snap his fingers twice for Abu Zabaydah to lie down, ready for water-boarding, the report says.”

        And Americans wonder why they failed in Iraq and where Daesh came from

      • just
        March 20, 2015, 11:09 am

        The shame can never be erased, John.

      • Kay24
        March 20, 2015, 12:30 pm

        Indeed Cheney is one ruthless and lying SOB, and Netanyahu is so similar in his attitude.

        Maybe all those heart surgeries have resulted in Cheney having no heart, never shows remorse, and does not apologize for killing thousands. Beebs has no heart nor brain.
        They should go to see the Wizard of Oz.

  33. piotr
    March 20, 2015, 8:37 am

    Bibi is actually fairly consistent, he just said magic phrase “Palestinian state”, but he wrapped it in such a way that his dearest friend Naftali Bennet would not be miffed. As far as radical rewrites of her past are concerned, Hillary Rodham Clinton comes to mind. Once, driven by a sisterly impulse, she kissed Ruha Arafat, then she has spent years erasing that dreary episode.

    More recent swerves were following instructions of her boss and requesting freeze of settlement activity, then “never mind”, then sounding outright like a Likudnik in gushing approval of the recent Gaza slaughter. Today NYT has an article “Israeli Election Result Complicates Life for Clinton”. Poor woman wants to win Democratic primary, and the mood toward Israel in the “base” is no longer contained in neutral-to-total-love spectrum. How she will nuance her way out of this morass?

    Final paragraphs from the article: “Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, for example, praised Mr. Netanyahu for defeating “the full force of the Obama political team.”

    And he happily exploited the bind in which Mr. Netanyahu’s rejection of the two-state solution and apparent race-baiting on the campaign trail had put Mrs. Clinton.

    “When it comes to Israel, the time for her to stand up is now,” he said, adding that if Mrs. Clinton disagreed with Mr. Obama’s Iran nuclear negotiations, “she needs to state so clearly and unequivocally right now.”


    This is the art of wedge politics. Push an issue so far to the right to force liberals to wince, and even better, to protest, get accolades from the right wing base while not attracting a strong reaction from the clueless center. You cannot respond to it with an artful nuance, either you manage to change the topic or you have an equally demagogic response. For example, that Republicans would not hesitate to risk WWIII for partisan gain and money from certain casino owners beholden to Communist leaders of China. Or that they abandon principles of American policy that were followed, with a very good reason, by every American president in the last 50 years, both Democrats and Republicans.

    So Clinton can try to pretend to be Elisabeth Warren, “I am an expert of social problems and I can comment only very briefly on foreign issues”, or to out-reptile Republican dinosaurs, or the lay some punches on Republicans to the cheer of the base, while dismaying some donors. Whatever she does, she will bleed.

  34. seafoid
    March 20, 2015, 1:02 pm

    This is a HUGE article.

    Anti BDS activist in the US who says Israel has just stabbed him and his colleagues in the back. Israel is too ugly now to defend.

    The real winner in Israel’s election: BDS

    Netanyahu’s reelection takes away pro-Israel students’ most powerful tool: the existence of a government committed to peace.

    “The situation has gotten so bad, so indefensible, that, over the past year, the pro-Israel community has given up on defending Netanyahu’s policies. Instead, on-campus activism consists of harmless events about Israel’s startup scene or innovative water conservation research. Even “defensive” actions by pro-Israel groups against student government BDS resolutions no longer target the foundation of the BDS movement (that there are human rights violations occurring and that the best way to stop them is to cut ties with those complicit in them), for while they often lack critical context, the citations in the BDS resolutions about Israel’s human rights violations are ironclad. When the pro-Israel camp cannot present an alternative to the cycle of violence, it is very hard to oppose loud, angry students who say they have the answer.
    This week, the Israeli electorate let slip the opportunity to elect someone with any vision or viable alternative to the status quo. Instead, they chose to reelect Bibi and his policies of “managing” the Palestinian issue. Netanyahu’s victory is also a victory for BDS. His anti-Arab, anti-two-state-solution, nationalist coalition will serve as potent propaganda fodder for painting Israel as a racist, colonial power. Students for Justice in Palestine and the BDS movement will undoubtedly continue to gain traction as long as this government as power. What’s more, Netanyahu’s actions will further alienate committed young Jewish pro – Israel supporters, like myself.
    This is not to say that without Netanyahu, Israel would have suddenly cleared its blemishes and secured peace with the Palestinians. I do not trust that the current Palestinian leadership is truly committed to curbing incitement and anti-Semitism, or to giving up their territorial claim for the entire land. But I’d suggest that Israel would have been better off without a prime minister who is actively dedicated to making things worse.
    I am also not naive enough to proclaim that removing Bibi would have stopped anti-Israel sentiments on campus. The American college campus has bred Israel-bashers since Israel’s very inception – much before the occupation, the settler movement or the mistreatment of African migrants. Those extremist elements pose no threat to Israel’s standing in the world. The danger appears when moderate, peace loving liberals, who want to see nothing but justice and peace, are forced to side with the extremists because they see no alternative, given the positions of the Israeli government. ”

  35. just
    March 20, 2015, 1:13 pm

    It is huge.

    Dum da dum dum.

    • just
      March 20, 2015, 2:09 pm

      “The BDS effect: Should Israeli artists hide where they’re from?

      Amid the rise of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, actors, musicians and dancers have to decide if they’re Israeli artists or artists from Israel. Or maybe they’ll hide the fact altogether.

      At the end of last week, singer Asaf Avidan was interviewed by the French newspaper Le Monde. In the south Tel Aviv rehearsal room where the talk took place, one of Avidan’s musicians called him “the only artist who makes me feel proud to be Israeli.”

      Still, Avidan said he didn’t consider himself Israeli. Avidan told the paper that collective fear was the only thing holding the country together.

      “This is Israel — we’re the persecuted people,” he said. “This gets repeated in all our discussions. Because of it I don’t want to live here anymore.”

      Avidan didn’t foresee the storm that would break out on social networks. Yoav Eliasi, the right-wing rapper known as The Shadow, advised Avidan to hire a security guard.

      Singer Achinoam Nini (Noa), who has often criticized the government, told Army Radio it was sad that successful Israelis were repudiating their country. She blamed the Netanyahu government and admitted that she too had problems overseas for being an Israeli.

      Norwegians wanted out

      Ohad Naharin, Batsheva’s artistic director, has said the boycott of his troupe, which receives support from the culture and foreign ministries, is ineffective.

      Batsheva, a high-profile ambassador of Israeli culture overseas, isn’t an exception. The Gesher Theater has put on two plays in Russia over the past year. The performances were well received and Gesher has never hid its Israeli identity, but Gesher people admit there are places they won’t appear out of fear of anti-Israeli demonstrations outside the theater.

      Ilan Ronen, the artistic director of the Habima Theater, is also the president of the Union of the Theaters of Europe. He told Haaretz that a large international project involving Habima was almost blocked when Norway’s national theater wanted to quit, partly in protest of Israeli policies.

      Last August, 25 of the Incubator Theater’s 27 performances planned for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe were canceled due to demonstrations by the BDS movement. Even though counterdemonstrations in support of Israeli artists were held, the city of Edinburgh didn’t let the performances go on in an alternate hall.”

      More @

  36. dgfincham
    March 20, 2015, 3:56 pm

    The two states already exist as legal entities. Both are recognized by a majority of the world’s other states. Israel is a full Member of the UN; Palestine is a non-Member state within the UN. How does the writer imagine that these two entities could become one? He seems to suggest that the answer is for the Palestinians to simply surrender, to dissolve their state, giving up their right to self-determination, and become Israelis.

    I agree that a one-state solution is desirable, but the only way to create it successfully is by a voluntary union between the two existing states. This means that Palestine must first gain its independence. This is not a hopeless prospect by any means: recent events have made it more likely, not less. It needs a demand from the UN that 1. Israel must accept the right of Palestine to exist in peace and security; 2. the blockade of Gaza and occupation of the West Bank must end, with withdrawing Israeli forces being replaced by UN peace-keepers. All this to be backed up by the threat of a Chapter 7 resolution.

    • talknic
      March 21, 2015, 1:30 am

      +1 with a reservation


      On reaching Palestinian independence, there’d be two independent states. Why would there then be a need for a one state solution?

      • dgfincham
        March 21, 2015, 4:29 am

        “Why would there there be a need for a one state solution?”

        Please wait for my promised article on the two-nations-one-state solution.

      • talknic
        March 23, 2015, 7:09 am

        I’m in no doubt of your good intentions :-)

  37. March 22, 2015, 10:45 am

    Halper writes “Netanyahu’s victory marks the end of the two-state solution”.

    This is exactly what right-wing Zionists have been suggesting in private and in public for years. This is what they are hoping for. The end of the two-state solution is the next step in their plan for a greater Israel. Any Jew who writes that “Netanyahu’s victory marks the end of the two-state solution” is often part of the problem. The majority don’t want a solution. They will continue this status quo indefinitely – no two-state solution – no one-state solution – just the same spectacle of abuse. Our goal should be to force Israel into accepting a two-state solution. But we are fighting a US-funded multi-billion dollar cult industry (worse than Scientology) that is based on a barrage of disingenuous AIPAC talking points that the Jewish-controlled media bombard us with daily. The current false propaganda is as follows.
    1. BDS is bad because it is supports a one-state solution that will destroy Israel.
    2. The problem is Obama and the Democrats who want to destroy Israel.
    3. Any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism.
    4. The two-state solution is dead or impossible or too late or over.
    5. Israel (JSIL) is surrounded by enemies who will likely he overrun by ISIL so they cannot think about peace right now.
    6. If you threaten Israel they will defy you and you will regret it.

    Their theme is to keep things as they are for as long as possible and they will find a way to get rid of the Palestinians. Perhaps they will be exterminated or emigrate. I really find no evidence that on average US Jews are any different than Israeli Jews in their attitude towards the Palestinians. For example. in the Israeli press there is a much greater outcry against the settlements and atrocities that in the US press. I have to read Haaretz and the Times of Israel in order to find out what is really happening in Israel. In the US what appears daily in Haaretz can only be found in obscure blogs like Mondoweiss. The US public are kept blissfully unaware by diligent ZIonists. Even partially reformed Zionists like Peter Beinart have to write articles in Haaretz because the facts are not acceptable in the US newspapers. And even Beinart (and JStreet too) oppose BDS for reasons that are irrational in my opinion. People like Walt and Mearsheimer who pointed out the obvious about the Jewish lobby years ago are still trashed by mainstream Jews in the US. Not to mention Max Blumenthal who forewarned us about the recent far right turn in Israeli politics in his magnificent non-fiction book Goliath. Even Alterman in the Nation of all places irrationally trashed Max’s thesis on multiple occasions to the cheers of the Jewish intelligentsia. Unless we all begin to take off the gloves and call a spade a spade, there is really no hope for our campaign. The Israelis and their supporters took off the gloves at least 50 years ago and we are still apologizing for the holocaust which most of us had nothing to do with. It is time to get tough with Israel. Being nice has not had any effect.

    • just
      March 22, 2015, 10:50 am

      Thanks for that.

      I quite agree that:

      “Unless we all begin to take off the gloves and call a spade a spade, there is really no hope for our campaign. The Israelis and their supporters took off the gloves at least 50 years ago and we are still apologizing for the holocaust which most of us had nothing to do with. It is time to get tough with Israel. Being nice has not had any effect.”

      “Being nice” has caused innumerable deaths, maiming, and massive destruction to the Palestinians. “Being nice” has fueled and encouraged the ongoing Nakba.

    • dgfincham
      March 22, 2015, 1:35 pm

      For an understanding of what a Zionist one-state solution would look like, see the website of The Israel Initiative,

      Palestine would be wiped off the map, and the Palestinians would vanish from the pages of time.

      • Bornajoo
        March 22, 2015, 8:23 pm

        “For an understanding of what a Zionist one-state solution would look like, see the website of The Israel Initiative,

        Palestine would be wiped off the map, and the Palestinians would vanish from the pages of time.”

        Thank you for the link David. I just read through it. Yes this is absolutely what a zionist one state solution would look like. Basically it’s annexing the West Bank and expelling the Arab population to Jordan, apparently with a bit of cash to keep them going. Oh how they would love to do this. This is of course the true agenda. A similar rehash of this was being touted by Feiglin recently. How incredibly despicable and disgusting. But hey, why am I surprised!

        This one’s a bit out of date as apparently the only evil force is Iran and Shi’ite Islam and why it’s essential to form a united front against that evil regime. Now they need to rewrite it to take isis and Sunni Islam into account too.

        The truth is they are making life do utterly miserable for the Palestinians that I’m sure many would accept a bit of cash and a chance of a new life. Who wouldn’t want to try and escape such brutal tyranny.

        I have long suspected that expulsions will happen in small segments based on supposed security threats. First we get the propaganda which is already happening (isis = Hamas etc). We will then be told that (to use their word) “nests” of terror cells are operating over certain areas in the wb (all the good areas with lots of water and arable land, coincidentally of course) and we may see some bombs going off in and around the settlements. The military will declare these areas closed military zones for the magic ‘security’ purposes and forcefully evacuate them. Once they have cleared the area they will never allow the residents to return and eventually these areas will be designated as new areas for settlements. They are doing this now but I think it’ll be done on a bigger scale. Eventually the Palestinians would end up on a series of barren and disconnected reservations and they would hope as many as possible take up the offer to leave

        This is what they want to do and this is what they will do one way or another unless they are stopped. The world has to wake up and stop them. Now that Netanyahu is back in power there is more awareness of the real situation and it may no longer suit the American empire to continue to unequivocally support this rogue state

      • bintbiba
        March 22, 2015, 9:17 pm

        Earlier in the evening I took a look at The Israel Initiative…I saw the maps , started to read then chickened out. Looked at the headlines and left it. I had understood what it was about.
        Is there a hope in hell that things can ever get better ?

        Thank you for making the effort of reading the whole thing and posting.

      • dgfincham
        March 23, 2015, 8:26 am

        “Is there a hope in hell that things can ever get better ? ”

        If we believe there is no hope, we will attempt nothing and achieve nothing. Hope is a heavenly virtue. If we embrace hope, then a better future is always a possibility. There are many hopeful signs in the current situation, if we look for them.

      • bintbiba
        March 23, 2015, 8:43 am

        Thank you, DGF for your encouragement.
        I am nearly 80 years old…. and remember ’47-’48 as clearly as I remember what I just had for breakfast. All my adult life, through personal and non personal trials and tribulations, never wavered from believing hope and positive thinking are the basis towards a good life and healthy relationships.
        I am now losing hope by the day as events unfold and the injustices piled on the Palestinian people accumulate with the ever active participation and aid of the US Gov’t and crooked politicians …. how do we push back against such massive Power ?

        But there remains a glimmer of the Hope that refuses to depart …as what is life worth without it !

      • just
        March 23, 2015, 9:14 am


        Things can change, and they change rapidly sometimes. I think that this is one of those times!

        Just look at the headline from yesterday: “Apartheid is no longer verboten word for Israel in ‘NYT’ and ‘CNN’” – See more at:

        Netanyahu and the right- wing extremists in Israel are exposed. Pressure on our governments to finally do the right thing must follow~ it must be unrelenting. BDS, individual and collective voices can and must be raised and heard. We must seize the opportunity and we must make sure that Netanyahu and his electorate are held accountable for their ongoing crimes. Surely we can build on our solidarity with the Palestinian people, and gather more people in the cause for justice, so that our tent is finally too small.

      • Walid
        March 23, 2015, 9:49 am

        “Things can change, and they change rapidly sometimes. I think that this is one of those times! ” (Just)

        yes, just, even here; it wasn’t that long ago that it wasn’t permitted to mention anything about the Zionist declaration of economic war on Nazi Germany of March 15, 1933, which in turn triggered the German reprisal boycott of the Jews’ businesses on Apri 1, 1933. It’s the old story of the chicken or the egg. Same with discussions on Kastner. A refreshing change.

    • bintbiba
      March 23, 2015, 10:21 am

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support for the Palestinian people.
      I appreciate each and every one of your posts,
      and send you warm regards.

      • just
        March 23, 2015, 11:03 am

        I feel the same about you, bintbiba.

        I value so many of the jewels and wisdom that I have found here. I find it especially enriching when I get to hear from Palestinians.

        I also become heartened when I hear from those that have found a new way.

  38. piotr
    March 22, 2015, 8:27 pm

    I think this is a good point:

    But we are fighting a US-funded multi-billion dollar cult industry (worse than Scientology)

    Indeed, for all the prowess of Scientology, the public accepts them only because only few people have an idea what is it about. By the way of contrast, most of the public accepts “the case for Israel”, and part of that public is beyond reach of leftist arguments. In particular, the idea that lesser cultures and races deserve shabby treatment is widely accepted. Large part of pro-Israeli propaganda is about showing that Israeli (Jews) are adorable and Palestinians are despicable.

    In domestic American context this idea (shabby treatment for shabby people) is deeply ingrained, but there are some chinks. For starters, “shabby people” can vote (at least, most of them), and they are not as soundly rejected by the majority as, say, Arab speakers in Israel. If you starkly list acceptable treatments of inconvenient people in USA, the picture is terrifying. However, there seems to be a renewed energy directed toward making those treatments unacceptable.

    This is why rejection of Israeli policies is more important for Americans than rejection of oppressive policies of Chinese government in Tibet. We do not have wide propaganda that lesser people, like Tibetans, deserve everything they are getting, except for subsidized medical care that they receive even though they do not deserve it, propaganda that reinforces the approval of domestic oppression within USA.

    On the topic of domestic oppression, compare two news items. Last week Egyptian police determined that the death of a demonstrator hit by a police bullet was caused by her being underweight, I assume that it was one of so-called “less lethal munitions”. A pleasantly plum lady hit in the stomach with a low-speed and low weight bullet would survive. In Bakersville, Kern county, an unemployed person died shortly after being beaten by eight cops for several minutes, and the autopsy report attributed the cause of death to his heart condition, basically, hypertension shared by most similarly overweight Americans. A lean and fit person would survive the clobbering. So police and security forces should have procedures that would not kill people who are neither underweight nor overweight nor asthmatic etc. This is the standard in Egypt, Israel and USA.

    Of course, the list is longer, “in good mental health, not uppity” etc.

  39. just
    March 23, 2015, 12:28 pm

    “PolitiFact, the Florida-based fact-checking journalism website, has ranked Ron Dermer’s statement Sunday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “didn’t change his position” on a two-state solution as “mostly false.””

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