Israeli police shoot two scissors-wielding Palestinian teenage girls, killing one

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Israeli police in Jerusalem shot two Palestinian teenage girls, killing one and injuring the other, after they attacked a 70-year old Palestinian man with scissors, mistaking him for an Israeli, according to Israeli police.

CCTV footage of the shooting begins with Israeli police chasing the two Palestinian teens, who police say are related. One officer then fires multiple shots at the 16-year as she backed up against a wall out of frame. A second security officer topples the 14-year old with a plastic chair. Once she is on the ground he shoots her.

Police said the unidentified Palestinian man was lightly injured in the head and hand.

Scissors used by a Palestinian teenager in an attack Monday morning in Jerusalem. (Photo: Israeli Police)
Scissors allegedly used by a Palestinian teenager in an attack Monday morning in Jerusalem. (Photo: Israeli Police)

The attack and subsequent shootings took place on Jaffa Street in central Jerusalem, a main shopping boulevard that connects East and West Jerusalem.

Today’s incident follows three separate attacks by Palestinians on Israelis yesterday, in which all three alleged attackers were killed. During one of the attacks in the West Bank settlement of Gush Etzion a Palestinian stabbed and killed a 20-year old Israeli woman. The Gush Etzion municipality announced today that Palestinians will no longer be permitted entry into the settlement, though a number of Palestinians are employed there.

Since October 1, 2015 at least 94 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers and Palestinians killed 17 Israelis in attacks, amid a wave of violence that Israeli police say shows no signs of decreasing.

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That’s what happens when you stab innocent civilians with the aim of killing them. The security forces will neutralize you.

What did they expect would happen?

So sad and disgusting. They were clearly subdued and executed by cowards with guns. I don’t condone what they did because it’s so futile but then again I can’t imagine the pain they live with that compels them to effectively commit suicide

Attacking someone with scissors is an act of injustice for which the perpetrator – if s/he has not been assassinated – must be held accountable.

Summarily executing a scissors-wielding teenage girl is an act of injustice (and cowardice) for which the perpetrator must be held accountable (and shamed).

These daily street executions seem to be part of Israeli policy.Nobody seems to bat an eyelid. F–k International Law. Screw obeying any laws of war .We are the chosen people and because of what the “Europeans” did to us , we can do as we please. I wonder at what… Read more »

@amigo “I wonder at what point the chosen people will call for an end to this” Unfortunately Nitay and his cohorts through their election gambit to bring on board the far right and their subsequent rhetoric have already brought the” chosen” people beyond the” point ” of no return. You… Read more »