Viral video says BDS supporters want to shoot the bible and Dannon yogurt

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It’s no wonder this video is going viral today; it is bonkers, a desperate effort by Israel supporters to neutralize the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS).

"BDS or the Bible"
“BDS or the Bible”

Wyatt, a “passionate and impulsive” young Christian man living in Mississippi, is so taken in by BDS’s message that Israel oppresses Palestinians, that he takes all his possessions goods supposedly made possible by Israeli invention and shoots them with a .22 rifle behind the house. Then his pro-Israel friend drives up and asks him what he is doing. Wyatt explains:

“Israel is occupying the West Bank and Gaza which in reality is the Palestinian’s homeland. And not just that the Palestinians living there are being oppressed by Israel so I wanted to do something about it and so I found out about this whole BDS movement and to make sure I am not supporting Israel I am getting rid of anything that has anything to do with being made or invented in Israel or just any company that supports it.”

His friend asks “Wyatt, you’re a Christian, right?” And then brings him to his senses by putting a bible on the wooden pallet and shouldering the gun. “What are you doing?” Wyatt asks.

“Shooting the bible, it was made in Israel…….If you really want to boycott Israel then getting rid of your bible and rejecting God would be a great place to start.”

As for the “so called Palestinian plight,” the friend advises Wyatt:

“Most Palestinians are not oppressed. The ones that are its from their own government, not Israel…Israel provides jobs…You should check your facts and get your story straight before you take such drastic measures again, it’s a dangerous thing to do — boycotting God, and the bible.

Did you get that? Boycotting Israel is boycotting God! Absurdly titled “BDS or the Bible”, the video is featured on the Israel Video Network (IVN), a website devoted to impacting Israel’s image on social media, which promotes the video with the wishful-thinking headline “The video that literally just blew the BDS movement to smithereens!”

Screenshot: Dannon yogurt right before it gets blown away, in "BDS or the Bible"
Product placement: Dannon yogurt right before it gets blown away, in “BDS or the Bible”
Screenshot: Continuity alert, computer screen blows up instead of yogurt container
Screenshot: Continuity alert, computer screen blows up instead of yogurt container in “BDS and the Bible”

IVN is hosting an “Inspired by Israel” video competition, sponsored by right-wing pro-Israel philanthropist Adam Milstein (busted for denying he was funding pro Israel candidates for student government at UCLA, to combat swelling support for BDS). The video offers viewers an opportunity to vote on it:


From IVN’s about page:

“When the State of Israel is being slandered, Israel Video Network steps up to the plate to promote videos to help people understand the truth about what is really going on.”

Except the truth is, boycotting Israel is not boycotting God.

Screenshot: Wyatt with firearm in "BDS or the Bible"
Screenshot: Wyatt with firearm in “BDS or the Bible”
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“Boycotting Israel is boycotting God!”

Can’t top that.

i would have been more impressed if the yogurt had gotten splashed all over the place. what a cop out using the edit of the computer screen twice instead! plus, the scene afterwards shows no evidence of blown up yogurt. who was the director of continuity on this video? lol, sorry just had to say that. do they really think they can so easily contort israel into being god. talk about stretching reality for your… Read more »

His pro-Israel friend should take a stroll down to Bethlehem and speak to the Palestinian Christians living there and who support the boycott. Would blow his mind.

Every good fable needs a moral. This one seems to have two:
1. If you don’t like something, shoot it.
2. Israel invented God.

What’d Trump say about this?