‘A nation with a special purpose’– Rubio gives 2-1/2 minutes to Israel in stump speech

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Senator Marco Rubio is the favorite of Republican Israel-supporters in the GOP race; and what follows are the two-and-a-half minutes in his Florida stump speech devoted to Israel. He gave this speech at The Villages, Florida, yesterday.

We need to be an ally again to our allies. Look what’s happened with Israel. OK, look, first of all I believe Israel is a nation with a special purpose. It was founded as a homeland for the Jewish people after the Holocaust, so that never again would there not be a place for Jewish people to live in peace. It’s a Jewish state.

But I also believe that geopolitically it makes sense to be Israel’s ally. Why? Because while the Middle East is the most unstable region in the world, there is one, pro-American free enterprise democracy in the Middle East, the state of Israel. [Applause]

Well today we have a president that treats the state of Israel and its prime minister with less respect than what he gives the ayatollah of Iran. That’s why the other day at the debate when the issue came up and Donald Trump said I want to be neutral because I wants to work out a deal between the Palestinians and the Israelis and the Palestinians. I don’t know if he realizes this or not. I don’t think if he’s instinctively anti-Israel but his policy is an anti-Israel policy. How you gonna work out a deal with the Palestinian Authority, who teaches four-year-old kids that it is a glorious thing to kill Jews. How are you going to reach peace agreement with a Palestinian Authority whose press releases in English condemn some of this violence– kind of a little bit– but then in Arabic they’re like celebrating these people as great martyrs– as great martyrs they have done a great thing– encouraging people and inciting them to violence?

Guys I wish it was possible, but there isn’t– when you force Israel into a negotiation that has no chance of achieving peace, then you are weakening Israel. Donald Trump may not take a side, but I’m going to take a side, I’m going to be on Israel’s side when I’m president of the United States. And the world is going to know we’re on Israel’s side my first very first day in office. Because after I’m done repealing all of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, the next thing I’m going to do is repeal Barack Obama’s deal with Iran, I’m going to cancel it.

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Does this earn him votes? or cost him votes? Tomorrow will tell.

Rubio can’t even prevail in his own state, and he is hopelessly out of touch: it is not the PA teaching 4 year-olds to kill Jews; as the IDF recently revealed infants in their cradles are being presented with cuddly toys comprising stone-throwing kits.

Rubio has no pride. I am embarrassed for him.

“[Israel] was founded as a homeland for the Jewish people after the Holocaust, so that never again would there not be a place for Jewish people to live in peace.” – Marco Rubio Rubio omits SO much. Israel has been a perpetual war zone since its founding. This makes sense when one considers that war is one of its main profit centers. http://mondoweiss.net/2015/10/because-global-supplier/ It also fits the view that the “War on Terror” is another… Read more »

RE: “We need to be an ally again to our allies.” ~ Marco Rubio

MY COMMENT: Marco Rubio saying that “[W]e need to be an ally again to our allies” is the most stunningly brilliant thing said in a Presidential campaign since the Republican Party claimed in 1928 that if Herbert Hoover won there would be “a chicken in every pot”.

I’m so proud to have Marco Rubio as ‘My Guy’! ! !