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Introducing Mondoweiss In Print: ‘The World the Settlers Made’

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Cover of “The World the Settlers Made”

“I learned more about Israel in these five days in Palestine than in any other trips I’ve made.”

Mondoweiss is excited to share our first foray into the world of print, Phil Weiss’s reportage from Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

“The World the Settlers Made” tells the story of five days in January 2016 that Phil Weiss spent immersed in the world of Israeli settlers. The experience gave him a vivid, immediate experience of their daily lives, and a greater understanding of their worldview. His writing here undertakes to convey to the rest of us the blinders—and the insights—of those he visited.

“The World the Settlers Made” includes 21 pages of Phil’s reports from the occupied territories, along with exclusive new material and original photography.

This book is now available for sale, and is an exciting extension of Mondoweiss’s thought-provoking and unique reporting. We hope to expand this line by publishing future collections of Mondoweiss highlights to bring our work to a wider audience.  

For orders of 20 or more copies use the discount code “bulkorder” for a 15% discount. Orders will ship via USPS within 5 business days.

Order “The World the Settlers Made” here:

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I would be interested in this book for sure. Can I make a suggestion though? How about offering it for free for site donations of (say) 40/50 dollars or more?

I am really looking forward to reading this. Hope you sell millions of them but one for every illegal settler would be a good start.

Hopefully mine makes it to the republic of Ireland before we get the North back.

Order placed. :-)

I love my copy! it’s so awesome and it’s on my coffee table in the middle of my living room. ;)

I was getting ready to give you my 6$, until I noticed that there was no Kindle or eBook (pdf) option.

Wake me up when you adjust to the 21st century please.