‘NYT’ manages to make childhood detention story work for Israel

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We often say that the New York Times is in the hasbara business, explaining away Israeli human rights abuses. And today we’ve got them redhanded. Bear with me a minute.

The Times has an article about a girl released from Israeli detention after more than two months. “Israel Frees Palestinian Girl, 12, Who Tried to Stab Guard” is the headline; and Diaa Hadid writes in the lead:

The Israeli prison service on Sunday released the youngest known Palestinian inmate, a 12-year-old girl who had tried to stab a security guard at a Jewish settlement…

While eagerly eating her first ice cream cone in months, Dima [al-Wawi] said she intended to kill the security guard on Feb. 9 but was quickly apprehended.

Wait did she try or did she intend? What’s the evidence?

The Telegraph reports she “confessed to intending to stab a Jew with a knife.” Even the Times of Israel says she was “planning” to stab:

12-year-old Palestinian girl who confessed to planning to carry out a stabbing attack was released Sunday from Israeli prison, according to Palestinian media reports.

+972 says she had a knife on her and surrendered it.

Al-Wawi was arrested 75 days earlier at the entrance to the Israeli settlement of Karmei Tzur near Hebron for being in possession of a knife. She surrendered the knife to a security guard at the entrance of the settlement and was arrested without incident.

She was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment as part of a plea deal in which she was convicted of attempted manslaughter.

The Palestine Chronicle has a similar account:

Al-Wawi was detained on Feb. 9 and sentenced in an Israeli military court on Feb. 18 for attempted voluntary manslaughter and the illegal possession of a knife, after she allegedly went to the illegal Karmei Tzur settlement with the intention of stabbing settlers.

Her detention was caught on tape and broadcast by Israeli Channel 1, where the girl is recorded admitting her intention to carry out a stabbing attack.

Something else. If you read through the Times article on Dima al-Wawi, you come to this in the eight and ninth paragraphs.

There were 422 Palestinian minors in Israeli jails in December, according to Defense of Children International-Palestine, which works to help incarcerated Palestinian minors. The group said that figure was the most recent one from Israel’s prison service.

About 100 of the minors were under 15, and most were boys, the group reported. By comparison, 195 minors were incarcerated in December 2012, the group said.

That’s certainly news today. The new report out on Israel’s practice of detaining Palestinian children without charges, from Defense for Children International. Al Jazeera has the story, by Jonathan Cook:

Rise in Palestinian children held by Israel ‘alarming’
Between 500 and 700 Palestinian children are prosecuted in Israel’s military courts each year, says rights group.

Oh and here is the lead of the Telegraph story, which manages to get both angles of today’s news. The article is titled, “Israel releases youngest prisoner, 12, but increasing number of children jailed”:

The number of Palestinian children held in Israeli prisons has soared over the past six months, including a growing number of girls, as a wave of stabbings, car-rammings and gun attacks by Palestinian militants has swept the country.

There were 438 Palestinian minors imprisoned for security-related offences in February 2016, up from 170 last September, according to Israel Prison Service figures quoted by Israeli daily Haaretz.

When’s that going to be the lead in the Times?

Thanks to Yakov Hirsch.

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They will be taught how to lower their eyes when in the company of their betters.They will be beaten until they learn to love Israel,s Ubermenschen. All thoughts of ever gaining freedom will be erased , (beaten ) from their minds and their will to seek justice will be snuffed… Read more »

@amigo I think you are being a tad cynical and flirting with anti – semitic tropes when talking about these Jewish Settler mommas in Hebron. All they are doing is encouraging their children to recycle. Remember that the Jewish State in the Levant is not only the most democratic country… Read more »

“12-year-old girl who had tried to stab a security guard at a Jewish settlement” I can’t recall where I saw it but someone suggested that some of these kids are carrying knives for protection FROM settlers and their security guards. A lot of these children have to walk to school… Read more »

Diaa Hadid must be a Zionist. Lol.

@amigo Speaking of muddying the water do you know if there is any truth in the rumour that JSIL has developed miniaturized domestic “skunk water ” cannon kits for free distribution to the OT “settlers” with the first batch being delivered soon to the terrified besieged Jewish population in Hebron.… Read more »