Why I use the triple parentheses on my byline

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Here’s why I use the triple parentheses on my byline.

The anti-Semitic “alt-right” started by putting triple parentheses around the names of Jewish newsmakers or reporters, which is they intended as a sinister and ominous signal. There is still genuine anti-Semitism out there that has nothing to do with the Israeli occupation, and I oppose it.

To fight this real anti-Semitism, quite a number of people on-line, many of us not Jewish, started using the triple parentheses ourselves. One of our models is how Danish people reacted when the Nazi occupiers ordered Jewish Danes to wear the yellow star. Everyone in Denmark put the star on — including the king.

It is powerful to see others using the triple parentheses today, including people like the  great Yousef Munayyer, who are also committed to human rights for Palestinian people and an end to the occupation.

I know that some of the people using the triple parentheses are hypocrites, and I don’t care.

I think it’s important to remind people that real anti-Semitism does still exist, but that it has nothing to do with Israel’s criminal behavior in Palestine.

What’s more, the anti-Semites who started this are burrowing into the Trump movement, and they must be exposed and squashed.

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Hi James,

is the use of triple parentheses just for newsmakers and reporters or can we all use it?

I understand that no order to wear a yellow star was ever issued in Denmark, though King Christian did write in his diary that all should wear it if necessary.

Noble sentiment (sincerely). Equally sincerely, is there a way to similarly diffuse/defuze anti-Palestinian bigots? It’s hard for me to adopt this when (((Jeffrey Goldberg))), who doesn’t give the tiniest hoot about bigoted treatment of Palestinians, uses it to highlight his own victimhood. When you, (((James North))) adopt it, it means something important. How do I merge the two intents? Jonathon Ofir just wrote about this victim tautology today: “Condemn! Condemn!, http://mondoweiss.net/2016/06/condemn-condemn/ Mr. Ofir’s summary of… Read more »

After perusing recent “antisemitic” incidents perpetrated by “Jews”, I suspect the (((Jewish))) app was created by Zios to distract from atrocities committed by Zios in Israeli-controlled Palestine.

I would not put ((()))s around my name if you paid me, and I believe Yonatan Falic is sufficiently Israeli to declare my identity and heritage.

Parenthesis are as empty as the ‘je suis ……’ campaignes. go ahead and knock yourself out if it makes you feel so proud of your zionist-hating stance. You can use all the justification you can muster to convince anybody you don’t have a ‘jewish’ problem