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Check out the new Mondoweiss t-shirts

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Finally, you can let everyone know you are a Mondoweiss reader no matter where you go!

Many people are excited about the 100% cotton shirt celebrating the BDS movement designed by Mondoweiss illustrator Katie Miranda–it has different cartoons on the front and back, and is available in white or charcoal gray.

Those who prefer a more subtle expression of their values are showing off the simple navy shirt featuring the Mondoweiss logo, web address and tagline “News & Opinion About Palestine, Israel & the United States.” This one is a slightly lighter cloth, 50-50 poly/cotton, and the women’s sizes are cut with a slightly tapered waist, shaped sleeves and overall a style often described as “feminine.” If you prefer a more standard T-shirt style, simply order the men’s shirt.

Get your t-shirt now! Pre-sales at recent conferences were brisk, and we have a limited inventory – so order soon to be sure you’ll get yours without having to wait for us to restock.

The new Mondoweiss BDS t-shirt, front and back, modeled by Nadya Raja Tannous, Mondoweiss contributor and Education and Advocacy Coordinator at Interfaith Peace Builders



Whichever shirt you choose, you will be letting people know you support the movement for Palestinian rights and appreciate news and analysis unavailable through the mainstream media. And you’ll have the chance to tell them why, when they ask about your striking fashion sense!

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I have two old blue ones. Since I got them, years ago, only one person ever asked me about them–a cashier at Winn-Dixie. These new ones certainly are more striking; I’m sure anyone wearing one will get more comments, hence more dialogue. But I think I am too old to wear one of the new ones–I don’t wear consumer branding clothing generally; my old Mondoweiss blue T shirts are the sole exception. How do others… Read more »

I guess nobody gives a shit.

Being an old geezer, I tuck my T shirt in. With this design, if tucked in the only thing visible is BDS at my tummy level. Oh, ok, I suppose I can leave it untucked. More important, I see no link to place an order either here on the site on in the email notification I received.

> Citizen
I guess nobody gives a shit.
I give a shit, but figure it’s worth leaving my principles at the door for this t-shirt.

> Clif Brown
I see no link to place an order …
Click on «Add to cart».
All will be revealed.

but Muslims have to be careful what we wear, the world is blurred a black Caribbean Muslim called Rory Macleod is sponsored by ISIS, we have to watch what we wear.