July 2017


“Alaa,” a journalist in the West Bank who asked us not to use her real name for fear it could lead to reprisals from Israeli authorities, explains Israel’s efforts to control reporting using legal requirements, surveillance, and censorship: “I think that when you’re far from Israel/Palestine it can be easy to forget how far the invasion and destruction of basic, fundamental rights has gone. I am grateful every day that Mondoweiss continues to spread the news about human rights violations in Israel/Palestine. The name you chose for the current campaign rings very true to me. ‘They fear the truth–we report it.’ I urge those who value the truth to contribute so we can keep defying censorship and awakening the world to injustice.”

Palestinian Authority has reportedly resumed issuing exit permits for critical patients to leave the Gaza Strip for treatment in Israel, after Israel denied responsibility for the deaths of three babies in the Gaza Strip, saying it never received applications to bring them to Israel for medical care.

Nada Elia writes about the Chicago Dyke March, “In the aftermath of the ‘controversy,’ Jewish-identified organizations who participated in the march, such as Jewish Voice for Peace and Not In Our Name, also asserted they did not experience any hostility, and have issued statements in support of the march, and of the Dyke March Collective’s decision to expel the three provocateurs. JVP went further, by posting a video denouncing A Wider Bridge’s longstanding role in pinkwashing, the Israeli government-sponsored propaganda campaign to distract from Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights by focusing instead on Israel’s alleged gay-friendly policies. As Palestinian activist in the LGBTQ community Izzadine Mustafa stated in a Facebook post, ‘Their racist ideology does nothing but justify the oppression of my people. They claim to be a wider bridge, but in fact create a wider wall which divides and tricks Queer folks into supporting a racist criminal entity.’”