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Israelis erect new military observation tower in Area A in occupied West Bank

Land surveyor Abdulhadi Hantash reports news about the illegal Israeli occupation of Kharsa, near Dura inside Area A of the West Bank. Area A is supposed to be entirely administered by the Palestinian Authority under the Oslo Accords. 
The Israeli occupation authorities issued a Military Order No. 22/17 /M D dated 7/7/2017 establishing a military observation tower on the triangle of Kharsa village south of Dura. I would like to clarify the following:
1. The location of the tower is Area A of Palestinian sovereignty in full.
2. The site is within the boundaries of Dura Municipality and its sovereignty.
3. The street called 3265 [shown on map] allows Israelis to pass through it only, and they are not entitled to stand on this street, nor is it permissible for any Israeli patrol to operate the planks, whether blue or red, on top of the vehicles of the occupation army.

Map of Dura area that is part of Israeli military order. You can see site of Israeli tower (green dot on Road 3265 intersection) on entrance to Khursa. Annotations are by Abdulhadi Hantash.

4. Israelis and Israeli soldiers are not allowed to walk on this street through foot patrols.
5. Israelis are not entitled to hot pursuit on this street even if they are shot.
6. This tower and this military order is a clear violation of the agreements between the occupation and the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinians resist the latest Israeli confiscation of land, inside Area A. They sit on a street in Dura at the entrance of Khursa village.

Israeli occupation forces confront Palestinians. 

Israeli forces cordon off area for new tower.

The consequences of this military order:

1. Put 4 gates or closures on this junction.
2. The area adjacent to the city of Dura is completely separated and includes all the western villages such as: Ayyoun Abu Saif, Wadi Obaid, Khirbet Salama, Fakees, Beit Awwa, Deir Samet, Sikka, Tawas, Majd, Deir Al Assal, Tahta, Al-Tahta – Beit Al-Roush Al-Fawqa – Beit Marsam – Al Borg – Al Bireh.
3 – Separation of the southern villages from Dura and these villages are: Kharsa – Abda – Surra – Marish – Alaqa Fawqa – Alaqa Tahta , Karza – Abu Al ghuzlan  – Abu Alasja ,Raboud – Abu Ghazlan –  Duma – Dhahiriyah.
4. Separation of the eastern Region: Taraamah – Deir Razih – Karma – Hadeb – Fawwar.
5. Separation of the northern region: the city of Dura – and all the surrounding villages.
Yesterday, the military tower was erected in three parts. The area was declared a closed military zone for 24 hours and workers in the area were prevented from working or being in the area. The occupation forces will put cameras and other monitoring devices there.  The occupation forces will stop vehicles from all directions at this junction, and cite and possibly arrest drivers for violations.  They have already begun stopping all vehicles that pass through this area, taking the passengers out of the cars to check their identities.  One youth has already been arrested.

Israeli tent used to shelter occupying forces to prevent resistance to new military tower, in Dura in Area A in occupied West Bank.

According to the military order, the Israeli occupation authorities gave the owners of the land 30 days to object to this decision.  However, the occupation authorities did not honor this period and instead imposed facts on this land before the expiration of the deadline, or even waiting for the decision of the court.  Such early action makes all objection by the owners of the land futile. This is against the law and international law.  This theft is not the first time that the law has been breached this way.  The time citizens* are supposedly given to object is only a show for the media, so the occupation can pretend to be a state of law.
With my respect,
Abdulhadi Hantash
*Hantash calls the people of Palestine “citizens,” though citizenship is precisely what Israel illegally denies all the Palestinian people it rules in the occupied lands–despite the 11.29.12 United Nations Resolution 67/19  granting Palestine the status of a sovereign non-member observer state.
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Abdulhadi Hantash

Abdulhadi Hantash is a land surveyor and cartographer for the Palestinian Authority.

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7 Responses

  1. JosephA on August 9, 2017, 6:52 pm

    Yet another sad day in Palestine, where all law (international or otherwise) is disregarded.

  2. Mayhem on August 10, 2017, 9:44 am

    The Israel Defense Forces abolished the prohibition against entering Area A during Operation Defensive Shield in 2002 and enters the area regularly, mostly at night, to conduct raids to arrest suspected militants. Whilst Area A is used as a launching pad for terrorist operations against Israel then Israel is entitled to conduct operations there to protect its citizens from attack.

    • John O on August 10, 2017, 10:22 am

      Funny. The British never felt entitled to invade the territory of the Republic of Ireland during the Troubles. And they reached a pretty solid peace agreement in under 30 years.

      • Mayhem on August 13, 2017, 1:49 am

        @John O, you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.
        1969: British troops sent into Northern Ireland

      • Bumblebye on August 13, 2017, 3:20 pm

        Dim bulb, Mayhem dearie, I know you see everything upsidedown from your down under homeland, but Northern Ireland = Ulster, which is NOT the Republic of Ireland.

      • Mayhem on August 24, 2017, 8:52 am

        @Bumblebye, you’ve got the wrong man. The dim bulb is your partner in contempt for Israel JohnO who didn’t get it right. Britain has had no reason to invade the Republic of Ireland – that’s not where the troubles were. Britain did send troops into Northern Ireland as we know and those incursions to keep the order and maintain security parallel what Israel has to keep doing.

      • amigo on August 24, 2017, 3:23 pm

        Mayhem , why do you keep trying to prove you are a dim wit.We already know it.

        “Britain has had no reason to invade the Republic of Ireland – that’s not where the troubles were.”Mayhem.

        Listen me boyo,

        During the so called Troubles IRA operatives /resistance fighters used to pop over the border into , Occupied Northern Ireland. ( This was pre good Friday agreement and the changes made to our Constitution regarding our claim to Northern Ireland ) and carry out acts of resistance –ie kill some British soldiers (agents of the Occupation )and then hightail it back to the Republic.Others , we shall call Terrorists carried out terrorist acts –Ie planted bombs in civilian areas in the North and similarly went back to the South.

        Conversely , Unionist Terrorists on several occasions came across the border and planted bombs in the republic and High tailed it back to Occupied Northern Ireland , where very few , if any were ever charged with their crimes.Now why does that sound familiar ??.

        So you see mayhem me boyo , by your logic , both the authorities in N,I, and the Republic had a right to breach each others territories in ensuring the safety of their respective citizens.

        But of course , saner minds prevailed , unlike in Israel –sans frontiere–which is ruled by madmen and women.

        Crawl back into your zionist lair Mayhem.You are full of s–t and are talking above your pay grade.

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