Trump’s speech on Iran deal is an orgy for Israel and its US friends

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If nothing comes of it, as is likely, I still don’t see a “silver lining” anywhere. This is bad, really bad, and not just for Iran. Trump, at the UNGA, of all places, has openly threatened to completely destroy NK even though they do have nuclear weapons already. The old argument for nuclear weapons as a means of self-defence against a US attack/regime change operation is thus no longer valid. The US is now apparently… Read more »

I spent two weeks in Iran – it’s not a scary place!

one more thing: as usual, the focus is on Israel as dog-wagging tail, ignoring the other long-time ally of the US next door, an ally who gets away with running a medieval dictatorship, being the major sponsor of terrorism in the ME, both threatening and launching genocidal attacks on Shiites etc etc, all with full US military and diplomatic support. The Saudis want Damascus, the Israelis the Golan Heights, that’s one main reason why Assad… Read more »

“The lobby’s friends in the Senate are very happy. Tom Cotton wants regime change.”

I think Cotton was the last person Trump consulted before the day he announced his decision on the Iran Deal. It’s a common theme in the main media news pundit arena that Trump always goes with the last person he consulted on any issue. I’m sure they didn’t chat about the Nakba.

It’s hard to see how Bibi and his Congress could win their battle to nix the Iran deal. The point is that the JCPOA is not only a P5+1 deal with Iran, but also binding international law codified in UN security council resolution 2231. So, to nix the Iran deal in a lawful way, Bibi and his Congress basically need a new UN security council resolution nixing it. It means Bibi and his Congress need… Read more »