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Israeli rabbis at military prep school are caught on video praising Hitler

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Yesterday, Israeli Channel 13 aired video recordings by rabbi educators at the state-sponsored military prep-academy Bnei David in the West Bank settlement of Eli. The rabbis hail Hitler’s Nazi racist ideology as “100% correct,” only criticizing it for not being applied to the right people – that is, the Jews should be the master-race, and non-Jews the ‘untermenschen’.

The statements are jaw-droppers. The full coverage with subtitles can be seen in a video prepared by journalist David Sheen.

These educators send young men to the army, and have been advocating these ideas for years. They have close ties to lawmakers, specifically to Rabbi Rafi Peretz, now head of the Union of Right Wing Parties, the notorious merger with the Kahanist party Jewish Power, who is now the leading candidate for Minister of Education. The academy is also tied to a Yeshiva, to which many students come after their military service.

Slavery should return

It starts out with Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel, who bemoans that slavery has been abolished:

Abolishing legal slavery has created deficiencies. No one is responsible for that property. With God’s help it will return. The goyim (non-Jews) will want to be our slaves. Being a slave of the Jews is the best. They must be slaves, they want to be slaves. Instead of just wandering the streets, being foolish and harming each other, now he’s a slave, now his life is beginning to come into order.

The ‘goyim’ in this context is to be understood as Palestinians.

He says it’s because they have “genetic problems”, and posits that they want to be under occupation:

There are around us people with genetic problems. Ask any average Arab where he wants to be. He wants to be under occupation. Why? Because they have genetic problems, they don’t know how to run a country, they don’t know how to do anything – look at the state of them.

Yes, we are racists

“Of course there is racism”, Kashtiel continues.

Are we unaware that there are different races? Is it a secret? Is it untrue? What can you do? It’s true. Yes, we are racists, we believe in racism.

Kashtiel suggests that because Jews are a superior race, they can “help” the inferior ones:

Correct, there are races in the world, nations have genetic characteristics, so we [the Jews] must consider how to help them. Racial differences are real, and that’s precisely a reason to offer help.

A student asks the rabbi: “Who put you to decide who is who?”


I can see that my accomplishments are much more impressive than his.

The Holocaust is humanism and pluralism

Another rabbi, Giora Radler, says that the Holocaust is not what you think, it’s not about killing Jews. It is humanism and pluralism that is killing us for real:

The Holocaust for real is not about the killing of Jews – that’s not the Holocaust. All of these excuses claiming that it was based on ideology or that it was systematic, this is ridiculous. Because it was based on ideology, to a certain extent, makes it more moral than if people murdered people for no reason. Humanism, all the secular culture about us believing in the human, that’s the Holocaust. The Holocaust, for real, is being pluralist, believing in “I believe in the human”. That’s what’s called a Holocaust. The Lord (blessed be his name) is already shouting for many years that the [Jewish] exile is over, but people don’t listen to him, and that is their disease, a disease which needs to be cured by the Holocaust.

In other words, the Holocaust was there to teach Jews a lesson – drop pluralism, isolate yourself in the Jewish State and let go of the diaspora “illness”.

These remarks were made in a lesson titled “relating to the Holocaust”.

The Nazi logic was right


The Nazi logic was right unto themselves. Hitler says that a certain group in society is the seed of all calamity for all humanity, that because of it all of mankind will go to oblivion, that they harm humanity, and therefore must be exterminated.

Radler asks a student: “Does this ideology sound illogical to you? Very bad?”

Student answers: “It doesn’t sound moral.”

Radler: “Was Moses as bad as Hitler?”

Student: “No.”


Why not? There is one thing in the world that is truly evil and that is to be a hypocrite. Does it make a difference to you if they killed you now with a knife the way they did to Agag [the Amalekite king whom the prophet Samuel ‘hacked in pieces’] or if they kill you in a gas chamber?

Hitler was right, “100% correct”

Radler goes on to speak about Hitler, and now adds that the disease is not just pluralism and humanism, but also feminism, and that Hitler was absolutely right:

“Let’s start with the question whether Hitler was right or not”.

Student: “Not”.


[Hitler] is the most righteous person. Of course he is right in every word he utters. In his ideology he is right. There is a male world which fights, which deals with honor and the brotherhood of soldiers. And there is the soft, ethical feminine world [which speaks of] ‘turning the other cheek’. ‘And we [Nazis] believe that the Jews carry on this heritage, trying, in our words, to spoil the whole of humanity, and that’s why they are the real enemy.’ Now, he [Hitler] is 100% correct, aside from the fact that he was on the wrong side.

So here, Radler was emulating Hitler, mouthing Nazi arguments approvingly. The only fault of the Nazis, per Radler, was that they didn’t know who the real master race was, and who the real ‘untermenschen’ were. The Nazis couldn’t be right, because only Jews could be the superior ones. But if Jews now apply this race theory and ideology currently – that is, essentially upon Palestinians, then they would really be “100% correct” – maybe even “101%”, because they got it even more right than Hitler.


This is a big mouthful. Real Judeo-Nazism.

The rabbis were contacted for response and tried to whitewash the whole thing as a misunderstanding.

Rabbi Kashtiel said that he was “sorry and at pain that a class on human rights got the opposite exposure to what it means, a modern-socialist understanding of slavery.”

Rabbi Radler said that his words were “taken out of context” and that the lesson about the Holocaust “seeks to explain the sick logic of Hitler as well as the reasons and motives for the Holocaust”.

Israeli-Palestinian lawmaker Ahmad Tibi responded to the airing: “In German it would have sounded more authentic”.

Of course, Zionist Israeli politicians were also alarmed. Centrist lawmaker Yair Lapid wrote on Twitter:

This is not Judaism. These are not values. People who speak like this are not worthy of educating youths.

Lapid called for halting the state financing of the Yeshiva “until the racist rabbis are expelled.” But there’s a problem here, because Lapid’s own ideology is about “maximum Jews on maximum land with maximum security and with minimum Palestinians”, and although Lapid points out now that “secular people established Israel”, really, his religion is the ultra-nationalist Zionism, and he is just a slightly prettier face of that Judeo-Nazism we see emanating from Bnei David.

Leftist Meretz leader Tamar Zandberg:

The Eli academy should have been closed long ago, and whoever let the chauvinism, homophobia and all the rest of the hate which comes out of there to continue the madness, should not be surprised by the horrible expressions which came out of there today.

Zandberg said she applied to the education ministry to stop funding the academy.

But the Eli Yeshiva and academy are now closely tied with the government. It was the Yeshiva head rabbi Eli Sadan, who campaigned for Rafi Peretz to become head of the Union of Right Wing Parties, now the top candidate for Minister of Education. Peretz was allowed to speak to the students there before the elections, even as Naftali Bennett (who until now has been Minister of Education) and Prime Minister Netanyahu were refused.

In other words, there is a whole political reality that is even more radical than both Netanyahu and even Bennett, who was considered extreme-right, one that really does speak of Jewish power, in an overtly fascist, literally Nazi, vein. And this ideology is poised to gain a central place in the Israeli government.

Not a slip of the tongue

As the Channel 13 coverage also notes, what we have heard here is no slip of the tongue:

“These statements have been repeated again for years at Bnei David. Not a slip of the tongue, but a set agenda.”

And Bnei David is not an isolated island. A similar story of a genocidal educator of security forces is rabbi Dov Lior from the settlement Kiryat Arba, who endorsed the book Torat Hamelech (‘King’s Torah’) of 2009, which advocates the killing of non-Jewish babies since “it is clear they will grow to harm us”. Lior has been teaching police forces in a special program for religious recruits called ‘Believers in the Police’. The authors of the book, by the way, are from the Od Yosef Chai Yesiva in the settlement of Yitzhar, a Yeshiva that received funds from Jared Kushner’s family’s foundation until 2011. Views of the Holocaust as a divine punishment for sinners have been expressed by the former chief Sephardic rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who also believed that the purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews, and he likened non-Jews to donkeys.

It is possible that the above mentioned airing of shocking views may cause a certain temporary and local stir, but this ideology is deeply embedded, and now an integral part of a central Israeli political reality. It is clear that the rabbis treat this attention as a nuisance by liberals who have no understanding, and it is likely that they will regard this as an unfortunate ‘Azarya’ – like the soldier medic who was filmed murdering an incapacitated Palestinian at point blank range three years ago and had to spend some months in prison. The problem for Azarya’s supporters wasn’t the murder – but the video. And so these people may find ways to crawl out of this debacle, but they will continue believing in the righteousness of their Jewish supremacy.

H/t Ofer Neiman, Richard Silverstein, David Sheen

Jonathan Ofir

Israeli musician, conductor and blogger / writer based in Denmark.

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20 Responses

  1. eljay on April 30, 2019, 2:52 pm

    Jewish supremacists (Zionists) seem right at home splashing around in the muck at the bottom of the morality barrel.

    (“Liberal Zionists” shake their heads and whisper, Hey, guys, we’re in this muck together so could we please just keep the splashing to a minimum?)

    • Misterioso on May 1, 2019, 10:02 am

      No surprise. Fascism and racism are and have always been rampant within the ranks of Zionist Rabbis and Israeli politicians.

      To wit:

      Rabbi Perin, in an eulogy for mass murderer, Baruch Goldstein, in 1994: ‘One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.’ (New York Times, Feb. 28, 1994)

      In April, 2001, during his Passover sermon, Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, the spiritual leader of the Shas party and former Israeli Chief Rabbi, described the Arabs as ‘serpents’ and in his Passover sermon, he stated that ‘the Lord shall waste their seed, devastate them and vanish them from this world. It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable.’

      Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir declared during an interview with the foreign editor of the London Sunday Times that ‘it was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine…and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist.’ (Sunday Times, London, June 15, 1969)

      In the view of another prime minister of Israel, Yitzhak Shamir, the Palestinians are of no more significance than insects when compared to Jews: ‘From this mountain top and from the vantage point of history I say that these people [the Palestinians] are like grasshoppers compared to us.’ (The Independent, April 1988, from Reuter, Tel Aviv; quoted by Michael Rice, False Inheritance, Kegan Paul International, London and New York, 1994, p. 127).

      While delivering a televised address to his Likud party in 1989, Shamir further maligned Palestinians by describing them as ‘alien invaders of the Holy Land…. They are brutal, wild alien invaders in the land of Israel that belongs to the people of Israel, and only to them.’ (New York Post, February 6, 1989)

      During a speech to the Knesset, Menachem Begin, Israel’s sixth prime minister, referred to Palestinians as ‘beasts walking on two legs.’ (New Statesman, 25 June 1982)

      Regarding Palestinians residing in the occupied West Bank, Raphael Eitan, then Israel’s Chief of Staff, declared: ‘When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle…. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours.’ (New York Times, 14 April 1983)

      Prime Minister Ehud Barak: ‘The Palestinians are like crocodiles, the more you give them meat, they want more…’ (Jerusalem Post, Aug. 30, 2002)

      Fascism has always had strong roots within Zionism. In the February 1919 issue of the League of Nations Journal, Israel Zangwill, the influential Anglo-Jewish essayist and Zionist, proposed that the Palestinians “should be gradually transplanted” in Arab countries and at a public meeting in the same year he remarked that “many [Palestinians] are semi-nomad, they have given nothing to Palestine and are not entitled to the rules of democracy.” (Jewish Chronicle, Dec. 12 1919, Masalha, p.14)

      In 1920, Zangwill proposed in The Voice of Jerusalem, that there should be an “‘Arab exodus’…based on ‘race redistribution’ or a ‘trek like that of the Boers from Cape Colony,’ which he advocated as ‘literally the only way out of the difficulty of creating a Jewish State in Palestine.’” He continued: “We cannot allow the Arabs to block so valuable a piece of historic reconstruction….To fold their tents and silently steal away is their proverbial habit: let them exemplify it now.” (Zangwill, The Voice of Jerusalem, p. 103, quoted by Masalha, EOTP pp. 13- 14)

      No should we forget that for some time now, Netanyahu has been cozying up to fascist politicians around the world.

      One glaring example:
      “Netanyahu to travel to Brazil for inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro”

  2. JLewisDickerson on April 30, 2019, 3:42 pm

    RE: “The Nazi logic was right unto themselves. Hitler says that a certain group in society is the seed of all calamity for all humanity, that because of it all of mankind will go to oblivion, that they harm humanity, and therefore must be exterminated.” ~ Radler


    “Hitler was an unparalleled military genius. Nazism promoted Germany from a low to a fantastic physical and ideological status. The ragged, trashy youth body turned into a neat and orderly part of society and Germany received an exemplary regime, a proper justice system and public order. Hitler savored good music. He would paint. This was no bunch of thugs. They merely used thugs and homosexuals.”

    SOURCE –

  3. Kay24 on April 30, 2019, 4:45 pm

    Oh the games people play now
    Every night and every day now
    Never meaning what they say now
    Never saying what they mean

    And they wile away the hours
    In their ivory towers
    Till they’re covered up with flowers
    In the back of a black limousine whoa
    Joe South

  4. Keith on April 30, 2019, 5:06 pm

    RABBI ELIEZER KASHTIEL- “Abolishing legal slavery has created deficiencies. No one is responsible for that property. With God’s help it will return. The goyim (non-Jews) will want to be our slaves. Being a slave of the Jews is the best.”

    The Jewish Zionist “right of self-determination” being succinctly explained to those inside the tent.

    • Mooser on April 30, 2019, 5:46 pm

      “Being a slave of the Jews is the best.”

      I don’t know how I will find enough stuff for 760 slaves to do.

  5. Mooser on April 30, 2019, 5:27 pm

    “drop pluralism, isolate yourself in the Jewish State and let go of the diaspora “illness”.

    Isn’t that what the prophets of Israel told us to do? Why won’t we listen?

  6. Michael Lesher on April 30, 2019, 5:36 pm

    I posted this comment on Facebook as well:

    We will hear three species of responses to this story in the next few days. From the religious Zionist rabbis, we will hear denials, claims the rabbis in this case were misunderstood, etc. (Privately, of course, they will condemn whoever recorded the exchanges and leaked them to the press.) From mainstream and liberal Zionists, we will hear indignant exclamations to the effect that this isn’t Judaism — uttered in the complacent knowledge that no one takes their religious sentiments seriously in the first place, so that their denunciations are sure to have no effect whatever.

    And then — most significantly, I think — there will be the deafening silence of the haredi and “mainstream” Orthodox rabbinate, which will behave as if nothing had happened. The same rabbis who would be publicly fuming — and instructing their followers to take to the streets — if Orthodox rabbis were taped making statements that, say, permitted the use of i-phones on Shabbath or called for compulsory conscription for all haredim, will sit back and twiddle their thumbs, commenting (privately) that these rabbis don’t belong to their communities anyway, so what’s the big deal?

    Hypocrisy is the least of their sins. Whether they admit it or not, haredi communities are heavily involved in Israeli government policy and inextricably tied to the occupation, which of course is the reality that drives the teaching of Judeo-Nazism. And their rabbis are complicit in every murder, every piece of land theft, every act of ethnic cleansing — because they benefit from all of it. The rabbis take their government handouts, accept the preferential treatment they receive in exchange for their communities’ numbers — and for not rocking the boat — and complacently move their followers into stolen West Bank territory where the cost of living is lower, thus enabling the haredi rank and file to stay away from gainful employment and to sink ever deeper under the rabbis’ control.

    You cannot be an accomplice and deny responsibility. You cannot eat at the table of criminals and say you have nothing to do with them. You cannot profit from systematic crime and then insist on your right to remain silent about it. If you do, you’ve betrayed your religion no less than the Judeo-Nazis you affect to despise.

    This, in a word, is what’s wrong with today’s Orthodoxy. And American rabbis are no better; when they remain silent it’s because they’re afraid of offending their congregations — as they would, of course, if they were to speak even a few honest words about the violence and apartheid of the Israeli State. So between cowardice, hypocrisy, and self-imposed blindness, our “leaders” drift and drift — while the only ones bothering to hold real opinions are the admirers of Hitler who should never have been allowed into the rabbinate in the first place. Honest Judeo-Nazis are revolting, but — to me at least — somewhat less so than the hypocritical hangers-on and Laodiceans who call themselves rabbis and can’t even muster the spirit to call these monstrous heretics by their right names.

  7. bcg on April 30, 2019, 8:55 pm

    I can’t resist: Nina Simone singing “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”:

  8. Mooser on April 30, 2019, 11:30 pm

    Can Orthodox Rabbis count, or is simple arithmetic not included in Rabbinical training?

  9. Eva Smagacz on May 1, 2019, 5:03 am

    I have vision of islands of Palestinian slaves peppering annexed West Bank and serving Israeli settlers, with anyone who is unproductive / has a wrong frame of mind declared Amalekite and disposed of. 203/219

    But do not listen to me. Such visions are in direct violations of IHRA example 10.

  10. Elizabeth Block on May 1, 2019, 1:44 pm

    Aren’t these men Holocaust deniers?????

  11. Jackdaw on May 1, 2019, 2:11 pm

    These Rabbis are atrocious and must be fired from their respective positions.

    Yet, when Muslim Imams call for the murder of Jews, and when Muslim Imams call Jews, ‘pigs and monkeys’, Jonathan Ofir and Mondoweiss, are curiously silent.

    Why is that?

    • eljay on May 1, 2019, 2:33 pm

      || Jackdaw: These Rabbis are atrocious and must be fired from their respective positions.

      Yet, when Muslim Imams call for the murder of Jews, and when Muslim Imams call Jews, ‘pigs and monkeys’, Jonathan Ofir and Mondoweiss, are curiously silent.

      Why is that? ||

      Dunno, but I completely agree with you that state-employed and/or state-funded imams who say atrocious things about Jews (and other non-Muslims) must be fired from their respective position.
      (It’s funny how for this brief moment you’re able to understand that justice and accountability should be universally applied and upheld…but in a moment from now you’ll be back to sneering at the very thought of it and instead advocating your Zionist “right” of Jews to be supremacists, to have a supremacist state and to do evil unto others.)

  12. MHughes976 on May 1, 2019, 4:26 pm

    Consider the more dignified language of Psalm 102 – ‘I have eaten ashes like bread and mingled my drink with weeping because of thine indignation and wrath, for thou hast lifted me up and cast me down’. The rabbis here are not being too eccentric in deriving the Holocaust from the wrath of God against Jewish apostasy and, in that case, from thinking that the apostasy of the Jews was conversion not to paganism, as in the very old days of lamenting for Tammuz, or to Christianity (which hadn’t happened) but to humanism, which ex hypothesi – their hypothesis – remains the source of unlimited danger. If you believe in God you believe that things happen somehow or other for a reason. Wiesel, if I get him right, sees the Holocaust as a proof that ‘without God everything is permitted’ and as the sacrifice which God finally accepted in return for the restoration of Israel. A dark but rather magnetic theology. I’m not saying that Christians have done much better.

    • Mooser on May 1, 2019, 6:03 pm

      “/… A dark but rather magnetic theology.”

      Sounds similar to Mircea Eliade calls the “terror of history” theology.

      First, you drain all nature of sacrality, (a sacred nature gives you too much in common with the “pagans”) and say that God’s interaction with the Jews is manifested in the Jews historical condition and confrontations with other peoples.

  13. Mooser on May 3, 2019, 1:23 pm

    You know, there is sort of a key difference between Hitler’s ‘racial theories’ and Zionism that these Rabbis miss. Hitler’s nonsense about “Ayrans” and Germans was a rubric to unite the 90 million people in Germany Prussia, Austria. He made the nonsense work for him.
    (And those 90 million weren’t enough, as we know)

    All the “Jews are a superior race” theory ever seems to do is back-fire, and create an intra-Jewish, more-Jewish-than-thou, backbiting hierarchy of ‘genetic’ purity. It can only serve to divide.

    • eljay on May 3, 2019, 6:22 pm

      || Mooser: … All the “Jews are a superior race” theory ever seems to do is back-fire, and create an intra-Jewish, more-Jewish-than-thou, backbiting hierarchy of ‘genetic’ purity. It can only serve to divide. ||

      IIRC it’s all about percentages, so as long as the strong fighting Jews constitute a greater % of “the Jews” than do the self-loathing, anti-Semitic and/or “fake” Jews, nothing can stop them or their “Jewish State”…not for approx. a Thousand Years!, anyway.

      • Mooser on May 4, 2019, 11:35 am

        “IIRC it’s all about percentages”

        And the high percentages are even more persuasive when backed by dwindling numbers.

      • Daedalus on May 5, 2019, 5:56 pm

        Great post, Eljay..
        Careful, though… sarcasm is hard for some people to notice without the ‘tone of voice’ to hear.

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