Palestinians won’t get a peace deal till Abbas goes — Nikki Haley

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Nikki Haley left the US ambassadorship to the United Nations four months ago and has a book coming out in the fall. But she surely has political ambitions, as she made time for two pro Israel groups in recent weeks.

The highlights: “Sheldon and Miriam are national treasures.” Israel is a “bastion of human rights.”

The Obama administration “led” the move to pass a UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements in December 2016, lobbying other countries that didn’t want to do it, till their ambassadors were “uncomfortable”; and the administration has falsely claimed that it was passive. “It was the United States’s saddest hour.” When the resolution passed, 14-0, with the U.S. abstaining, poor little Danny Danon, the Israeli ambassador, looked abandoned, and so he was the first person Haley sought out when she took office a few weeks later, to assure him that the U.S. would never leave him out to dry again.

The Iran deal was a product of European ego. The Houthis in Yemen are like Hamas, threatening Saudi Arabia as Hamas threatens Israel — so implicitly, any action against them is OK.

And she gave this hint about the peace plan. There will be a peace deal only when Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is gone, she told the UN Watch gala in Canada on April 10.

I’m going to speak from the truthful side of me. I pray for a peace deal… I pray for the fact that all of this just finds its own place… The U.S. doesn’t need to do this, but we do need to bring them to the table. As long as Abbas is there, it’s never going to happen. It’s just never going to happen. And as long as the Arab countries continue to appease him and make him think he has the right to do this and say these things, it’s not going to happen.

This is in line with the French ambassador’s statement that the peace plan calls for Palestinian surrender. Haley went on, that Palestinians must accept that Jerusalem is Jewish. Even if the world doesn’t agree.

The rest of the world can’t hide what we know is fact. But more importantly, the Palestinians need to acknowledge the fact that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem. And the Arab countries around that needed to acknowledge, Quit making the Palestinians think otherwise. And acknowledge what we know is true… Even if I was standing alone, I knew I was standing for what is right.

Haley went first to meet Danon at the U.N. because the Obama administration “went against Israel at a time that Israel needed the U.S.”

It was terrible. But what was worse was that after I had done some asking of ambassadors– the U.S. led that resolution. Other countries didn’t want to do it, and the U.S. led that. So I was going into the U.N. with so much disappointment. And then when I met with Ambassador Danon, to hear what he went through…

And he was there, and everybody voted against Israel. And your one true ally, the one that’s always supposed to be there for you, abstained! That wasn’t hurtful enough! But every one on the Council and everyone in the audience stood up and applauded. And Danny is just sitting there. I was just– it was the United States’s saddest hour. I told him, I want you to know right here and right now, that will never happen again under my watch. We will never allow that to happen…

But it’s a reminder again, Don’t ever look away, don’t ever let your guard down… Because it only takes one time to set everything back. And I think that Israel has earned a right to stand on its own, Israel has earned the right to call people out, and Israel has earned the right because it is a good strong country that I truly look at as a beacon of light in a neighborhood that has a lot of problems.

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch says that the Obama administration “insisted” that it was passive on the Security Council resolution. It came, so they acted. Haley says that’s a lie:

That’s not true. It’s not true. I mean literally and they know it’s not true. I don’t think they can deny it. There’s too many witnesses. Literally you can go to too many ambassadors and they will tell you, It was uncomfortable. Some of them did not want to go through with it. I don’t know what that was about, I don’t know about the motive. I don’t know why that happened.

She said the vote hurt the U.S.

For representing the United States– if you don’t have the backs of your friends why would anyone trust you… This was even worse for the United States… We have plenty of enemies… The last thing we need is to go against one of our own. And Israel is one of our own.

This 2016 video shows the Security Council applause after the vote. No one is standing up. Former US Ambassador Samantha Power does not applaud.

Haley said the Houthi movement in Yemen — which is being bombed by the Saudis with American assistance — is just like Hamas in Palestine.

The Arab countries… were saying, “I don’t know why no one calls out the Houthis, I don’t know why they acknowledge them, they’re not a real group, all they do is cause these terrorist activities.” And [I said] I’m sorry, I know we’re talking about Yemen. But everything you’ve just explained about Yemen is what Hamas is doing to Israel! It’s the exact same story… After that they took me to the side and said, We know you’re right..

Then why don’t you condemn Hamas publicly, she asked. “We do it for our constituencies. We have to do it to show we’re doing something” for the Palestinians.

Haley had never been to Israel when she arrived at the U.N. in 2017, but she knew the story: the Security Council’s monthly session on the Middle East was unfair.

I really had no experiences with Israel. I had never been to Israel… I knew the historical things, but I didn’t know a lot about the people of Israel. But what I saw in that Council reminded me of what it felt like to be bullied when I was a kid, and I have no patience for bullies… It was abusive behavior. They were kicking Israel just because. They didn’t even have the facts to do it. It was like fun for them. And for me it was disgusting… This is one thing we’re not going to do. We’re not going to have these Israel-bashing sessions.

People have to start telling the truth about Israel. They’re thinking it, just not saying it.

Most countries are secretly envious of Israel.

I think that After the ’67 war a lot of the Middle East and the Arab countries realized you can’t beat Israel, they’re too tough. They couldn’t beat ’em that way so they said, let’s do it diplomatically. …

If you actually go into the quiet corners of the UN most countries don’t hate Israel. They really don’t. Most countries envy Israel, most countries think Israel is valuable… [but] those Arab countries continue to put pressure on them.

European countries know that Iran is a bad actor. But they signed the Iran Deal as a matter of ego.

They were all so proud that they had gotten together and got this deal.. The Europeans, their egoes were so big they just couldn’t face the fact that maybe the coalition, including the United States, made a mistake. And clearly that’s what happened. They were tiptoeing around Iran.

As it’s falling apart you will start to see the EU calling out Iran again. This was all in the name of saving the deal.. The idea was this was a bad deal, it was bad for the world, it was good for Iran… and I think the Europeans will come around.

In March, Haley spoke at the Israeli American Council in Las Vegas. She frothed over Republican Party donors Sheldon and Miriam Adelson.

Sheldon and Miriam are national treasures. Their generosity and passion for good causes in the U.S. and Israel is admired so many… Please let Sheldon know we miss him.

Israel is a “bastion” of human rights. On leaving the UN Human Rights Council in 2018:

You’re going to tell me that Israel, a bastion for human rights in the Middle East, should be condemned ten times more often than Syria. Well that sums up the UN Human Rights Council!… A large part of our strength comes from our values. The rest of the world looks to America as being the moral compass in the world… We make that organization respectful. When we choose not to take part, we send a powerful message.

On the UN Security Council and the Palestinian right of return.

They also promote the so called right of return, knowing it would completely destroy Israel.

The Embassy move did not hurt anyone. Many people said it would cause unrest. They were “wrong.”

This was a courageous and right decision but it did not come without criticism… within the administration itself … [from the] Defense and State Department and Intelligence agencies. [They said there’d be] massive protest and violence throughout the Arab world… That’s what the bureaucracy always says…

Change will never happen if we base our decision on fear. Guess what, the sky didn’t fall, it’s still up there. And life went on… It did create quite a stir in the United Nations.

So much for thousands of protesters wounded by live fire at the Gaza border, and 260 killed — demonstrations that were a response in part to Jerusalem.

There won’t be peace till everyone recognizes Jerusalem.

When the world recognizes those realities then peace will become possible… then all sides will be dealing with realities, not fantasies.



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RE: “And [I said] I’m sorry, I know we’re talking about Yemen. But everything you’ve just explained about Yemen is what Hamas is doing to Israel! It’s the exact same story…” ~ Haley SEE: “How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas”, By Andrew Higgins, The Wall Street Journal, 01/24/09 [EXCERPTS] Surveying… Read more »

N Haley. .“Israel is a “bastion” of human rights”. And “A large part of our strength comes from our values. The rest of the world looks to America as being the moral compass in the world” P Weiss… “So much for thousands of protesters wounded by live fire at the… Read more »

… When the world recognizes those realities then peace will become possible… then all sides will be dealing with realities, not fantasies. It’s true: When the world recognizes that… – that geographic Palestine is not the ancient, historic, eternal or one true homeland of people all over the world –… Read more »

Israel commits atrocities on a daily basis, this short passage on ‘Notes on Nationalism’ by George Orwell sums up Haley’s blind eye on those atrocities… “Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them, and there is almost no kind… Read more »

She should have added that there will never be a peace deal as long as Netanyahu is in power, and they Israeli people made sure he stays there. Why blame only Abbas?

She is sucking up to the zionists, shamelessly.