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Jewish leader’s zoo story is a parable of Zionist fragility

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Two days ago, David Harris of the American Jewish Committee tweeted a parable:

At a NY zoo, a child is grabbed by a lion.

A bystander rescues the child & brings her to safety.

A nearby journalist is awed, rushes to the rescuer & asks his name. “I’m Dani Katz from Israel,” he says.

Next day’s headline: “Israeli aggressor steals food from hungry animal.”

Harris’s claim is absurd: the mainstream press is pro-Israel, by objective measures.

The New York Times has four columnists who have embraced Zionism, and zero anti-Zionist columnists.

Four of its writers have had children serve in the Israeli military.

The newspaper has published four defenses of Israel’s slaughter of nonviolent Palestinian protesters in its editorial pages in the last year or so. It would never run pieces defending Palestinian attacks on Israelis.

A former Times editorial page editor confessed that his job included looking out for Israel. “I was much more deeply devoted to Israel than I dared to assert…. As more Arab than Jewish readers recognized, I wrote [commentaries] from a pro‐Israel perspective.”

CNN fired commentator Marc Lamont Hill last year for saying at the U.N. that Palestine should be free from river to sea. An executive at the parent company of MSNBC raised money for the Israeli army, a former executive at CNN’s parent wrote speeches for Netanyahu in recent years without any consequences. Jake Tapper lately sought to explain white supremacist killers by speaking of Palestinians who commit violence against Israelis….

The parable is also absurd in its lesson: Would the press really do a 180 on a man who seized a child from a lion’s jaws and slander him because he’s Israeli? Of course not.

Harris is experiencing Zionist Fragility, when Zionists recoil with shock and injury over mild criticism. This is a man who was paid $689,000 in 2017, and cried out in a NY synagogue, “Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?!” because young Jews are beginning to criticize the occupation and even question the Jewish claim to a homeland on that territory. David Harris needs a reality check.

H/t Scott Roth and James North.

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Zionists never tire of playing the shooting-and-crying game.

Aggressor-victimhood is such a tough gig…   :-(

PHIL- “Harris is experiencing Zionist Fragility….”

No, he is earning his $689,000. He is no different from Imperial apologists who tout American exceptionalism and democracy. Or who claim that the American Way is hanging by a thread thanks to the evil Putin/Russia. Control of the narrative is critically important and honesty is a problem to be overcome.

Such an incredibly dangerous psychopathy – fragile, insecure child needing constant approval coupled with violent, maniacal and murderous acting out, without any body willing to stop it. So much like an incorrigible child who, because of immaturity, unwillingness to accept responsibility for its actions, constant demands for attention, is literally screaming for someone to stop him as he cannot. This is what I see when I look at netanyahoo et al and tRUMP. Like Jim… Read more »

Yeah, but it’s true. The violent Gaza border protest reports are all that’s needed to prove the anecdote current and with merit. PW and the regular MW commenters may not get it, but your average reader, jew or non jew surely does .

In the Zionist setter zoo a Palestinian child is grabbed by soldiers of the Zionist occupation, colonization and state terror force. A bystander rescues the child & brings her to safety. A nearby journalist is awed, rushes to the rescuer & asks her name. “I’m Ahed Tamimi.” Next day’s headline: “Israeli aggressor kills journalists, shoots rescued child in the head, arrests Ahed Tamimi, puts her under administrative detention and demolishes her parents home for her… Read more »