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October 2019

‘Expect anything’ — the steadfast service of a Gaza paramedic

Ahmad Kabariti on

Nada Shaikh Deeb, a 23-year-old volunteer paramedic in Gaza, has attended every protest at the fence since March 2018. Even after an Israeli officer taunted her following the killing of paramedic Razan al-Najjar. “You’ve still got time to catch up with Razan,” he said. “Expect anything.”

71 more Gaza protesters injured, 33 by live fire

Kate on

Seventy-one Palestinian civilians, including 28 children, were injured due to Israeli soldiers’ excessive use of force against peaceful protesters at the 78th Great March of Return, yesterday, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reported. Hundreds of civilians protested near the fence across the Gaza Strip. Some protesters attempted to throw stones, Molotov Cocktails and firecrackers at the Israeli forces.

Trail Blazers deny BDS pressure ended relationship with IDF-linked company

Michael Arria on

Leupold & Stevens is based in Beaverton, Oregon and up until recently it sponsored a segment during Blazers’ home games where military members were honored. The sponsorship had been the target of multiple protests over Israel’s repressive policies and occupation of Palestine. The Blazers now say that campaign did not bring about the end of the relationship.

Congress should impeach David Friedman, too

Josh Ruebner on

US Ambassador David Friedman blatantly lied to Congress when he said he would oppose Israel’s annexation of West Bank lands and support a Palestinian state. He should be impeached for those misrepresentations, as well as for helping to block the visit to Palestine of Congress members Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

I am proud that we support movement organizations like We Are Not Numbers. Can you help us strengthen the movement?

Olivia Katbi Smith on
Act today to support Mondoweiss and We Are Not Numbers

I am proud that Mondoweiss supports movement organizations like We Are Not Numbers, which helps young Palestinians not only to survive, but to grow and contribute to the struggle for freedom. Our goal this week is to sign up 50 new monthly donors to Mondoweiss, and a loyal supporter has offered a $60 match for every new subscriber — at any level! We will share the proceeds of this drive with We Are Not Numbers. Please read on to understand why.

‘Broad’ post-Netanyahu coalition means, No Palestinians

Philip Weiss on

Some commentators are predicting Netanyahu is about to be betrayed by a “broad” coalition of Israeli centrists. But the race-baiting against Palestinian legislators continue unabated. And one likely replacement says Netanyahu has been soft on Gaza and Israel must speed up “targeted killings” of Palestinian leaders.

Pro-Israel org praises Kamala Harris for being to the right of Obama on Iran Deal

Michael Arria on
California Senator Kamala Harris speaks at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, D.C., March 28, 2017. (Photo: AIPAC)

In an interview with the Ames Tribune, Democratic Majority for Israel’s Kat Wellmann praised Harris’ response. “I was very impressed with her. I thought she gave an excellent speech, she gave a very detailed, responsive answer to my question,” she told the paper, “I’m pro-Israel, so I was I was very concerned and all about making sure we limit nuclear missiles in any country that could possibly destroy us all. I thought her answer was very good.”

Palestinian hunger striker details ‘physical and psychological’ torture in Israeli prison

Yumna Patel on
Heba al-Labadi (Photo: Addameer)

Palestinians are expressing outrage after hunger-striking prisoner Heba al-Labadi, 24, revealed new details surrounding her interrogation by Israeli forces, and numerous torture tactics used on her in order to force her to end her strike. Her case, along with several other young Palestinians arrested in recent weeks, are garnering attention locally and on social media.

Lose Netanyahu and Dems will love Israel again — liberal Zionist mantra

Philip Weiss on

A liberal Zionist group promotes the view of Israeli professor Jonathan Rynhold that progressive Democrats will support Israel once Netanyahu is gone. His argument would be more persuasive if he even mentioned the human rights violations and Gaza massacres that are at the heart of progressive disaffection with Israel.

Anti-Zionist Jews are like Jews who reversed circumcision to fit in with ‘cool group’ — Bari Weiss

Philip Weiss on

Bari Weiss has been everywhere lately promoting her book that says that anti-Zionism is dangerous anti-Semitism, and oh by the way, white nationalism is also a threat to Jews. She says anti-Zionist Jews are just trying to blend in with the “cool group,” when they should be celebrating Jewish specialness, and our “radical ideas” that still “drive people crazy.”

Gazans honor 78 children killed at the fence

Kate on

Israeli forces attacked non-violent protesters in Gaza Friday, killing one Palestinian and wounding 57. The Palestinian protest organizers called this Friday’s protest the “Friday of 78 Children”, in honor of the 78 children killed by Israeli forces since the weekly marches began in March 2018.

Prime Minister Chickenshit

Yossi Gurvitz on

Benjamin Netanyahu called off his idea for a snap Likud Party primary after Gideon Sa’ar, a rival, tweeted two words: “I’m ready.” That moment reveals Netanyahu’s essential political character: he operates out of fear and paranoia.

Israelis were ‘saddened’ to have to kill Gaza protesters, to avert ‘bloodbath’

Philip Weiss on

American Jews who condemned Israel’s slaughter of Gaza protesters don’t understand that Judaism is now the Jewish state and it won’t survive if Palestinian refugees are allowed to return, which is why no Israeli Jews questioned the slaughter, Daniel Gordis writes, urging American Jews to stick by Israel to stay Jewish.