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‘NY Times’ produces a weak report on the Israeli soldier sentenced to 1 month in prison for murdering a Palestinian boy

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The New York Times did the bare minimum today in reporting on the Israeli soldier who was sentenced to only one month in prison for murdering a young Gazan demonstrator last year. The victim was a 14-year-old boy, Othman Helles, and video evidence showed he was clearly unarmed. In the print edition, the Times headline did not include the shocking short prison sentence, and the Times used some of its other techniques to minimize the damage to Israel’s reputation.

Use the passive voice: The second paragraph reports that “. . . hundreds of Palestinians were killed during the [Great March of Return] protests. . .” Why not “Israeli soldiers killed 183 Gazans and wounded another 9204. Gazans killed 1 Israeli and wounded 11.”

Ignore the leading Israeli human rights organization: B’Tselem has issued impassioned warnings ever since the Israeli snipers first opened fire on Gazans back in 2018, including calling on soldiers to disobey orders to shoot. And just the other day, B’Tselem accused the Israeli military of wrongly dropping inquiries into 3 other killings and said the probes had only been originally opened to give “an illusion of a functioning apparatus for seeking accountability.” 

Cover up Israel’s vicious right wing: No doubt Israeli settler/colonists and others are already blasting the one-month sentence as too harsh. Let’s hear from them.

On the plus side, Times reporter David Halbfinger did give the victim’s father a chance to speak. Rami Helles said that he feared the Israeli soldier’s light punishment would continue to “encourage his colleagues to kill in cold blood.” 

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The NYT is obviously a Zionist rag and is a tool of and for hasbarists. Thanks for digging through the detritus and finding precious little truth yet again, James. Compare and contrast with Maureen Clare Murphy’ s article @ EI: “Israeli sniper gets community service over killing of Gaza boy An Israeli soldier has been sentenced to a month of the military’s equivalent of community service and his rank downgraded for firing his weapon toward… Read more »

Israel makes sure their vicious child killers are protected, supported, and given a joke of a sentence. There are far too many of them out and free enjoying life, while those they keep killing live in open prisons, and suffering for decades.

If the NY Times, and other respected (!) Western press organs, covered this kind of thing more thoroughly – most of the time, of course, they don’t cover them at all – Jews might start thinking about the nature of a state that kills children to defend its existence.

Only Jewish lives have value…For shame, israel…for shame. How much longer do you think you can escape justice???

Business as usual for Zionism since the get-go. Are “hurt feelings” more important than children’s lives?