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Change requires knowledge. Will you take action today?

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Wow! Generous donors have offered a challenge this month: if we raise $100,000 from you and other supporters by December 31, they will match it with an additional $100,000. Please give today to unlock these much-needed funds. And read on to see how Omar Barghouti values Mondoweiss and why he asks for your help.

For most of you reading this message, the danger of yesterday’s McCarthyite executive order from U.S. President Donald Trump is probably obvious. The edict implies American Jews are defined by a shared “national origin” or race, purportedly in order to combat anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses. But you and I–and regular readers of Mondoweiss–understand that the real goal is to crack down on BDS activists by making protests of Israel and Zionism into hate crimes under Title VI of the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

At a moment like this, the importance of Mondoweiss’s journalism stands out in stark relief. This act is a continuation of a longstanding pattern of repression against the ChangeMakers who stand up for Palestine in the United States–and that pattern is exposed, time and again, by the writers at Mondoweiss. That’s why I’m writing to you today to ask that you donate in support of their work.

To fight any system of injustice and oppression, we need to understand it. Accurate, well-presented and timely information and analyses are crucial in mobilizing grassroots power against oppressors of all kinds.

This is where Mondoweiss and similarly effective movement media outlets come in. Without Mondoweiss, we would not sufficiently understand the context of oppression, and the state, corporate and institutional complicities that keep it going. We would also miss the hopeful and inspiring lessons that we learn from each other’s struggle for freedom and justice.

As a human rights defender and co-founder of the BDS movement for Palestinian rights, I rely on Mondoweiss and similar movement media to enlighten me about the extremely important US context of our struggle and beyond.

I also deeply appreciate Mondoweiss‘s role in exposing the well-funded campaign of repression against BDS run by Israel and its lobby groups in the US, including measures taken against me.

When I was denied entry to the US by the anti-Palestinian Trump administration back in April, Mondoweiss helped expose the McCarthyite nature of anti-BDS efforts led by Israel lobby groups in the US.

When a New York Times story on BDS engaged in outright misinformation, deception and pro-Israel propaganda, butchering my position on a shared, democratic state solution for Palestine, Mondoweiss was among the first to dissect and effectively challenge the hit job.

Mondoweiss offers a unique voice that exposes the mainstream media cover up of Israel’s occupation, colonization and apartheid. In every battle for human rights, one of the oppressor’s most powerful weapons is the ability to silence. Every report, opinion and analysis published in Mondoweiss strikes a blow at Israel’s supremacy in the mainstream media and helps shift the narrative in our favor.

I have donated personally to Mondoweiss for many years, and I’m asking you now to do the same. At a time when the U.S. is joining Israel to clamp down on the rights of those who speak out for Palestine, Mondoweiss is a rare source of free speech and insightful analysis–a sign of hope for those seeking to create real change.

Knowledge is power, and without power we cannot defeat oppression. I urge you to support Mondoweiss as an indispensable source of knowledge for our struggle.

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Mondoweiss has been an enormous player in bringing closer the Peace of Jerusalem, by making us knowledgeable, informed and therefore more effective. There is power in ideas. Not raw power, not coercive power, but political power, which is even greater, especially in this situation. Mondoweiss facilitates understanding into the underlying political machinations that appear at times insurmountable. Everything about Israel/Palestine is political in one way or another. Its information helps develop insights into building beneficial… Read more »