Support for Trump is low throughout the world, but not in Israel

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The Pew Research Center has released a new poll on the international support for Donald Trump. While a majority of respondents oppose the President, he remains very popular in Israel.

36,000 respondents were surveyed across 33 countries. 64% of them indicated that they don’t trust Trump “to do the right thing regarding world affairs”, while just 29% said they have confidence in him. 54% said they had favorable views of the United States, while 38% had unfavorable views.

The lowest approval for Trump exists in Mexico and Germany. Just 8% of Mexicans have confidence in him, while 13% of Germans do. The countries with the highest numbers are the Philippines and Israel: 77% and 71% respectively. The President only has a majority of support in six countries.

86% of right-wing Israelis, 67% of Israeli centrists, and even 37% of “left-wing” Israelis say they trust Trump. Israel was also the only country where a majority of respondents said they agree with his administration violating the Iran Nuclear Deal. Just 23% of those surveyed opposed the move. 74% of Israelis back his decision to move the United States Embassy to Tel Aviv.

Trump’s recent assassination of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani also seems to be quite popular in Israel. NBC News’ Saphora Smith recently interviewed a number of Israelis about the killing in Tel Aviv, which is thought to be more liberal than other parts of the country.

“It’s easier to fight these people without Soleimani,” a 22-year-old named Ibrahim Srur told her, “He was one of the most powerful men in Iran and Iran wants to destroy us.”

“Soleimani had it coming,” said an Israeli named Rona Tal, “Iran has been provoking Israel and the U.S. for years.”

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