David Gerald Fincham


The new book State of Terror, by Thomas Suárez, documents the willingness of Zionists to use violence to establish a Jewish state, and proves beyond doubt that Israel is not the perpetual victim of Arab violence that it claims to be, but has been the aggressor throughout the history of the conflict.

Mandate Palestine aimed to allow Jews and Arabs to live alongside one another. Its failure led to the idea of Partition. Now Partition has also failed. Scholar David Gerald Fincham considers the impractical nature of creating two sovereign states in the territory and the need for a federal solution combining certain national functions.

Palestine was too small to become the Jewish national home without harming the rights of non-Jews. The British and early Zionists understood this, and spoke of Palestine as a single state with perfect equality between Jew and Arab, the common home for two peoples. Is there hope for harmony and mutual respect even today?