Kathryn Shihadah


Miriam Adelson writes in the Israeli newspaper she publishes that Donald Trump is on the side of justice and the Bible should include a “Book of Trump.” What’s her angle? Kathryn Shihada says she is selling Trump as a prophet to American Jews and scripting Trump’s tweets for the occasion of Israeli annexation of the West Bank.

“Perhaps instead of the Taylor Force Act, Congress should bring some other bills to the floor—bills that would begin to address the real problems in Israel/Palestine. Here are a few suggestions,” writes Kathryn Shihadah, “We could start with the Rachel Corrie Act, prohibiting the U.S. from giving aid to countries that practice home demolitions. Rachel Corrie was killed in 2003 as she worked in Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Rachel, clearly visible with a neon vest and bullhorn, confronted an IDF soldier on a bulldozer, about to demolish the home of a Palestinian pharmacist, when she was run over in what is widely believed to be a deliberate act.”