Udi Aloni


In light of recent headlines filmmaker Udi Aloni reflects on violence in Israel/Palestine: “As an individual sovereign human being I oppose all violence. This is the reason why I’ve supported BDS, and I’ll never collaborate with violence, but when I think with the aid of Walter Benjamin I can say that the violence of the Israeli Jews is institutional violence that represents the Israeli will for hegemony and oppression, while the violence of the Palestinian Jerusalemites and citizens of the state is the violence of oppressed subterranean streams seeking a place to erupt and to utter a strong outcry against injustice and for justice.”

Hisham Suleiman is an Palestinian Israeli actor from Nazareth and one of the stars of “Fauda” a political thriller television series that is the most popular show in Israel. An interview with him published last weekend in Yedioth Ahronoth, he is reported as having said that injuring a soldier inside the Occupied Territories is not a crime because the soldier shouldn’t be there. The interview has provoked outraged responses, and Suleiman has responded in turn.