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The left-right debate in Israel is over the speed of colonization, not how to end it

Jonathan Ofir on

The liberal-Zionist organization Commanders for Israel’s Security has a new campaign calling on Israel to “divorce” the Palestinians, as a response to growing calls from the right to annex parts of the West Bank. Jonathan Ofir writes that the struggles between right and left Zionism have always historically been not about a Palestinian state alongside Israel, but about the speed at which Israeli expansionism needs to happen. While the Commanders for Israel’s Security are warning about the dire consequences of annexation, Israel is engaged in ongoing slow-motion ethnic cleansing that the group approves of, and is accomplishing similar goals.


Denijal Jegić on

While apartheid, military occupation, and even ethnic cleansing, have at times surfaced in mainstream discussions, these phenomena are not Israel’s ultimate crimes. They are means to control Palestinian lives and, as such, symptoms of the ongoing Nakba. But they are effectively part of a structure that is rarely verbalized: Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian population.

Airbnb is preventing Palestinian hosts from listing their homes in the occupied West Bank

Yumna Patel on

Weeks after Airbnb’s landmark decision to pull out of Israeli settlements, Mondoweiss has learned that Airbnb is also currently preventing Palestinian hosts from listing their homes in the occupied West Bank. According to Airbnb customer service representatives in Israel and the United States any listings coming out of the West Bank are not currently being approved by the company — regardless if the listing is in a Palestinian city, or in an Israeli settlement.

‘Thank you, we are with you’: Palestinian activists stand in solidarity with Marc Lamont Hill

Yumna Patel on

Over the past week, activists in the West Bank have staged multiple protests in support of Dr. Marc Lamont Hill after he was fired from CNN for a speech he gave at the United Nations in which he criticized the Israeli occupation and the abuse of Palestinian rights. Mondoweiss spoke to Munther Amira, Coordinator of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, about his support for Dr. Hill and why he believes it is important for Palestinians to stand in solidarity with the activist.

NYU student government passes resolution to divest from corporations that violate Palestinian human rights

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine on

The New York University Student Government Assembly passed a resolution calling for the university to divest from corporations that violate Palestinian human rights and for NYU to adopt a socially responsible investment policy that upholds human rights for all. “I co-authored this resolution because I have a role and stake in the Palestinian struggle for liberation and justice,” Bayan Abubakr, a Senator-at-Large and Students for Justice in Palestine NYU member explained. “I want NYU to reckon with the fact that it profits off of the destruction of Palestinian livelihoods, communities, and homes.”

One year on: The political and human impact of Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Yumna Patel on

One year ago, US President Donald Trump announced that he was officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, breaking with decades of US and international foreign policy in the region. The announcement sparked widespread protests across the occupied Palestinian territory and Gaza, some of which are still continuing today. The political implications of Trump’s decision were clear: the US was virtually erasing any Palestinian claims to the city, specifically occupied East Jerusalem, which Palestinians maintain must be the capital of their future state. And over the course of the next year, Trump and his administration would announce and enact a series of measures against the Palestinians in an effort to wear them down until they were forced to come to Trump and Netanyahu’s negotiating table and take whatever they could get.

ADL invites police forces to train in Israel, and Northampton says, No thanks

Joseph Levine on

When activists learned that the Northampton, MA, police chief had accepted an invitation from the Anti-Defamation League to train with Israeli “counter-terrorism” experts, they mobilized and the chief decided not to go. The ADL is seeking to enforce a highly-politicized mission of supporting Israel on law enforcement agencies that are supposed to be above partisanship. More and more police forces in the Northeast are declining to go.

‘From the river to the sea’ is just fine so long as it’s Israel’s sovereignty

Jonathan Ofir on

CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill was fired last week after he advocated Palestinian rights “from the river to the sea”. Of course that has been Israeli policy from the days of Ben-Gurion, in defiance of the indigenous population, and no one advocating Israeli sovereignty in those boundaries ever loses their job, Jonathan Ofir explains.

Possible Congressional move on Israel Anti-Boycott Act alarms activists

Peter Feld on
Congressman Peter Roskam of Illinois speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Pro-Palestine and free speech activists who have been mobilizing against the Israel Anti-Boycott Act are sounding an alarm about rumors of a secret attempt this week to slip the legislation, which the ACLU has declared unconstitutional even in its revised form, into the must-pass House spending bill before the blue wave comes into power.

Jewish allies cannot dismantle Israel’s racism by benefiting from it

Nada Elia on

Can leftist Jews really be part of the struggle for justice for Palestinians—a justice that hinges on an end to the violation of basic human rights, including the Right of Return of refugees—by making Aliyah to the country that privileges them, simply because they are Jewish?  

Video: After 8 months, Palestinians vow to continue the Great March of Return until the siege of Gaza is lifted

Yumna Patel on

November 30th marked the 8 month anniversary of the Great March of Return. Every Friday since March 30th, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have taken to the borders with Israel to demand the right of return of refugees to their ancestral homelands in present day Israel, and an end to the siege on Gaza. Despite reported efforts from political officials to bring the Great March of Return to a close, protesters maintain that they will continue demonstrating until the siege is lifted once and for all.

The tragedy of Marc Lamont Hill’s firing

Philip Weiss on

The firing of Marc Lamont Hill by CNN for espousing Palestinian human rights shows the historical commitment by western institutions to Zionism as the answer to Jewish insecurity in the west. But now Zionism is in crisis, and Hill sought to bear witness to the actual conditions in Israel/Palestine– and was labeled an anti-Semite.

Marc Lamont Hill’s firing by CNN for ‘river to sea’ declaration shows crisis over end of two-state solution

Mondoweiss Editors on

The demands for Marc Lamont Hill’s head from supporters of Israel that evidently led to his firing by CNN as well as expressions of solidarity from Palestinian supporters show that the end of the two-state-solution is bringing about open ideological conflict in the U.S. establishment, with supporters of Palestinians being accused of anti-Semitism, much as they are in the U.K.  

CNN fires Marc Lamont Hill for pro-Palestine comments, but gives a platform to Israeli gov’t spokespeople

Amith Gupta on

CNN fires commentator Marc Lamont Hill for saying Palestine should be free “from river to sea,” but it allowed Israeli official Michael Oren to tell former AIPAC aide Wolf Blitzer to say that Palestinians fabricated video that children were killed by Israeli soldiers, even as an executive at CNN’s parent company was writing speeches for Benjamin Netanyahu, no problem.

Palestinian American women approach Rashida Tlaib’s congressional win with excitement and cautious optimism

Yumna Patel on

As the polls came to a close and the midterm results began rolling in this November, Palestinians at home and across the diaspora celebrated the election of one of their own, Democrat Rashida Tlaib of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District. Mondoweiss spoke to young Palestinian American women from across the country on what Rashida Tlaib’s win means to them, their hopes for her in congress, and the lasting impact of her election.

Al Jazeera’s censored series on ‘The Lobby’: a lesson in astroturfing pro-Israel activism

Nada Elia on

Nada Elia binge watches all four parts of the Al Jazeera documentary “The Lobby” that was leaked online earlier this month. While there were no bombshells, the series shows astroturfed pro-Israel groups on campus, but Elia notes, “the lack of conviction is painful, almost pathetic, when the fakes come face to face with the real grassroots, the student organizers with SJP.”

British Quakers divest from occupation, and are accused of ‘obsessive’ tunnel vision for ‘the only Jewish state’

Robert Cohen on

After British Quakers took the deliberate step of divesting from the occupation, in a tradition of boycotting slave goods and supporting black struggle for civil rights, Marie van de Zyl of the British Board of Deputies accused Quakers of anti-Semitism for obsessing on “the only Jewish state – despite everything else going on around the globe.”

Trump cites Israel’s interest in the Saudi-US portfolio — not Russia’s

Philip Weiss on

Donald Trump sought to defuse criticism of the Khashoggi murder by saying that Israel has an interest in the US and Saudi Arabia remaining friends, and Russia will be hurt. If Russia and Sheldon Adelson both bought Trump in 2016, Adelson came away with the prize. Not that the U.S. media is noticing.

Twitter closes down my account for ‘hateful conduct’

Tony Greenstein on

On November 17, the British anti-Zionist Tony Greenstein was informed by Twitter that his account was suspended permanently. No reason was given. It turns out that according to Twitter, comparing the siege of Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto is a breach of rules whereas wishing Jewish anti-Zionists had died in Auschwitz is not.

‘Waging War on Shufat’: Jerusalem municipality demolishes 21 businesses in East Jerusalem refugee camp

Yumna Patel on

On Wednesday afternoon Israeli authorities from the Jerusalem Municipality, accompanied by police, entered into the Shufat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem and demolished Palestinian storefronts, 18 structures in all. The move is an effort by the Israeli government to lessen the authority of the UN refugee agency and strip Palestinian refugees of their status.