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Drowning among Israeli settlements, an ancient Christian village in Palestine struggles to survive

Yumna Patel on

Nestled in the hilltops of the occupied West Bank, an ancient Palestinian Christian village is gearing up for a fight against the Israeli occupation. “My family has owned hundreds of dunums of land in Aboud for centuries. Our roots date so far back, I cannot even count,” seventy-year-old Abdullah Sharqawi tells Mondoweiss. “For now maybe they will let me access the land. But inevitably, with time, they will tell me no, it is not allowed,” he says.

Israel is ‘becoming a full-blown police state,’ Reza Aslan says after interrogation at border

Mondoweiss Editors on

Writer Reza Aslan reports on being interrogated and threatened with imprisonment at the Israeli border 2 weeks ago. “We can make it so you don’t see your kids for a long time.” “Why do you hate Israel?” “Stop lying!” “Who did your father work for in Iran?” Aslan says Israel is becoming a classic police state, and Americans should know about it.

Jewish Nation State Law: Q&A with Adalah’s Hassan Jabareen

Hassan Jabareen on

Adalah’s General Director, Attorney Hassan Jabareen offers a probing analysis of the “Basic Law: The Jewish Nation-State,” which, he argues, calls for a shift in how one conceptualizes the Israeli regime on both sides of the Green Line. He contends the Israeli regime faces questions about its legitimacy following the enactment of this racist legislation.

Dropping off my dear friend, Dareen Tatour, at prison

Danielle Alma Ravitzki on

Dareen Tatour will spend the next five months in an Israeli prison after being convicted of incitement over posting a poem online. Her close friend, Israeli artist Danielle Alma Ravitzki, writes about the “worst day of her life,” the ride to the prison last Wednesday where she dropped off Dareen.

‘NYT’ has run nonstop defenses by its columnists of killing protesters in Gaza

Phil Weiss and Donald Johnson on

Israeli forces have shot more than 4000 Palestinians during the 4-1/2 months of protests on the Gaza border, killing 124, but the New York Times has run a barrage of op-eds by regular columnists justifying the massacre. It is impossible to imagine Tom Friedman, Bret Stephens, Shmuel Rosner and Matti Friedman doing that for any other country smashing non-violent protest.

Massive Tel Aviv protest sees Palestinians and Jews in solidarity against nation-state law

Yumna Patel on

“It was the first time that the Palestinian community moved in buses from our towns and villages to the middle of a Jewish center, Tel Aviv, to challenge the public discourse in Israel,” Jafir Farah of Mossawa center says of massive demonstration on August 11 that united Jews and Palestinians in solidarity against the new nation state of the Jewish people law.

‘It is a war against every part of Palestinian identity’: Israel destroys popular Gaza cultural center

Ahmad Kabariti on

On Thursday evening, 12 successive explosions were heard as Israeli warplanes flew over Gaza City, destroying the popular Said al-Mishal Foundation for Culture and Science cultural center, one of the very few cultural outlets left for Gaza’s youth in the besieged enclave. “Israel is trying to deliver its message that massive war is not just against humanity or our existence; it is a war against every part of Palestinian identity including music, culture or even Dabkeh dance,” said Nidal Eissa, Deputy Director of the Foundation, which was inaugurated in 2004.

The story of Dareen Tatour is the story of Falasteen

Kim Jensen on

Kim Jensen writes, “Everything about the trial of Dareen Tatour was like fiction. Everything required the willing suspension of disbelief. From the opening pages, it was impossible to digest the premise that an unknown young poet from a small town in the Galilee would be hauled off by Israeli police and border guards for a smattering of posts on the internet. To get the truth, sometimes you have to quit and start from scratch. Everything about the story of Dareen Tatour is the story of Falasteen.”

Israeli air forces pummel Gaza, killing pregnant Palestinian woman and her 18-month-old daughter

Yumna Patel on

Three Palestinians were killed during pre dawn Israeli airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip Thursday. Among the dead were a woman, who was nine months pregnant, and her 18-month-old daughter. Thursday’s events are the latest in a series of severe flare ups over the past few months in Gaza, leading many local and international officials to speculate that another large-scale Israeli offensive on the Palestinian territory could be imminent.

A visit with Dalia Khalifa, ‘the one who does not cry easily,’ four years after she was wounded

Ahmad Kabariti on

Four years ago Dalia Khalifa became the face of the Israeli attack on Gaza when Mohamed Asad took a photograph of the 9-year-old’s heavily-wounded face and the image was shared around the world. Today, she has nightmares about injuries to her face but dreams of opening a beauty salon, while her mother tries to save money to pay for laser surgery to remove the remaining scars.

Israel is ‘killing Palestinian children at record rates,’ group says

Yumna Patel on

The first half of 2018 has been deadly for Palestinian children, with at least 35 children killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip, according to Defense for Children International — Palestine (DCIP). In a report published on Monday, DCIP said that between January and July, the number of slain Palestinian children was three times higher than during the same time period in 2017. According to the group, Israeli forces have killed more Palestinian children since January this year than in any previous year of the past decade, outside of large-scale Israeli military offensives.

Shot by soldier, neglected in Israeli hospital, Gaza youth is sent home for amputation

Akram Al-Wa'ra on

On June 27, at the Gaza fence, an Israeli sniper shot protester Adam Salem, 15, in the right leg. The Israelis then seized the resident of al-Shati refugee camp and carried him to the Israeli side, where he was operated on in Barzilai Medical Center, in Ashkelon. But Adam relates that doctors soon stopped visiting his room and the soldiers guarding his room abused him, till he was returned to Gaza on July 11 with a gangrenous wound. He tells his story in this video.

Israel’s policies in Gaza are genocidal

Haidar Eid on

The practice of willful killing of civilian protesters at the Gaza fence is part and parcel of an ongoing Israeli policy targeting the civilian Palestinians of the Gaza strip and systematically denying them their rights to movement, work, medical care, study, livelihood and increasingly life itself. The new nation-state law in Israel forthrightly proclaims this racist order, Haidar Eid writes.

Abdulhadi has been subjected to a smear campaign to censure her support of Palestinian human rights

AANHPI Communities on

A statement in support of embattled San Francisco State University professor Rabab Abdulhadi by an indigenous people’s coalition: “As peoples whose ancestors come from countries in Asia, Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands, and as members of indigenous communities in these regions, we issue this statement of solidarity with the people of Palestine… throughout the world.”

Ten Tonys for ‘The Band’s Visit’ can’t make Israel a normal country

Noushin Framke on

The Band’s Visit uses its Arab characters and culture as far as it can to serve Israeli characters and an Israeli narrative, and then sends them on their way. Imagine setting such a show in South Africa under apartheid. It’s no wonder that normalization projects are so important; they normalize the unacceptable. A review by Noushin Framke.

‘Hallucination of a poet convicted of terrorism’ — an interview with Dareen Tatour

Kim Jensen on

On July 31, Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour faces sentencing for alleged incitement due to her Facebook posts and expects to be imprisoned. In an interview with Kim Jensen, Tatour reflects on her commitment to one country with equal rights for all and to solidarity among women, and reveals that her rape is the subject of a forthcoming novel.

They made the real estate section bloom

Liz Rose on

It’s no coincidence that the New York Times real estate section featured a $4.8 million house in Israel — “Luxury on the Mediterranean Coast of Tel-Aviv” — the same week the Israeli parliament passed a law making Israel the “nation-state of the Jewish people.”