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Angela Davis

‘We ain’t got to walk around struttin’ talking about two state solutions’ — Marc Lamont Hill

Philip Weiss on

Marc Lamont Hill seems emboldened by his firing by CNN last year for daring to imagine equal rights in Israel and Palestine. On Wednesday night, he spoke of “Gettin’ rid of the settler colonial project altogether” and mocked the term, “liberal Zionist, whatever that is.” He will appear on a star-studded panel about Palestine on Saturday May 4 at UMass Amherst.

Birmingham civil rights institute votes to give award to Angela Davis after all

Mondoweiss Editors on

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has now gone full circle: It announced today that it has voted to give a human rights award to Angela Davis after all! The institute rescinded the award to Davis on Jan. 4 due in part to her support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) targeting Israel.

‘We will not be bullied into silence’: Over 350 scholars and Civil Rights movement veterans speak out in support of Palestinian rights and Angela Davis

Open Letter on

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, over 350 scholars of the Civil Rights and Black Freedom Movements, and veterans of these historic struggles, along with educators and human rights advocates, issued the following statement in support of Palestinian human rights, and in defense of, Angela Y. Davis, who was publicly dishonored three weeks ago by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute when it abruptly reversed its decision to recognize her with its annual award because of her stand on Palestinian rights.

Angela Davis and the Jewish Civil War

Marc H. Ellis on
Angela Y. Davis and Rasmeh Odeh in 2015. (Photo: Twitter/@incitenews)

Marc Ellis writes that the rescinding by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute of an award to Angela Davis raises issues about the Black-Jewish alliance and the ability of Jews to set parameters for African Americans to speak on Jewish questions, including Israel. There is a war over that question. The Jewish establishment sees Angela Davis as an enemy. Jews of Conscience see her as an ally.

The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center must apologize to Angela Davis

Hatim Kanaaneh on
Birmingham Holocaust Education Center

The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center has trampled on the credo, Never Again, by objecting to Angela Davis’s humanitarian award because she supports Palestinian rights. Dr. Hatim Kanaaneh calls on the Education Center to apologize for the damage it has done to Palestinian human rights.

Birmingham Institute’s recission of Angela Davis award over BDS becomes an embarrassment to pro-Israel groups that applied pressure

Philip Weiss on

The decision by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to withdraw an award to Angela Davis because of her support for BDS has become a giant embarrassment to the Institute and the Jewish groups that put pressure on it to reconsider. Both the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center and the Birmingham Jewish Federations have tried to walk back statements critical of the award.

The symbol of political prisoners resonates beyond borders

Devyn Springer on

The issue of political prisoners resonates internationally, and are yet another key linkage between the movement for Palestinian’s rights and others. Devyn Springer writes that It is no coincidence, then, that many of the biggest non-Palestinian voices of solidarity are themselves former political prisoners, as well as prison abolitionists.