Dareen Tatour


From Ramzy Baroud’s groundbreaking book on Palestinian prisoners: “I have nothing to apologize for,” Mohammed al-Deirawi told the Israeli judge who sentenced him. “I will never apologize for resisting the occupation, defending my people, fighting for my stolen rights. But you need to apologize, and those who demolish homes while their owners are still inside are the ones who must apologize.”

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour is appealing to her supporters to sign a petition in support of her freedom of expression after she received a letter from the Israeli Supreme Court that the public prosecution was seeking to reopen the case against her. Despite already serving her time in prison, and a court partially acquitting her of the charges against her, Tatour fears that Israeli authorities are attempting again to silence her voice.

Dareen Tatour in Berlin. (Photo: Abu Salameh/courtesy of the author)

Rasmea Odeh dramatically had her visa revoked in Germany after pressure from the Israeli government grew to cancel her participation in a Berlin event on International Women’s Day. Her would be co-panelist, Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour explains how the events unfolded,”I was also supposed to read some of my poems. When I arrived at the event hall, I was surprised by something else. The venue was vandalized with graffiti.”

Kim Jensen writes, “Everything about the trial of Dareen Tatour was like fiction. Everything required the willing suspension of disbelief. From the opening pages, it was impossible to digest the premise that an unknown young poet from a small town in the Galilee would be hauled off by Israeli police and border guards for a smattering of posts on the internet. To get the truth, sometimes you have to quit and start from scratch. Everything about the story of Dareen Tatour is the story of Falasteen.”

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour is to be sentenced for incitement for her Facebook posts on July 31. The case began with a mistaken arrest, but her conviction was no mistake, reflecting Israel’s need to punish any proud Palestinian. “Terrorists are always everywhere in Israeli consciousness wherever Palestinian resistance is mentioned,” writes Yoav Haifawi.