Joint List

Ayman Odeh of the Joint List mocks Benjamin Netanyahu on the Knesset floor last week over Netanyahu's threat to put cameras in polling places, to intimidate Palestinian voters.

Following a contentious third election, Gantz’s betrayal of his allies came as a surprise to many in Israel; but not to the Joint List and Palestinian citizens of Israel, who saw straight through his false image of change and reform. Now, with the complete collapse of Blue and White, and the Jewish centrist bloc, the Joint List stands as the sole voice of progress, equality, and change.

(Cartoon: Carlos Latuff)

This week, several extreme measures were taken to suspend core features of Israel’s ‘democracy’ – the parliament was closed, the courts, and more. This has been framed as a necessary response to the coronavirus epidemic. But Israel has a long and sordid record of exploiting ’emergency’ for cynical aims.

Blatant racism by three Israeli pols, including one allied with the leftwing party Meretz, has stymied the effort to knock Netanyahu out of the premiereship. Sadly, American liberal Zionists are too busy pushing a “progressive” slate to the World Zionist Congress to denounce the racism among their allies. magine if a Democratic Party politician refused to work with black leaders?