Mahmoud Abbas


Rep. Ted Deutch shows imbalance of US government in mideast policy. He is “frustrated” with Palestinian leaders for not recognizing Israel as a Jewish state and for demanding that Jerusalem be the capital of a future Palestinian state. But as for criticizing Israel, Deutch says he raises “concern” about Netanyahu’s annexation plans out of “love” for Israel.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said his government would be “suspending all agreements” made with the Israeli government over Israel’s demolitions in Sur Bahir. But with no explanation as to what he meant, and no concrete plan of action, Abbas is being called out by activists and political analysts for doing nothing more than “playing games.”

Every month, Israel collects some $190 million in customs duties on goods being imported into the Palestinian territory and transfers it to the PA. But recently it has been withholding $10 million per month, meant to represent the amount paid by the PA to the families of political prisoners and “martyrs” killed by Israel. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is refusing to accept the reduced tax revenues, which has plunged the government into its worst financial crisis in years. This is leading Israel to start discussing a plan of action should the Palestinian Authority collapse completely.