Following Gilad Shalit’s capture in 2006, Israel bombed Gaza’s infrastructure and killed nearly 200 people. But the Netflix show “Fauda” adheres to the liberal Zionist ideology so it retells the story to show the the Israeli commandos shed little blood, and the Hamas mastermind is a sellout. And memo to the producers– Palestinians only say “habibi” as a same-sex greeting.

The Netflix series “Fauda” attempts to rewrite the cliched one-sided Hollywood narrative of the conflict, but only to a point. It has a hierarchy of victims, in which Jewish Israelis are at the head of the line, and repeatedly slips back into all-too-common Israeli narratives about the Other.

Act.IL is a worldwide pro-Israel campaign funded by the country’s government which sends thousands of trolls on missions to promote Israel and denounce pro-Palestinian stories on social media. Currently the app is pushing a Netflix miniseries based on the life an Israeli spy who did espionage work in Syria, while seeking to hurt the HBO series “Our Boys.”

David Clennon

David Clennon was invited to audition for a new Netflix television series that he learned was being produced by the creators of the Israeli series “Fauda.” As much as he needed the work he passed due to their connection to the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s “Brand Israel” campaign: “I haven’t been employed for a year and a half. So, with considerable reluctance, but inspired by the example of so many others, I chose not to participate in the whitewashing of Israel’s image.”

A natural gas pipeline from the sea through Jordan is Israel’s latest effort to normalize relations with its Arab neighbors. But Palestinians resist. In Amman, Alice Rothchild visits an exhibit of remarkable friezes by Palestinian artist, Abdul Hay Mosallam. “They killed me and my killer denied me while turning cold in my grave,” are the words on the Gaza piece.

NPR promoted the Israeli occupation TV show “Fauda” on Saturday and when Scott Simon suggested that Palestinians killed in Gaza were “innocent,” Lior Raz retorted that 60 had been killed — a lie — and that almost all were members of a terror group– the Israeli government line. Simon failed to mention the killing the day before of a Palestinian medic.