What does it take to make it at ‘The New Republic’?

"Serving Israel on the public relations front and international arena has been Oren’s side job for the past two decades."

From Nathan Guttman's piece in the Forward on Michael Oren, a New Republic contributing editor, and the likely next ambassador to the US from Israel. Also contains this gem of dual loyalty and double standards for minorities from Oren, who was born here, moved there:

On the day of Obama’s inauguration, [Yossi Klein] Halevi got a phone call from Oren,
who was standing with the crowd in Washington’s national mall. “He told
me this is one of the most moving moments of his life,” Halevi said.

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  1. WeStealUopen says:

    Great, more Israeli Firsters; let's keep expanding our Fifth Column. We need a new Gutenberg press to puncture the door; one for the new Pope to fear–watch out they all wear skull caps. Do you know how to recognize one masked in a suit & tie, with more usa flags than you arrayed? Luther would.

  2. Peaceful_Idiot says:

    What does it take to make it at 'The New Republic'? No conscience. An intense love of Rudy Giuliani.