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August 31 2010

7 Code Pink aims to stage barbed-wire Gaza outside White House tomorrow

39 Meshal: Most Palestinians, from elites to regular people, reject the talks

9 Smear campaign targets pro-Palestinian Brooklyn College professor; alum suspends ‘significant bequest’
Zoe Zenowich and Alex Kane

4 Unchallenged violence and intimidation, coming soon to a mosque near you

9 Signed sealed delivered I’m yours

1 Some diasporas from persecution have honor

72 ‘How to kill goyim and influence people’

13 Now Israeli academics sign on to occupation-boycott, citing disaster for Jewish state

13 Advocates for 3 U.S. hikers captured by Iran spotlight their leftwing activism

0 3-year-old in Hebron has cerebral atrophy, but Israel won’t let her mother in Gaza come back to her

9 CAMERA doth protest too much re its role in Boston anti-mosque campaign

August 30 2010

15 PLO urges Yale president to speak out on ‘anti-Arab hate-mongering’ conference

47 Rocket Redux, the Israeli fiction

5 Writers Oz, Yehoshua, Grossman back artists’ boycott of Ariel settlement

21 Stuck inside of Cairo with the Gaza blues again

2 40 percent of Palestinian prisoners from Jenin are denied family visits–

28 NYT Op-Ed offers tiresome dichotomy of good Zionists vs bad religious settlers

71 What Lebanon can teach the U.S. about religious tolerance

70 Back on TV due to popular demand…. ‘The Peace Industry’
Joseph Glatzer

68 More on the ‘Firedoglake’ controversy

7 Handicapping Islamophobia

8 Bloomberg went to Israel once in his first 60 years. And then he ran for office….

0 A response from CAMERA

August 29 2010

25 Martin Indyk on the peace process: hoping against hope

31 Siun and Philip Munger say FDL has offered a platform for criticism of Israel

30 Photos of expulsion plastered to Jewish Nat’l Fund wall reveal a society in crisis

21 ‘Times’ grants Abunimah a platform: Include Hamas

22 Slater: Goldberg’s argument is slippery

August 28 2010

75 ‘Firedoglake’ is progressive– just don’t talk about Palestine

11 ‘Weekly Standard’ publishes call for ethnic cleansing

20 72 virgins… 39 lashes

20 Mike Bloomberg, Ron Paul, and the moral imagination

August 27 2010

44 White House briefing for Jewish-American leadership outlines strategy for Israeli-Palestinian talks

15 Anti-Defamation League condemns the very ‘anti-Muslim sentiment’ it contributes to

5 It’s not about religion
Gregory Harms

4 Israeli troops fire on nonviolent anti-wall protest in Al Ma’sara, injuring five,

16 I wish Jewish journalists would emulate Aslan and Zakaria in being transparent about their religious identity

15 Washington Post finally goes after the lobby

August 26 2010

17 Top ten reasons for skepticism on Israeli-Palestinian talks

1 Israeli theater actors refuse to perform at new cultural center in West Bank settlement

33 When will the ‘Washington Post’ Op-Ed page provide space to Palestinian voices?

65 After Birthright: Dangerous conversations and the stifling of dissent

20 Gilbert Achcar’s book on Arabs and the Holocaust
Miriyam Aouragh

30 In English publication, Israeli Palestinian pol calls for — sit down — liberal democracy

13 Don’t forget ‘The Atlantic”s pieties about who destroyed Palestine

22 Settlement boycott causing ‘enormous damage’ to Israeli companies operating in the West Bank

1 The Arab street wants Obama to deliver on Palestinian freedom

9 Duty, honor, country

5 (I get my jive) on I-95

August 25 2010

20 Think back to 2003… the year the U.S. didn’t invade Iraq

17 The ‘memoricide’ of Palestine

22 The Israeli right’s secret strategy to promote ‘Greater Israel’

19 Begging for your freedom is utterly humiliating

6 What would Izzy Stone do? (Embrace Abdallah Abu Rahmah)

0 Israeli army escorts 500 Jewish Israelis into controversial settlement near Nablus

64 Yale conference on anti-Semitism targets Palestinian identity, ‘self-hating’ Jews, and anyone who criticizes Israel

23 I hang out with Cheney and Rumsfeld in a dream

August 24 2010

2 Free Gaza Movement commemorates anniversary of first Gaza landing

0 Palestinian farm set afire, four well permits denied, and other news

20 Internet Killed Israeli PR: An interview with Minor Demographic Threat

8 As a city that is compact together

August 23 2010

42 Two ‘Anglo-Saxons’ in Jerusalem

8 Snippets of my youthful Zionist indoctrination

17 Actually, Arab leaders don’t want a strike on Iran

56 Pro-Israel extremists have campaigned against an Islamic cultural center before

12 What the U.S. sanctions on Iraq tell us about the siege of Gaza

2 Israel tells schools not to teach about the Nakba

3 Norwegian gov’t divests from 2 companies that build settlements

46 Kovel: Zionism’s dreary burden on Jewishness

4 Israeli officer sells computers seized from flotilla members

22 Blaming the victim

August 22 2010

25 Report from ground zero

56 The new anti-Semitism

11 The Audacity of Hope – the U.S. boat to Gaza

7 IDF doesn’t want Eden Abergil to become a poster child

7 New York Times vs. direct negotiations

27 ‘Israel was attacked in ’47′ and other howlers from the pen of George Will
Howard Kyle

12 A hidden witness to the Brown Shirts now prepares to go to Gaza

August 21 2010

20 Ayaan Hirsi Ali misuses Samuel Huntington

17 The ‘oil curse’ explains Iraq power struggle better than Sunni-Shiite divide

54 Now is the time to discuss the one-state solution

8 Bayoumi and Arraf discuss Midnight on the Mavi Marmara with GRITtv

16 ‘NYT’ finally lets its readers know that 2SS is all but over

15 ‘Jewish voter’ meme is journalistic mystification

August 20 2010

6 Friday in Bil’in

38 Revenge of the Nerds: Partying with the boys of Im Tirtzu

47 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon do not only have Israel to blame for their plight

1 Settlers gone wild

32 J Street and Oren patch up

38 ‘NPR’ gives ‘Wardrums’ Goldberg a stage

17 Is the Israel lobby the unspoken faultline in the American discourse?

August 19 2010

29 ‘Cordoba House’ controversy has one Pakistani American looking for a back-up plan

14 The 9/11 holocaust and the ground zero mosque

37 Bigot or colorful activist? Washington Post is neutral on Islamophobes

55 Eden Abergil responds to critics: ‘I can’t afford Arab-lovers to ruin the perfect life I live! I’ve got no remorse and no regrets.’

16 Eid al-Fitr, 9/11, and my status in America

2 Peace talks in the shadow of demolitions

6 Eden Abergil: ‘I would gladly kill Arabs – even slaughter them.’

August 18 2010

37 Poll: Israel continues to lose support in the US, especially among liberals

26 I am a Palestinian-American, and people tell me about my freedom
Sara Nasrallah

26 Deutscher saw the future before he died in ’67

33 Mosadegh and the Iranian standoff

13 Ethnic states are common these days. But
Rick Congress

9 Today in Palestine: Settlers beat 10-year-old Palestinian girl

10 Lobby once worked the ‘Atlantic’ and Martha Gellhorn to deprive Palestinian refugees of standing

August 17 2010

8 Two weeks later, Palestinians arrested in shocking video remain in Israeli prison

28 More evidence that Israel’s image has dramatically shifted

27 Maybe the U.S. bears some responsibility for intolerance in Afghanistan

49 Islamophobia in New York, Redux: We should have seen the ‘ground zero’ furor coming

11 The noxious comeback of the SUV

2 Bedouin village in the Negev razed for the fourth time to make way for Jewish National Fund park

20 The question of apartheid in Israel/Palestine

70 Israel is delegitimizing itself

9 Settlement boycott starts to bite

August 16 2010

24 Eden Abergil, the product of a blindfolded society

41 Netanyahu’s agenda

55 Israeli soldier mocks Palestinian prisoners in Facebook photos

12 Hamas supports the right of Muslims to pray in mosques — even in New York

17 A kinder, gentler Occupation

2 Israel cuts off water to Jordan Valley village

15 ‘Why did you lie to security about going to Bil’in?’
Laura Durkay

33 The ‘Atlantic’ runs a rationale for war by a journalist embedded in the Israeli psychosis

8 Harvard ‘has not divested from Israel’

7 ‘NYT’ and ‘LAT’ don’t want to call a settlement a settlement

17 about land

August 15 2010

99 The bubble inside the bubble

20 Nothing, absolutely nothing, prevents Israel from demolishing Palestinian homes
Jeff Halper

23 65 years ago today, WW II ended
Dennis Loh

24 Even ‘Haaretz’ has moral blindness re Gaza

3 ‘NYT’ profiles Sidney Harman,

43 Talk to me, Harvard, what are you feeling?

16 ‘Miami Herald’ breaks US taboo on describing Palestinians’ second-class citizenship

31 Kafka’s siege (or why it makes sense to invest in a warehouse)

11 Where is the Gandhi of India?

15 Meet Handala (you probably know him already, I’m new to all this)

17 privilege changes Jewish identity

August 14 2010

16 Neocon inadvertently lets cat out of bag

66 Goldberg’s war drums

32 I ruin ‘Seven Samurai’

August 13 2010

22 ‘NYT,’ Bloomberg, Lehrer lead mainstream stampede in support of mosque

23 Birthright travel diary: Offering a Palestinian perspective is ‘not the donor’s agenda’

17 While tax exempt money flows to the settlements, a humanitarian sits in prison for aiding Palestinians

48 The Mavi Marmara and the end of Israeli impunity

8 UN: Sharp increase in West Bank demolitions and displacement during July

23 Boycott by Irish artists marks a new way forward

24 Krauthammer screed suggests that the mosque flap is about Israel

70 A Jewish peace group grapples with BDS

20 First Hollywood film with Palestinian-American lead comes to NY (Please help)

19 Walt, Karon and Leveretts say ‘alarmist’ Goldberg Iran piece promotes Israeli objectives

19 Border charade

19 Michigan mosque backs away from Finkelstein speech under political pressure

8 Trauma wags the dog

August 12 2010

11 Arab students at Tel Aviv U are denied dorm space b/c they didn’t serve in IDF

159 Updated comments policy

32 The borders of the Palestinian ‘state’ come into focus

121 Richard Cohen says that Arabs want to exterminate Jews

30 The hasbarapocalypse hits YouTube

10 Giving some love to the cultural boycott

August 11 2010

88 Israeli blackmail: You must do what we can’t, because if you don’t, we will

35 Atallah: Actually, Arab governments don’t want strike on Iran

11 Momentum

5 Clinton mobilizes Jewish groups to support ‘gadget geek’ imprisoned in Cuba

15 Zionachronism

69 In the wasteland of democracy, Israel destroys Al-Arakib . . . again

5 ‘A stack of lies’ about refugees, and other news from

52 All my life I have been waiting for an Arab to say this

10 Obama’s Chinatown

20 Bush called Krauthammer and Kristol ‘bomber boys’

17 A Pennsylvania woman bound for Gaza turns to Congress

11 Reut admits, Israel doesn’t want West Bank and Gaza unified

39 ‘Edward Said’s critique was important in the years after Oslo’

4 Knesset West likes BDS

12 If we dont run the media, we should, because we’re better

2 U.S. realist refrain: Talk to Hamas

August 10 2010

35 Did billionaire Lester Crown get to Obama on Israel?

106 How would Iran respond to American attack?

12 Passive president, busy lobby

34 New Reut Institute ‘case study’ tacit admission that BDS is working

13 Israel razes Negev village, again

47 Quoting Thoreau on the need of the honest to rebel against military occupation, Israeli women take 16 more Palestinians to the beach

10 Career move

9 Letter to Dave Douglas on his upcoming concert in Israel

132 Worried, Tom Friedman tries to establish red lines on criticism

14 Neocons are happy with Obama’s Iran briefing

August 9 2010

29 God closes the door, and the ‘Times’ opens a window

17 Do we have to divide Cinderella’s castle?

33 Judt: ‘You cannot help it if idiots and bigots share your views’

6 Trendsetter, I hope

29 Hedges: ‘The arc of the moral universe is thundering down upon Israel’

11 Israeli soldiers open fire on a nonviolent protest in Gaza

59 One year in, the Sheikh Jarrah movement faces its biggest challenge – Zionism

48 What did Obama know about flotilla raid and when did he know it?

31 Tony Judt rose to the occasion

37 Push for confrontation with Iran (sometimes) bears a Jewish stamp

10 Shalala has good reason not to say anything to embarrass Israel

August 8 2010

183 Slater: rightwing Jewish support for Israel risks anti-Semitic backlash when U.S. wakes up

19 Shalala is doubly humiliated

166 Levy: ‘Defining Israel as a Jewish state condemns us to living in a racist state’

19 Bromwich: Passionless Obama is letting ideologues push ‘fantasy’ of Iran war

54 Hedges’s 2001 account of attack on Gaza boys anticipated Goldstone Report

August 7 2010

50 To Know is Not Enough: How Hampshire became the First to Divest

128 Mezvinsky’s choice (and the existential threat!)

62 Islamoflubbia

35 Is it ‘left’ wing to fear that Palestinians will get their houses back?

71 Virginia Tilley on fuzzy borders
John Haines and Virginia Tilley

August 6 2010

44 Tony Judt passes

17 Oren’s falsehoods

9 Settlers burn, assault, march, wear black masks, and other news from

47 media conspiracy theory

49 In NY harbor, Palestinian-Americans take leadership role in US campaign for Gaza

14 Jim Crow Op-Ed pages

33 AIPAC: ‘Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy signed an anti-Israel letter’

18 ‘NYT’ piece from Dead Sea ‘kibbutz’ ignores int’l boycott of its products

August 5 2010

147 Israel says video of crying Palestinian boy was staged ‘to make cheap anti-Israel propaganda’

27 Visit Abu Dis– site of the future Palestinian capital?
Tom Suarez

31 More on the right of return & the one state future

114 Zionist org says that all people care about their children except one group

24 The cultural boycott and the outraged artist

23 ‘Democracy Now’ and ‘Village Voice’ grant Henochowicz sympathy the ‘Times’ begrudged her

1 Today in Palestine: Israelis prevent nonviolent activist Khatib from going to Spain for speaking engagements

13 Congressman threatens cut-off in aid to Lebanon after border attack

21 More on Efraim Karsh’s ‘travesties’

9 ‘Huffpo’ contrasts treatment of Maxine Waters and warmaking Jane Harman

August 4 2010

134 The Lebanese Army finally acts to protect Lebanon’s sovereignty

47 Many Afghan demos in ’09 were about… Israel

3 Al-Walaja villagers stop construction of the Wall while soldiers attack protesters, including children

5 Peace Now: 492 Israeli violations of the partial settlement freeze

101 The Birthright equation: Jewishness + Community = I &#9829 Israel

24 Why I support the Olympia Co-op boycott

4 Non-violent activist Qumsiyeh is ordered to appear ‘before a colonial officer’

12 Olbermann won’t mention…

74 Beinart gives Krugman permission to come out

113 My daughter begs me not to go to Gaza
Lillian Rosengarten

77 That tree was in Israel territory

14 Neocon halfway house

8 Stoudemire’s bodyguard in Israel is a settler

August 3 2010

45 Stand behind Wikileaks and against secret war

35 Another prominent American Jew pronounces himself ‘disgusted’ with Israel

6 Tom Shales takes more stupid swipes at Amanpour

124 War of the hedges

12 A tale of two very different droughts

20 Israel’s PR war

17 What Zionism has wrought

12 Uribe appointment undermines U.N. flotilla investigation

12 Israel lobby’s man on Iran keeps his job from Bush to Obama, no problem

2 Today in Palestine: 3 14-year-old boys arrested while walking near wall

36 Rice’s Christian apostasy is good news (what about Jews struggling against Zionism?)

13 Not surprising

133 notes on my racism (part 2)

August 2 2010

68 ‘Huffpo’ corrects ‘Times’ smear that Arabs don’t care about Palestinians

6 Update from the ‘Tent of Nations’

18 NY cruise for Gaza now sold out!

3 Today in Palestine: New checkpoints in Hebron, and a college student’s arrest there

5 Finkelstein hits the silver screen

24 Lo, another Israel apologist on the NYT op-ed page!

132 Israel to deport 100s of children (what say open-border neocons?)

4 Abunimah, Roy, Zoabi, Shehadeh, Finkelstein, Khalidi, Walker, Walt, Kinzer are among authors of lightning book on flotilla raid

17 Kill an Arab, any Arab, is longstanding and unquestioned policy

9 Excitement builds over US boat to Gaza

30 Rockets

64 Gentleman’s disagreement

6 new Jewish establishment, cont’d

August 1 2010

18 State Department once warned against a tactic the NYT now blesses in Afghanistan

64 Israeli high school students assisted in state’s destruction of Bedouin village

32 ‘New Republic’ writer lauds ADL’s stand against mosque

138 the battlefield of public opinion is a psychological minefield

98 Foxman says some are ‘entitled’ to be bigots

15 Neocon/Israel lobby strategy for getting US into war with Iran

2 Timing is everything

6 ‘NYT’ says ‘targeted killings’ are good U.S. tactic, with no mention of civilian deaths

8 Manhattanites are for mosque by sizeable margin

11 ‘Every Democrat assumes the biggest discernible group giving money is Jews’