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What’s she running for? Sarah Palin celebrated Shabbat in Pennsylvania last Friday night with many Jews, before her appearance at that Glenn Beck rally. From Benyamin Korn of Jews for Sarah:

my organization, Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin, set up a Shabbaton — a Sabbath gathering for meals, songs, prayers, and conversation — with the assistance of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, to be a part of their weekend with Mrs. Palin….

By evening, the halls of the Hershey Lodge were filled with the aroma of chulent, the traditional Sabbath stew. More than 1,000 citizens came to the $200-a-plate dinner with the governor, including a small group whose members paid $25,000 each to sit at the governor’s table. Our Jews for Sarah tables included a cross-section. Some came from Philadelphia, Baltimore, or North Jersey, while others from farther afield. Dr. Joseph Frager, president of the Jerusalem Reclamation Project, made the drive from Queens.

Some say that Jews aren’t moving right, by the way. I’m not buying, I think the community is politically transformed from the one I grew up in…

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