Code Pink aims to stage barbed-wire Gaza outside White House tomorrow

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From CodePink’s press release on a street theater action planned for the front of the White House tomorrow: A Peace Charade – A Theatre Parody of the Peace Talks:

Led by CODEPINK, activists will come together to put on a short performance, with the White House as their backdrop, to parody the farce masquerading as peace talks. The performers will include “President Abbas,” “Prime Minister Netanyahu,” and “Secretary Clinton”. There will be people from Gaza, behind barbed wire, complaining that they are not included, and settlers and IDF soldiers busily building more settlements while the talks are going on. The activists will employ large props, witty dialogue, and the White House background to put on an engaging and funny performance that delivers an important message: these talks are little more than a farce meant for producing photo opportunities for the U.S. while allowing a continuation of Israeli settlement expansion, land annexation and the siege of Gaza.

“While we are making fun of a process that will go nowhere, we will also be making a serious point that real negotiations can only happen if the people of Gaza are represented through their elected government, Hamas, and if there is a halt to Israel’s expansionist policies,” says CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin, who will play Hillary Clinton in the play. The actors/actresses will also be available for serious interviews on their views of the peace process.


When: Wednesday, September 1st, 12 PM

Where: In front of the White House

Who: The CODEPINK Theater Troupe

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